Skin Care Routine For Combination Skin

What`s the most effective skincare routine for combination skin? Taking care of your skin begins with identifying your skin type.

The shiny skin and clogged pores are the clues that you own oily skin. Dry skin is classified by dry flakes and redness.

So what is the combination skin? It is the combo of oily skin and dry skin.

The T Zone gets all the characteristics of the oily skin, while the rest of the face remains dry.

The cheeks and the space around them look dry. The nose, forehead, chin, and the whole central part of the face shine and looks oily.

How is it possible to establish a skincare routine in such cases? Find here the answers to the questions about the skincare routine for combination skin.

For a glowing and blemish-free complexion the skincare routine, you have to choose is to meet your specific goals.

Here is the routine to get the best out of your combo skin.

Use A CleanserEvery skincare routine starts with a gentle face cleanser. But before you get one, you have to think what`s a good face cleanser?

The whole day the skin gets exposed to dirt and dust. This ensures all the pores are clogged, and leaves your skin look dull and lifeless.

The first thing I want you to remember is not to confuse a face cleanser and face wash.

Although face cleanser and face wash perform the same job, most face washes are foams while face cleansers are lotions or milk.

The oil, impurities, and dirt must be cleared off.  Use a face cleanser 2 times a day can help in avoiding the damage to the skin.

Choose a cleanser that is perfect for the combination skin, and it should be efficient enough to clear off the dirt and impurities from the T Zone.

Insta Natural Vitamin C Cleanser With Vitamin C is a gentle face wash that will unclog pores, breakouts, fade the appearance of skin discoloration.

Exfoliate The SkinSkincare Routine Combination Skin

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from the face. Build up of dead skin cells on the face makes it dull.

However, you need to decide the frequency of exfoliation based on your skin’s tolerance level. Everyone’s skin is different.

You should exfoliate your skin but not more than 3X a week.

You can, however, restrict to once a week, if you are not comfortable with the twice a week routine.

Not only does exfoliating remove dead and dull skin, but it also unclogs pores, boosts circulation, and will encourage skin products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Once the pores are unclogged thus helping the products you`re using on your skin to give better results.

Check what users say about the best exfoliator here.

Use A Moisturizer

Moisturizing a combination skin can be a test at times especially if you`re running late in the mornings and just want to have it done with.

The T-zone is oily from the forehead down to your chin but your cheeks are dry, the oily part easily gets acne breakouts while the dry parts feel flaky and need attention.

Now I wrote about The ordinary recently and it happens to work very well on combination skin, you can read the post here if you missed it.

The most sensible thing to do is to have 2 moisturizers(one for the morning when you`re in a rush and one for the night when you can afford to use two different moisturizers).

For the Night, treat the T-zone with salicylic acid then use a moisturizer on the dry areas.

For mornings when you`re short on time, just use a good moisturizer with an SPF 30 or higher. Read more from Marie Claire here.

Get A Toner

        “I chose this starter kit as it has everything you need.”

Toners help a lot in balancing the skin.

You`ll not go for just any toner, choose the facial toner for combination skin you can find. Toners can also exfoliate the skin gently.

They also keep the skin hydrated. You can find a vast selection of toners for combination skin.

Combination Skin Serums

The concentrated ingredients in the serums help in solving skin problems.

You need to pick serums that can address your specific skin concern of yours.

strong>For combination skin, you should look for serums that willRepechage Hydro-Complex PFS - Oily/Combination Skin, 1.5oz/42g

  • Control breakouts
  • Hydrate the dry patches 

To take care of combination skin, use products that target specific areas on your skin as needed.

Something to consider is(in my opinion) to use serums containing retinol at night as they make the skin more sensitive to sun exposure.

Use A Face Mask

When using a face mask, you can address all the problems of your skin. But there is a concern.

You should use different masks for different areas of your skin. Various masks are available for oily skin and dry skin.

You can use them to specific regions either by choosing smaller sizes or cutting them to meet your needs.

Bentonite clay mask is what works well to remove toxins, oils and reduce large pores on oily skin.

For combination skin, you`ll, unfortunately, have to use two different masks(I say unfortunately because I find it to be a pain using 2 masks at the same time on the same face).

So apart from Bentonite clay, you can use a stripe charcoal mask on your oily T-zone then apply the hydrating mask on the other part of your face.

And that`s what makes this 20 Pack set the best choice.

Focus On Your Eyes Too

Use an eye cream every night, and this helps to get the right look on your face.

The dark circles certainly tell the world that you hadn’t had enough sleep, or your skincare routine isn’t complete.

When you are careful about this routine, there are specific measures you should never forget, when you want your combination skin to stay flawless.

Taking care of combination skin does not stop with your face, eyes are an area you can not ignore.

To treat and protect your eyes and to avoid puffy eyes with dark circles, you should get a gentle treatment that will reduce puffiness so that you have brighter eye area.
Always get gentle eye creams that will not irritate your eyes. Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye TreatmentIs a product I will highly recommend.

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Use Enough Sunscreen

Use SPF 20 or higher, and apply a generous amount of the sunscreen. Nothing else can protect your skin from the sun’s rays, and this is a great way to protect your skin from signs of aging. 

Also, if you have the habit of touching your skin often, then stop doing it immediately.

You transfer lots of dirt and microbes by touching your skin regularly. Do not add to the burden of the T Zone.

You can clear off excess oil from the face using these Oil Control Film, Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets for Oily Skin.

They come in a small package that it`s easy to put in your purse.

Best Skin Care Products For Combination SkinSkin Care Routine For Combination Skin

Now that you have learned how to maintain a skincare routine for combination skin, it is quite apparent you want to know about the best products to use.

Apart from the products mentioned above.

The list is so long but I thought I`ll suggest more products here.

Anyone and everyone will find something to suit their needs and budget.

Here is a list of them for you.

  1. Cleanser: Kale and Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Age Preservation Cleanser and Bliss Jelly Cleanser are perfect choices.
  2. Toner: Mario Badescu Aloe vera toner, Origins United State Balancing Tonic
  3. L’Oreal Paris Revita Lift bright daily peel pads: these peel pads have glycolic acid, and they have multiple textures, which helps in resurfacing the skin and make the skin feel softer.
  4. L’OReal Paris Revita Lift CicaCream Face Moisturizer Pro-Retinol and Centella Asiatica: This uses Centella, a herb from Chinese medicine, and help in exfoliating the dead skin, and makes the skin look smoother and cleaner.

Conclusion On Combination Skin Care

Taking care of your skin should not be hard, the most important is to find the best skincare products for combination skin that you can afford.

Products mentioned here are just a beginning, there are more products than I could write about on a single post.

If you feel I missed a product or if you feel there is a product I should have mentioned, feel free to leave me a message, I`ll get back to you.

You can find many products in the market to keep your skincare routine combination skin going on. Use the reputed products for getting the best results.

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  1. Thank you for the information. My skin is a struggle as I did not stat to take care of it on time, my skincare routine used to be just water and any face moisturizer I could find and it left it`s mark on my face.
    But, I do struggle because I`m not very sure what is the right face cream or even toner I can use so thanks so much for sharing this info, now I know all the right skincare products to look for.

    • Thanks for stopping by, unfortunately many of us do not appreciate our faces or just do not care enough to find the best cleansers or even the right way to clean the face.
      Always remember your Face is what people see first when they meet you.Put your best face forward is what I do say.
      As you get older, it`s when you realize you should have taken better care of your face but by then, wrinkles have set it.


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