What Is The Best Treatment For Acne

Acne makes skin lose its smooth and beautiful appearance because it not only results in those painful pus-filled boils like inflammation, but it also leaves behind some unsightly marks that last for almost a lifetime. But what is the best treatment for Acne, how can you keep acne away?Read on.

Propionibacterium acnes is the dreaded bacterium that is responsible for that painful acne. It can be controlled with some chemicals.

The bacterium exists on the skin and is normally not as harmful. But when there are hormonal changes, the skin undergoes some changes.

The primary change is excessive oil production occurring in the skin follicles. There is an increase in production of cells as well in these follicles, which swell.

Together they block the pores of the skin and offer the perfect environment for the bacterium to proliferate.

Acne treatments, therefore, focus on  What Is The Best Treatment For Acne

  • Offering some relief from the pain;
  • Control proliferation of the bacterium;
  • Removal of scars;
  • Removal of dead cells from the pores on the skin; and
  • Control excessive sebum production.

There are varying degrees of acne inflammation as well. Therefore, many people, who just have mild acne do not require treatment at all or can manage with some milder treatments.As mentioned in an earlier post here.

For more severe forms of acne, there are medical treatments, and dermatologists may have to be consulted. In such cases, antibiotics may also be prescribed.

In most cases, however, over the counter treatments are available for people who only suffer from acne occasionally or have a milder form of such skin ailment.

Such products are again divided into those that are used to treat the acne inflammation and others that are used to remove the scars. Like this one mentioned here.

Following chemicals or combination of some of them are usually present in the over the counter acne treatments focused on the inflammatory stage.

    • Acetone – This is easily available, and it is effective because it removes oil that may be present on the skin.
    • Alcohol – This is also easily available, and its function as a mild “anti-bacterial” agent is what makes it as a useful ingredient.
    • Benzoyl peroxide. Basically, this compound removes the cells blocking the pores. This is a stronger agent than both acetone and alcohol and may not suit every skin type.
    • Herbal medications – These are known to sooth though their effectiveness is not certain, and consequently how they function, if at all, is also not clear.
    • Resorcinol – It is a phenol with anti-bacterial activity. It also serves as exfoliative, i.e., clears the pores. This is usually present in over the counter acne treatments but along with other chemicals.

The ratio of these compounds differs from one product to another. Therefore, products that contain a higher ratio of alcohol would suit those who have extremely sensitive skin, while others may opt for the reasonably high ratio of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid in the product is for unclogging the pores and nothing else.

Sulphur is almost a mandatory chemical in skin products. How it works is unknown but it has been used for skin disorders from times immemorial.Acne, Pores, Skin, Pimple, Female, Face

What is the best treatment for acne, therefore, differs from one skin type to another. Ideally, what is the best treatment for acne should also prove to be the best treatment for acne scars?

But what is the best treatment for acne scars may or may not be good enough for treating the acne inflammation?

Here is a list of popular over the counter acne treatments available now not following any particular order.

  • DermaKlenz “Wound” cleanser.

This is basically a formulation for clearing the dead cells and tissue.It can prevent scars if the acne is not deep-seated.

It is a mild formula. Therefore, it can be used by people with sensitive skin. It is also easy to use since it is available in spray form. Moreover, it is available in smaller quantities, i.e., 8 oz. This packaging helps to decide effectiveness without spending a lot. Click here to View price.

  • Derma Sciences’ “Mudhoney Gel for Wound dressing Product Details

The main ingredient in this is “active Leptospermum Honey”.  This is basically dressing and can offer relief from pain, as well as prevent further aggravation of acne condition.

This product is mild and can be used even by people with sensitive skin.

  • Claror SkinCare gel (2.5 percent Benzoyl peroxide)

As indicated, the primary ingredient in this gel is Benzoyl  Peroxide, which opens up the pores. The product also has other ingredients for killing bacteria and rejuvenating the skin because of which even whiteheads and blackheads are reduced.This product is quite affordable at Amazon click here to view.

  • Mederma advanced “scar” gel

This gel needs to be used every day and is effective against both old as well as new scars. The primary ingredient in this Allantoin which is a compound that helps to shed excess skin cells. It may take almost six months to show visible results on older acne scars.

  • Neutrogena “Rapid Clear” (Maximum strength) padsProduct Details

The pads in this product help to remove oil, dirt, grime etc., on the face, and in the process, reduce acne-causing bacteria. The product scores because of its “Micro-Clear” technology, which is effective.

In all, there are 60 pads in a pack that`s a 2 months supply!!. It takes only about 8 hours to control the outbreak. Basically, this product is for controlling the acne rather than removing scars.

  • Proactive “3 step” treatment for acneProduct Detailsread customer reviews button

This product is one of the most expensive products because it costs about $53. As indicated by its name, there are three different steps in this product, therefore, three different liquids in this product.

One is the cleanser, and another is the toner. The third bottle contains skin repairing solution. The cleanser includes benzoyl peroxide.

But the product seems more effective because there are some benefits from toner which has to revitalize effect. The repairing solution also has benzoyl peroxide.

  • InstaNatural’s face wash for treating acne (with salicylic acid)

This product clears the pores because it has salicylic acid. It has other natural ingredients which are for treating other problems with the skin such as whiteheads, blackheads, scars, etc.

It includes some moisturizing ingredients, which help to reduce the pain associated with acne.

Conclusion On What Is The Best Treatment For AcneObagi CLENZIderm M.D. System

There are enough reliable products now on the market that can help with acne problems so you should consider these first before trying prescription acne medicine, these should be really the last resort.

Many of these can be used regularly to prevent the outbreak of acne, which can leave scars.All the items I mentioned above are the best over the counter acne treatment that you can purchase locally or if you`re shopping online, Amazon has the best prices.Click here to compare.

Likewise, these products can be used even when the person is suffering from one such outbreak, as they can reduce the damage, and sooth the skin.

Since the extent of inflammation differs from person to person, what is the best treatment for acne usually differs from person to person.

Some may opt for affordable variety. It does not mean that affordable product is not good enough. It merely means that the treatment selected should be the right one for the acne problem.

If you are looking for other ways to remove acne scars, check an earlier post here.

I hope my post helped you answer the question you might have about what is the best treatment for acne.If you are dealing with acne scars, I`d like to hear from you.

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  1. Great post! I suffer from what I consider mild to medium adult acne, and i’ve had acne since puberty. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. But this post gave me some hope.

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