Scobuty Skin Bleaching Cream[Best Dark Spot Remover]

Product Name: Scobuty Skin Bleaching CreamScobuty Skin Bleaching Cream

Overall Ranking: 4.0 out of 5

Price: Approximately $21 for 30 g or 1.06 fl oz.

Owners: Scobuty

Product Type: Cream


This product is designed for people with a dark complexion. Basically, it bleaches the skin, without the traditional paraphernalia. Scobuty comes in cream form, for making the skin lighter, brighter, and whiter. 

It can be used in many parts of the body, including the face. Other benefits from this cream include the treatment of Melasma. Melasma is brown to gray patches on the skin. It comes on the cheeks.How to get rid of skin discoloration using this over the counter freckle cream.Want a blemish-free, and smooth skin? Ultra Brightening Spotless Oil treats and corrects skin discoloration

At times, it may be on the nose bridge, chin, forehead, and even upper lip.

Its presence makes the skin look fine and unevenly toned. 

Scobuty cream offers treatment for this skin problem.

This cream can also remove freckles, skin pigmentation, age spots, and dark spots.

If you`re wondering how to remove dark spots from acne then this is the product for you.

Sun’s harsh rays are to be blamed for melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Skin discoloration and uneven skin tone require more makeup. This can be avoided by using Scobuty cream.

If you are going to use skin lightening creams, you should also know skin bleaching cream side effects, as skin bleaching creams have always been controversial.

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The whitening ability of this cream can be attributed to its ingredients reactivating dermal cells and promoting their regeneration as well as growth.

The ingredients in this cream also promote the regeneration of collagen.

In addition, the ingredients in Scobuty cream decompose stains and increase metabolism which improves blood circulation and consequently the health of the skin cells.

It contributes to the youthful appearance of the skin and helps the cells fight infections if any.

Scobuty cream uses natural ingredients to reduce scars, age spots, freckles, and other skin discolorations to even the skin tone.

(check an earlier post about this age spot removing device)

It also uses natural ingredients to brighten as well as whiten the skin, making it a safe product even for sensitive skin. 

Arbutin is the ingredient that is used for reducing blemishes and other types of skin discolorations, while extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra is used as an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

This extract is antioxidant as well, capable of preventing excessive oil production, and also brings down acne breakouts.

Apart from these natural ingredients Scobutys, this cream includes glycerin and water as well.

Glycerine is known to prevent cracks in the skin, especially in winters.

Basically, it makes the skin smooth therefore it also prevents wrinkles. It also tones the skin and heals any wounds on it. It is very gentle on the skin

so its healing properties do not irritate the skin. It also increases the elasticity of the skin, which is another desirable feature in anti-aging creams. The water in the product is to hydrate the skin. 

Pros Of Using Scobuty Skin Bleaching Cream

  • This is one cream that can be used on any part of the body, be it armpit, face, elbows, inner thighs, neck, and knees to brighten the skin in those places.
  • It is an affordable product addressing many of the skin related issues that are attributable to age, though it also evens skin tone, and reduces acne from resurfacing. The product is highly effective against hyperpigmentation, melasma, freckles, age spots, and dark spots. 
  • Scobuty Skin Bleaching Cream is an anti-inflammatory product.
  • It is an antioxidant product as well
  • An affordable and easy to use product.
  • This is a gentle product because of glycerine and other natural ingredients.
  • The difference is noticeable in about a week’s time, though people may have to use it for over a month for a more satisfactory outcome.
  • It is light and creamy and permeates in the skin easily thanks to glycerine in it. 
  • It also serves as a light moisturizer


  • Though most of the ingredients in this product are obtained naturally, it may still be necessary to consult a dermatologist because this is a special product focusing on removing hyperpigmentation, and other blemishes.Scobuty Skin Bleaching Cream

Who It Is For

This product is designed for those who have scars, age spots, liver spots, melasma, and other types of hyperpigmentation that ruin the even tone of the skin.

This product reduces those blemishes, to improve the skin tone.

It is slightly superior to mild products, though it cannot be anywhere a product that beauty professionals would use for the purpose. 

But it does help in reducing these blemishes and whiten the skin, apart from moisturizing it and preventing damage to collagen.

The anti-aging properties are limited but blemish removing properties are worth checking

in most cases. However, it can be a great beginner’s cream, to be used when the person turns 30 and first wrinkles start appearing.


Salient features of Scobuty Skin Bleaching Cream:

  • This cream has arbutin for removing blemishes, age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc.
  • Extract from Glycyrrhiza glabra adds antioxidants, which destroy free radicals and prevent damage to collagen. It also controls oil production.
  • Glycerine makes the skin smooth.
  • Water moisturizes the skin.


As of date, this product is available for approximately $21.

Where To Buy

Final Verdict On Scobuty Skin Bleaching Cream

The product is definitely worth it for those people who do not have smooth even-toned skin because of hyperpigmentation, age spots, liver spots, melasma, etc. and even those who have started developing some wrinkles.

However, people with sensitive skin need to consult their dermatologists as some ingredients may cause adverse reactions and side effects. 

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