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Derma Roller Cosmetic Microneedling Kit For Face

Overall Ranking: 4.5 out of 5

Price: Approximately $13

Owners: JJ Ellie

Website: www.jjellie.com

If you`re looking for micro needling reviews then you`re probably thinking of buying a home micro-needling kit and want to make the right choice or want to find the best to buy.

Derma Roller Cosmetic Microneedling Kit review will look at the pros, cons, side effects and at the end of this post, you`ll have enough information to decide if it`s what you need.

And at the end of this post, I hope you`ll no longer be looking for micro needling reviews because you`d have found all the answers.

Introduction To 

Are you looking for micro needling reviews to find quality and value for money? Derma Rollers for cosmetic micro-needling from JJ Ellie come with 0.25mm needles.

Needles of this size cannot puncture the skin, and yet they do manage to rejuvenate the skin, which includes improving the elasticity, absorption of various topical products for skin, circulation, and skin tone.

Microneedling has emerged as one of the new types of skincare, especially for the face. Basically, it is just a device that exfoliates, i.e., it removes the dead skin, and opens up the pores. 

Even skin tone and brighter complexion

As a result, it makes the skin brighter and gives it a healthy glow as well as complexion. Because it improves circulation, which in turn, makes the skin cells healthy, aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines decrease. It also brings down the scars, provided they are small.

Needling does entail poking at the skin, so it definitely feels like some epilator doing rounds. The good news is, there is greater control over micro-needling because no electrical unit is integrated into the system. 

It is also important that micro-needling be done with needles that are safe to use, both in terms of size as well as the material used to make them.

The 540 needles in JJ Ellies Derma Rollers for cosmetic micro-needling are made from Titanium, which is 540 Grade A in so far as classification goes. 

These needles retain their sharpness almost forever, so extensive usage will not reduce the usefulness of this product.
These needles being merely 0.25mm in size cause merely tingling sensation, so the sensation is actually pleasurable rather than painful. 

The reason for this painless exfoliation is the shape of the needles in this derma roller. These needles are shaped like a cone, which can be observed under magnifiers.looking for Micro Needling Reviews? this is the best micro needling kit

On the whole, micro-needling is a better option to laser treatments, because this is a much cheaper option for getting the same results.

Though results do not last as long as laser treatment, the risks are also less. Even so, using it merely 3 times per week is easier as it takes up just 3 minutes to finish the job each time.

Micro-Needling Is Good for Both Genders

These Derma Rollers for cosmetic micro-needling from JJ Ellie can be used by both genders.
In addition, these derma rollers for micro-needling can be used on any part of the face, be it the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, or even the scalp. Check our earlier post on what micro-needling is and how it works.

Being essentially a mechanical device, this is a once in a lifetime purchase for that even tone and brighter complexion.

This is a personal care product, so it is always better not to share this product as skin ailments such as infections can be transmitted. Even if it is to be used by the same person, it is always advisable to use alcohol for cleaning it. 

It needs to be left in alcohol for a few minutes before as well as after use, to prevent any skin rashes or other problems not directly attributable to the device.

This cosmetic product comes with absolutely no risks. Therefore, this product does not fall within the definition of a medical device. But there are instructions on how to use serums as well as moisturizers with it. 

Primarily, any such lotion, serum, creams, should be used after using this device, not before using it, and not along with it. It follows that such serums, creams, lotions, etc. should not be applied or left on the device.

If you`re looking for micro needling reviews to know the benefits, below I will list the good and bad in these products, because no matter how a good a product is, it can not be perfect for everyone.

ProsStop looking for Micro Needling Reviews,this post covers the best micro needling kit

  • Micro-needling is an affordable exfoliation product, with minimal hassles, and does not require the periodic purchase of consumables such as needles, exfoliating creams, etc.
  • Since there are no chemicals in the picture, it cannot cause chemicals related to harm.
  • It is an affordable and long-lasting product.
  • Micro-needling helps in improving the absorption of other skincare lotions, creams, serums, etc.
  • It is painless and can be used at personal convenience, instead of making an appointment with the beautician. It can also be carried around and does not require an electrical connection.
  • Treatment time is merely three minutes or so. Effects last for 2 to 3 days. The device can be easily carried in a handbag.
  • A better complexion, skin tone because it triggers circulation. It also results in better elasticity and softness of skin, because of which fine lines of wrinkles come down, and some scars as well.
  • This is a product for both genders.
  • It does stimulate an increase in production of collagen, the miracle protein that skin cells produce, and which creates a framework for skin cells to reside and binds them together giving them their required firmness.
  • Because of this, the skin looks taut and younger, and wrinkles are reduced.


  • This exfoliation method does not do away with the need to use serums, lotions, creams, etc. This means, the person still has to spend on such things.
  • It cannot remove major scars, blackheads, skin discoloration, puffiness near the eyes, etc.which are the result of more serious damage to the skin.

Who It Is Microneedling For?

The needles in this product are very tiny and conical in shape, so they do not offer as good a result as some of the products and dermabrasion technologies that salons use.

Therefore, this product is best for beginners, i.e., people who are just stepping into a beauty regime such as those in late teens and twenties. Check an earlier post in another derma roller and an in-depth explanation of how it works.

Ideally, it shouldn’t be used on infected skins that are prone to acne. Nor should it be used by people with sensitive skin(check an earlier post on sensitive skincare products), even though the product has no chemicals, and does not cause laceration of skin.

Feel micro-needling is not for you, you may consider Microdermabrasion, it`s safe, can be done in the comfort of your home and results are wow.


Salient features of J J Ellies Derma Roller Cosmetic Microneedling Kit for face:

  • It is an easy to use device with no requirement of electrical connections, or complex techniques.
  • It has a plastic handle designed to enable easy movement of the derma roller on it, horizontally, vertically, and slightly diagonally.
  • This is because the cone-shaped needles are loaded on a cylindrical piece that is held on a rod facilitating the rolling of the cylinder. There are many derma rollers in the market with similar designs.
  • But it is important to ensure that the needles are evenly placed so that no needle or needles block the movement of this cylindrical piece, leading to injury because of pressure. Even the cylindrical part should move easily. JJ Ellies Derma Roller has got that aspect clearly.
  • The needles in this device are made from high-grade Titanium, more precisely, 540 Grade A. Because of this, the needles are long-lasting.


As of date, this product costs merely $13.Looking for Micro Needling Reviews? this is the best kit you can buy

Where To Buy 

It can be bought on



Final Verdict On Micro-needling

For beginners, and those in teens, without sensitive skin, or extensive damage to their skin due to sunlight or otherwise, this product is worth integrating with their regular regime, especially since it requires using only once in 3 days. 

But for those who have serious skin problems, such as deep wrinkles, puffiness near the eyes, dark circles, etc., this product alone will not suffice.

It is a cheaper alternative to other exfoliating agents that require expensive consumables to show results or laser treatment which very few can afford. 

The results from this product are correspondingly not as spectacular as with other micro-needling or dermabrasion products. If you were looking for Micro Needling Reviews to decide on which one to buy, I hope this post has been helpful.

Nevertheless, it does have its plus points to be considered, chief among them is that it is affordable.

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