How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In A Salon

You`ve probably been there, had a friend fix your artificial hair and now it looks terrible, then someone says you should have had it done in a salon. But, how much do hair extensions cost in a salon?

Hair Extension Prices

This is a question that many women ask themselves when they are considering getting their hair done at home instead.

The average price for natural-looking extensions comes in around $500 upwards but there can be significant differences depending on where you go and what type of service package options your salon offers.

These will depend on color, length or texture adjustments, the time needed to fix, etc., so do check out all the different packages before committing!

Some salons depending on where you are will choose not to do hair extensions you bought somewhere else and bring them in with you.

It`s almost a numbers game, some hairdressers will charge you more if you bring in your own hair extensions from another store to be fixed.

But that does not mean it is cheaper if you buy artificial hair in the salon. If you have fixing your hair long enough, you`ll know if the price is right.

Hair Quality Choices

Not all hair extensions are made equal, you can find cheap synthetic hair bundles that sell for about $20.Your salon should be able to help you choose the best extensions for your money.

What is the best way for you to give your natural locks a boost? With synthetic hair extensions, of course!

These affordable extensions help achieve that perfect short or long look with just one touch. They’re also durable enough so as not to damage whatever partial Fusat/Fullness texture we decide on.

Whether it’s highlighted strands at crown area plus something underneath layers; thinning over top front section alongside temples down below middle backside synthetic hair is the best and quick fix if you are on a tight budget.

But as already mentioned, they might look glam when you first put them on, but depending on quality, some are almost impossible to re-use as they deteriorate so fast.

When it comes to the cost of human hair wigs, there are five types:

  • synthetic or low quality
  • fake Remy (a mix between real and machine-made);
  • Virgin cuticle hair
  • Remy human hair

Synthetic hair: as already said, you can get these from as low as $20. if you want to keep your artificial extensions as good as new, It will take you about 20 minutes a day to take care of your hair extensions.

Spend at least 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening routines, so that they stay healthy and vibrant!

Do not use hot tools or blow-drying machines on 100% synthetic fibers because it will damage them over time. A good soft brush should do the trick.

This rounded brush with a clamp to separate your hair into sections is a brilliant buy if you don`t have any.

Fake Remy Hair Extensions

hair extensions you can buy from a salon

Again cheaper than the real Reamy hair extensions but still more expensive than the synthetic hair extensions.

These are some great extensions! They provide a long-lasting, high-quality feel. I ordered 100 grams of synthetic Remy hair with 24″ length for $80 and they have been amazing so far. even after just two weeks of use.
The feel is realistic enough to make you think it’s human origin which means less time spent on getting bored or frustrated while styling your own hairstyle- plus there will.

Again, an improvement from synthetic pieces if you have the money.

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Best Clip in hair extensions for short hair.

Virgin Cuticle Hair

This is supposed to be 100% virgin hair, but as more and more women dye their hair, the integrity of it is slowly being compromised.

Dyeing causes damage which can lead to breakage for those who aren’t aware or skilled enough; this means that your investment will eventually wear off if the salon buy cheaper strands without any cuticle alignment.

Skills applied in processing them also matter, you don’t want your stylist cutting out parts in order not to have enough to work with when everything else was already done by professionals before sending your final product.

Remy Hair

Now, these are more expensive than other hair extensions in this post but that is for a reason. These are premium quality human hair extensions, very clean and natural.

The softness of the hair extension makes it easy to comb or brush through your locks without any tangles or snags!

They’re also great for those who want a straighter look with less frizziness in their tresses- you’ll have more shine than ever before thanks to these synthetic-free Brazilian virgin hairs.

Now they might be more costly initially but in the long run, they beat synthetics any day.

Synthetic hair extensions are one-time use, but with Remy’s hair, you can reuse them several times after the initial use, just take them out, wash, let them dry and you are ready to use them again.

The same can not be said of synthetic hair extensions, there have been times I put in synthetic and had to remove them the next day because they were just so bad.

Hair extensions pros and cons

Every product does have its bad side, so we`ll look at some pros and cons for hair extensions so you can make an informed decision when you buy.


  1. Immediate length to your hair
  2. Different hairstyle in no time without visiting a salon if you choose clip-ins.
  3. With good care, they can last a long time.
  4. Add color or any chemicals like it’s your own hair.
  5. Affordable(in some cases)


  1. Can be expensive if you do not choose well.
  2. Your hair can feel heavier. Especially if you chose synthetic hair extensions.
  3. Some hair extensions may damage your real hair

How Can I Save Money When Buying Hair Extensions?

Ask for various discount cards.  Many salons offer frequent member cards or first-time visitor cards. 

Try and find a beauty school near you.  Many schools will do many services for a fraction of the costs. I should know I`ve been doing my facials at a cosmetology school for years.

Don`t worry, they`ll not give you brand new students, you get the almost qualified students to work on your hair”

How To Save Money In A Salon After Buying Hair Extensions

This is for you if you choose to purchase your hair extensions in a salon that will also fix your hair, salons to push you to blow, Flaten, apply shine gel, and whatever.

Tell them you`ll do all these at home because I find that oiling and styling hair for $5 when you`ve just had it done is way too much and kind of ripoff.

All these can add up as fast you`ll not even know so ask questions, let them tell you what a whole package will cost.

Another way of saving serious money at the salon is to buy your won extensions on platforms like eBay or Amazon, they cost a fraction of what the salon will sell you.

Another way to save money is to find someone do it for you privately, you can`t imagine how many hairdressers are out there and they`ll get glad to do it at a fraction.

Is the cost worth it?

For someone like me, I’ve never had hair all my life so I invest in lovely hair extensions and I’m sure there are many of us out there,

Let me know what you think

Leave me a message below, will you be investing in hair extensions for the festive season? what color will you be putting on? talk soon.

11 Facial Hair Removal Women Trust

11 Facial Hair Removal Women Trust

Facial hair removal for women is not something you go out discussing with friends, we mostly end up experimenting in the privacy of the shower until we find what works. But not anymore.

Traditionally, feminine beauty is associated with smooth skins especially on their faces, whereas beard, mustache, and facial hair are considered masculine features.
But nature is under no obligation to conform to human beauty standards and women do have facial hair, for this reason, we`ll look at women’s facial hair removal and explain how they work.
Women do have facial hair, some more than others, because of a medical condition called hirsutism.


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Women with hirsutism have the characteristic presence of excessive hair on their chins, upper lips, cheeks, i.e., in front of ears, and other parts of their body such as legs, chest, and arms.

But even those women who do not suffer from hirsutism do have unwanted facial hair, especially if they are in the age group of 18 to 45, thanks to the presence of higher androgen hormone ratios.

If you are one of those who is concerned about your facial hair, and diffident because of it, you might want to consider the options available to you for removing unwanted female body hair.

Options For Facial Hair Removal   

For facial hair removal, women may choose any of the permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary solutions.

Obviously, the treatments that are permanent or long-lasting will cost more, and some work better than others.

Permanent Hair Removal Solutions:

  • Laser Hair Removal

This method is undoubtedly expensive. But it can be painful and require quite a few sittings.

Unless a qualified professional with steady hands is doing the job, it can be risky as well as laser beams can burn the skin. Click here to check this product for permanent hair removal.

In any event, it is not suitable for women with darker skin or those who have excessive facial skin because of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance, incidentally, can also be because of some medicines the person is asked to take.

  • Electrolysis  Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

In the electrolysis method of removing hair, each and every follicle is heated, one at a time, destroying the possibility of hair re-emerging.

It is also a time-consuming process and expensive to boot because the professionals do the job of removing hair or rather destroying hair one at a time.

The more hair you have, the longer it will take to get every single hair out so you should be ready to shave the remaining hair till all is done.

Depending on how hairy your face is, you may need more than one sitting to completely remove unwanted facial hair.

Semi-Permanent Facial Hair Removal Women Trust And Love

  • Waxing

There are different varieties of hair removing waxes. These need to be applied to the part of the face from where the hair is to be removed. The wax hardens on being applied and needs to be pulled off.

This is best suited for chins, upper lips, and cheeks though it is used by professionals even to shape the hair on eyebrows.

As well as being used for facial hair, you can wax your legs and any hairy part of your body, just remember that body wax is different from facial wax.

The effect lasts for almost a fortnight or even a month because the hair is pulled out from the root. The only drawback is that the wax may not suit everybody’s skin.

  • Depilatory Creams Facial Hair Removal Women, Surgi-cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face, 1-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 3)

Depilatory creams are made with alkaline chemicals that interact with the hair and most of it can be easily scraped away.

It does not remove the hair from the root, so the effect is not as long-lasting as that from wax.

Nevertheless, it does last for about a week or ten days in most cases.

Its drawback is similar to that of wax, i.e., the chemical may not suit your skin.

Its drawback is similar to that from wax, i.e., the chemical may not suit your skin.

Just be sure to read the instructions, left on the skin too long, depilatory creams can cause skin damage. Before you decide to try out depilatory creams, you may want to read more what chemicals are in these creams here .

  • Plucking, Tweezing And Removing With Epilator

In this case, the hair is removed from roots so the effect lasts for more than 10 to 15 days.

However, it requires some skill to remove the hair, and it is time-consuming as well. Epilators are not as effective as waxing or creaming away those hairs.

  • Bleaching

This method is not about removing hair. Instead, it sort of camouflages hair. Bleach powder is used along with important agent, i.e., hydrogen peroxide for making the hair seem much lighter in color.

But the skin can be sensitive to any of the bleaching agents, and even to hydrogen peroxide. The effect may last almost three to four weeks, though.

Temporary Solutions For Facial Hair Removal For Women

  • Shaving Is A Temporary Solution Available To Women.

The effect may last for less than five days and you may have to shave again every week. But the need to shave frequently depends upon the androgen ratios in the body.

As mentioned before, some women have more of this male hormone, and others have less of it.But shaving is quick and painless.

  • Topical Creams.

Dermatologists may prescribe creams that can suppress the growth of hair but hair starts re-growing once the application of those creams is discontinued.

Apart from these methods, there are a few natural methods for facial hair removal women can follow.

These are not popular because they have to be applied regularly and effects are not visible immediately.

However, these would be the safest options if they can be used. Most of these methods entail usage scrubs.

Here are a few simple scrubs for you to choose from.Read an earlier post on removing facial hair.

  • Wheat Bran

You need wheat bran, about 3 tablespoons full, and rose water, about 1 teaspoon. You also need 1 tablespoon full of milk.Facial hair removal for women need not be painful,you can choose DIY products or you can get some high quality lady hair removal for a Painless Body Exfoliation Razor Brush

Mix it up, and apply on the face, scrub it slowly till the paste dries.

Wait for a couple of minutes and wash it away.

You can try using wheat bran with gram flour, and curd, all in equal quantities. Add a pinch of turmeric to it.

This paste also needs to be applied in the same fashion but it has to be left there for longer, i.e., about 20 minutes or so.

Both these processes need to be used regularly in the beginning, at least for a fortnight.

Thereafter, the frequency may be reduced to twice or thrice each week depending on hair growth.

  • Lemon and orange peels 

The peels need to be dried and powdered. You also need powder of almond seeds and some oatmeal. Take equal quantities of all these and add olive oil to it.

You would need about 2 tablespoons of that oil for 1 tablespoon full of each of the other ingredients.  Add rose water, approximately 1 teaspoon full. Mix it.

This paste can be applied and left there for approximately 8 minutes before washing it off. The process needs to be repeated twice or thrice every week.

  • Barley

This is a simple one. One measure of powdered barley is mixed with equal quantity of lemon juice and milk. This needs to be applied on face and removed after half an hour.

This works wonderfully for stubborn hair. The process needs to be repeated almost thrice each week.

How often should you remove hair?

I think this will depend on how fast your hair grows, some people shave only once a month and they still have that just done smoothness,yes there are some ladies who need to remove facial hair every week.

So find a balance of what works for you and keep at it. But if you are going to wax sensitive spots like your eyelashes, this should not be done earlier than four weeks.

This is to give your skin time to heal from the last waxing.

Just a heads up

Excessive facial hair in women can be an indicator of underlying problems, if you feel that this is an issue, please contact your doctor.Conclusion:

The presence of facial hair can make you self-conscious. But you need to remember that all women have these hair problems and do something about them.

For facial hair removal, women need not seek medical help; at least not until they have tried any of the above methods and failed.

Usually, such methods do help so if you are facing any of those problems, select one of these solutions and try them out. Most of these can be done at home, without spending on beauticians.

If you`d like to add your tip on removing unwanted facial hair or unwanted body hair, I`d like to hear from you, just leave me a message below and I`ll get back to you.

Resources: What Is Hirsutism?


What Is The Best Electric Razor For Women?

What Is The Best Electric Razor For Women?

What is the best electric razor for women for pubic, bikini area, and facial hair? (yes some women have facial hair).

Should you get lady razors or is it ok to use just any shaver? Read on and find which shaver suits your needs.

As much as we do not want to talk about it openly, many women have a conversation(maybe by themselves at first) on what razor to buy.

Once you start shaving, you`ll have to think of what kind of razor to buy, there are things like, will it be a manual razor blade, or are you going for an electric razor.

Wondering what`s the best electric razor for your needs? You don`t have to settle for trial and error.

This post will point you to top ladies electric shavers and remove the guesswork.

A good razor is needed for smooth and silky skin. It should remove any unwanted hair smoothly and efficiently.

An electric razor goes well with sensitive skin, there are fewer chances of razor burn or a cut and you don’t need to throw it away after several uses.

Types of Electric Razors

  • Foil Razors: It has a thin, metal foil or a mesh that covers the blades.
  • Rotary Blade Shavers: It is made up of 3 or 4 round, spinning heads along with a rotating blade underneath a fine grid.

Things To Consider While Buying An Electric Razorwhat is the best electric razor for women?

Before buying any kind of razor, you should have some questions answered.

That way, you`ll get the best your money can buy but also meet your shaving needs.

You might have fewer questions or you might have more.

But, below I have listed some important points you need to have clear before making a purchase.

  • Cordless one or a plugged-in one?
  • Do you want a wet or dry razor or a combination of both?
  • Is it for multiple areas of the body or a specific body part?
  • What is the battery life of the razor? 
  • Does it have a low battery indicator? 
  • Is it equipped with an auto shut-off feature? 
  • Is it easy to clean? 
  • Does it have a pop-up trimmer? 
  • Does it have an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold? 
  • For safekeeping, does it come with a case? 

Choosing an electric razor from so many available out there is not an easy task.

At-home hair removal requires products trusted by women, not just brand names.

>Silkn’s is designed and crafted for optimal ease of use and results that your beautician will envy. Seamless hair removal is guaranteed every time with this device.

Any at-home hair removal should give you salon results id done correctly, no buts and this is why we love Silkin`s results are great.

This is what you get with Silkn`s hair removal.Hair removal and electric hair shavers for women

Lasting Results:

No more daily shaving, no more appointments to the salon.

Remove hair at home with salon-quality products and achieve salon-quality results.
Silkin`s is easy and safe to use, a simple button is all you need to control the settings, it doesn’t get easier than that, does it?

Comfort and Privacy:

Now don`t tell me you never feel uncomfortable having hair removed in the salon.

With Silkn`s you shave in the comfort of your home, no more painful waxing or razor bumps because you used a razor blade to shave.

Faster Hair Removal

This offers quick and painless hair removal with an uninterrupted gliding motion that even a beginner will achieve perfect results.

Smooth finish is guaranteed with no ingrown hair or razor burns as mentioned in an earlier post here.

We have made it easy for you by listing some of the best electric razors for women you can find in the market. 

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

This is one of the best electric razors for women’s legs. It is a wet/dry razor and uses a three-blade system.

It has 3 independently floating blades. These blades glide naturally along with the curves and creases of your skin for clean and smooth shaving.

The Panasonic shaver pop-up trimmer helps remove unwanted hairs easily and quickly from sensitive and delicate areas without any effort and you can be assured, no razor burns.

This product has over 16,000 positive customer reviews with 61% giving it five stars on Amazon, you can check verified user reviews here.

Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Cordless 10-Piece 

For starters, this product has so many customers rating on Amazon, all these people can`t be wrong. See what users have to say about the product.

Philips Satinelle has rotating trimmers. They remove hairs efficiently. It can remove very fine hair. Hence, it makes for a better choice than traditional waxing.

It is equipped with an efficiency cap that ensures that the epilator stays positioned correctly to pull out as much hair as possible in one go.

The razor runs at two different speeds – gentle and efficient. It has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold.

Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer

This is one of the best female facial hair removals, this facial trimmer is there to ensure that your face remains hair-free.

It has a smooth pivoting head which helps the razor glide smoothly along the contours of the face.

Its blade is super thin and is hypoallergenic and the round tip ensures that the skin remains safe from any cuts and irritation.

Remember that any time you shave, the shaver or razor you use will make the difference in razor bumps and ingrown hair, the better quality razor you use the less chance of having to deal with ingrown hair.

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Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for Women

This is one of the best electric razors for removing hairs from the bikini area. The razor runs on 2 AA-size batteries.

It is slim and lightweight which makes it easy to carry.

The stainless steel blade, the five trim settings, as well as a shaping guide help in maintaining the exact hair length that you want.

If you`re looking for bikini hair removal creams, you might find this post helpful.

The Best Electric Razor For Women

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator

This is one of the best wet and dry electric razors. It has a wide head that allows more coverage.

The MicroGrip tweezers pull hair 4 times shorter than the wax can. The SmartLight ensures that no hair is missed.

The vibration offers a gentler sensation as the head pivots to adapt to the body’s contours.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor

I just could not resist adding Schick Hydro here. With over five thousand user reviews on Amazon, I felt it`d be unjust not to put it here.

It is a two-edged razor with a hydrating razor and a bikini trimmer on either side. It has water-activated serum along with shea butter.

The serum moisturizes the skin while removing unwanted hair.

It has 5 curve-sensing blades that are equipped with unique skin guards to prevent any cuts, nicks, or irritation while achieving a close shave.

Want to check user Reviews then click here.

Panasonic ES-ED50-N Multi-Functional Wet/Dry Shaver And Epilator

This is not just an electric razor but an epilator as well that can be used in wet as well as dry situations. It can turn into a bikini trimmer.

Panasonic ES-ED 50 is reasonably priced considering its multifunctionality.

It has four snap-on heads/attachments. The dual-speed motor removes hair efficiently.

Remington Smooth & Silky Smooth Glide Rechargeable Shaver

This is an electric foil shaver that has a unique open blade system. The flex dual-sided trimmer helps in guiding the hair towards the Lift Logic Foils.

It has an almond oil strip which is there to moisturize the skin to keep it soft after shaving.

The anti-microbial finish helps in preventing irritation and infection. It is 100% waterproof.

Check Remington F5-5800 men electric shaver

Yes I know this was supposed to be a post about ladies’ electric shavers but I could not just ignore this.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver-Plus Electric Razor

It is one of the best electric razors for women who can shave from multiple directions.

It is equipped with pivoting blades that can remove any unwanted hairs.

Skull shaver has an innovative design as well as a strong casing which makes it durable and long-lasting. This works well on the legs and body.

Remington WSF4810 Women’s Travel Foil Shaver

This is a small and portable shaver for emergencies. Although small in size, this is a full-size foil shaver.

It has dual trimmers with an angled head as well as hypoallergenic foils, this is a wet and dry electric shaver, so no matter when, you`re ready to go. It is 100% waterproof.

Do Electric Shavers For Women Work?

Honestly both Electric and manual shavers work and produce perfect results, you just have to use them safely, you don`t want any nasty accidents in your precious part.

It`s very important that whatever razor you use, make sure it`s clean and sharp.

I don`t mind shaving my legs manually, but for pubic hair, it feels safer with electric shavers as the blades are not exposed, reducing chances of accidental cuts.

But, it`s totally ok to use a manual razor blade in your privates, just be sure to do it when you have time, you don`t want to be rushing when shaving with a sharp object down there.

Having said that, I`d prefer using hair removal creams(specifically for pubic hair) that using manual razors,but this is personal.

What is the best wet and dry lady shaver?

I find that Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women ES2207P takes the top spot here.It works so well dry or wet you`ll not be able to tell the difference if it was a dry shave or a wet shave.

The price tag too is quite affordable and the shaver works as well as some high priced shaving machines.

Conclusion On The Best Electric Razor For Women

Electric razors are not all made equal. There are plenty of good-quality razors. From budget-friendly to some higher-priced electric razors for men and women.

Cheap/affordable does not mean lower quality, I have a shaver I`ve had for ten years and it`s still as good as new, still going as strong as it did the day I thought it(not bad for a $30 shaver) although the price has increased since then.

Deciding on the best one majorly depends on personal preference. All the razors above are chosen according to quality, price and end results in mind.

Let me know what you think, what`s your choice when shaving? do you use creams or do you prefer shavers?and please go ahead and share.

What Causes Premature Gray Hair?And Best Treatment

What Causes Premature Gray Hair?And Best Treatment

Besides unwanted wrinkles and fine lines, hanging facial muscles and the tired worn down look, another sign of aging is graying hair but what causes premature gray hair?

Gray hair can happen at any age but usually in mature men and women.We are going to look into what causes premature gray hair and look at the best ways to deal with it.

Not a lot of people are thrilled with gray hair, although most will state otherwise, you`ll find that when/if they have an important occasion, they will have the grays colored and dyed.

This explains why there are a lot of anti-aging and hair color treatment products out there. Hair color came to the markets long before there were anti-aging products and Synthetic hair color has been since 1907 read more here.

With fast advances in science, gray hair dyes are today more advanced and there are great colors out there to make you achieve the look you want.

If you feel like being different and having bright blue hair color or if you feel green hair is for you, it`s all in the market.

There are different ways of coloring premature gray hair, Permanent hair coloring, temporary hair coloring and alternative hair coloring where natural ingredients are used.

What Causes Premature Gray Hair? Premature Gray Hair
There are few methods that could be used in getting rid of gray hair. Gray Hair Treatments for premature graying hair could be categorized into the following basic approaches

Cosmetic Treatments

Hair Dying is the most advantageous, most basic and the most seasoned way to deal with treating silver hair.

Hair colors are defined so that the atoms could infiltrate through the hair cuticles without causing cuticle or skin damage or coloration.

While most hair colors utilize chemicals in their recipes, the most well-known and mostly used is ammonia, there are also hair colors that use vegetables for individuals who have concerns with applying colors with chemicals on their hair.

Henna and sage are the best cases for these, just be informed, henna is messy to handle but on the plus side, it does not damage hair.You can learn more about henna here.

Medical Treatments

What gives the hair shading is the sum or the centralization of melanin that is available in the body. Melanin gives skin shading and in addition hair shading. It is likewise a determinant whether an individual will tan or burn in the sun.

The production of melanin in the body reduces as we age. The motivation behind restorative medicines for turning gray hair is to invert the backing off procedure of melanin.

Medications are connected to invert the depigmentation a percentage of the medications utilized are Auxins, Imatinib Mesylate.

These medications are constantly apportioned by qualified doctors as others may bring about symptoms, are not economically accessible or are actually medicines that were initially planned for different diseases.

Product Details

Use of Topical Nutrients

The accompanying is generally acknowledged topical arrangements that are connected to enhance the supplements that the hair gets and battle against turning gray hair. Some of these is antiquated cures and are demonstrated trough time.

Eugenol Oil-

  • Applied topically, the dynamic elements of eugenol oil originate from cloves. Eugenol oil has shown to restore the Color of the hair.So you know, Eugenol oil is a component of balsam of Peru to which some people are allergic.Read more on balsam of Peru here.

Amla Oil

  •  Amla Oil was traditionally used in India for hair loss, Amla Oil is applied directly by rubbing the scalp.This oil reinforces the follicles of the hair, encourages pigmentation and hair development.


  •  Has long been utilized by the Chinese and Japanese to avoid turning gray of hair.


Superoxide Dismutase

  •  Are aggravates that are regularly found in hair gels to ensure against turning gray of the hair.

    Product Details


  •  Omega 3 are hostile to oxidants that battle against corrupting the cells. Omega-3 gives sustenance to the hair follicle to battle against untimely turning gray.So if you have not yet started using Omega 3shampoo then you should.


  •  Melanin is naturally produced by the body but as you age, you produce less melanin and your hair starts to gray due to reduced melanin, you can increase melanin by increasing the proteins you eat.


  • When joined with alpha-hydroxyl corrosive are capable operators that give back the hairs common shading. There are likewise a few supplements for the hair that could be taken orally.

They could be in a blend with different medications or are their fundamental fixings. These oral medicines could come as cases and tablets. Some of these are vitamin 12, Minerals, Biotin, folic corrosive, Para – Aminobenzoic Acid, and Inositol.
Whatever method you chose, remember that to make the results last longer, you need to take care of your colored hair and maintain in the best you can, here are some tips to help


Premature graying hair is easy to control either by permanent or temporary coloring your hair for occasions, you can have it done at a salon or you can easily color your hair at home using over the counter hair colors and dyes.

It`s advisable to read hair coloring side effects before you color your hair, things like hair breakage, skin irritation or skin discoloration can occur when applying hair color.

Have different ideas how to remove premature gray hair? I would like to hear it.If you`d like ways to remove women`s facial hair, there is an earlier post that you should read here.

Hope you found this post helpful, if you know someone who can benefit from this post, please do share it with them through social media of your choice, if you have any questions, just leave me a message and I will get back to you.

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