The Best Women’s Facial Hair Removal[What Works?]

Have you found yourself having to talk about something uncomfortable but knowing you have to do it anyway? things like facial hair removal for women?

There, I said it, something we all feel like taboo to talk about. We all know women have facial hair but we prefer to pretend we don`t because it`s not something you talk about.

Women have facial hair, and many of us are very embarrassed about it.

The best women’s facial hair removal is not generally a topic of discussion at the office or a night out with the girls.

It’s a topic that some women may feel uncomfortable and embarrassed talking about, however, many women experience this problem for several reasons.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to take care of female facial hair, and today, I’d like to discuss a few of the best facial hair removal products for women.

What Are The Causes Of Women Facial HairThe Best Women Facial Hair Removal

Before we go into the methods of women’s facial hair removal, I’d like to talk about the causes, and why some women are more prone to it.

Women can have light hairs, dark hairs, thick hairs, and also thin ones growing on their faces.

They are most prominent on the upper lip and around the chin. So what can do for facial hair removal women want?


Just as you can attribute your eye color, good complexion, or your skinny wrists to genetics, you can also thank for how much body hair you have.

People whose ancestors came from South Asian, Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean lands have a tendency to be hairier.

Excessive Male Hormones

If you have facial hair that is looking like a typical male pattern, you might have too many male hormones in your body which can cause a condition that is called hirsutism, which basically means excessive hairiness.

This type of facial hair in women is a symptom of something else going on in the body and should be discussed with a physician.

So, if you think your hair growth is excessive, you should see your doctor. It may be more complicated than figuring out the best way to get rid of that mustache.

If a woman suffers from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), facial hair can become a real problem, and will often be more obvious than with other women.

So Which Women Facial Hair Removal Devices Win?

We, women, have to put up with a lot when it comes to health and beauty, but having facial hair doesn’t make us any less feminine, so we should try not to let it get to us.

It really is OK to sprout some unwanted hair on our faces. After all, we have become really skilled at removing hair from our underarms and legs, so why not our faces too?

Here are some tried and tested methods of dealing with unwanted facial hair that many thousands of women use with success.

It may be a case of trying each one out for yourself before deciding which method is right for you and your skin type.

1. Shaving   Remington WDF5030A Wet & Dry Women’s Rechargeable Electric Foil Shaver, Electric Razor White/Purple

Rumour has it that such legendary beauties as Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe used to shave to remove unwanted facial hair.

It is easy to do and very quick, and you can even do it in the shower before you shave your legs.

Shaving can save you an absolute fortune on creams and waxes, so many women with busy lives choose this option for its convenience.

However, you have to shave regularly to keep on top of new stubble appearing, and you have to be careful not to knick your face while shaving, just like men have to!

Check there for the best manual hair remover for women.

With over forty thousand positive reviews on Amazon, you`re sure it`s a great shaving razor just for women.

Always shave using shaving cream. Now talking of shaving cream I do not mean the regular that the guys use, there are gentler gel shavers specifically for bikini line hair, these are the best when you are shaving your unwanted facial hair.

Some pointers when shaving Women’s Facial Hair

2. Waxing

OK, waxing is painful! Let’s not beat around the bush here. Waxing your face is a lot different from waxing your legs or underarms.

The skin on your face is much more sensitive too, so waxing can leave your face a little red and feel quite tender.

But if female facial hair shaving is not for you, there is waxing facial hair for women.

You can buy facial waxing strips that are made specifically for sensitive skin, so it would be a better option to go with these wherever possible. Try to wax your face before you go to bed at night.

This way you will give your skin a chance to recover, and you will not have the embarrassment of going to work with a red face the following day.

Check this facial hair removal waxing strips

and what other shoppers say.

3. Hair Removal CreamsSurgi-cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face, 1-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 3)

Another one of the best women facial hair removal ladies trust is the hair removal creams.

You can get some facial hair removal creams that are specially formulated to deal with facial hair.

These tend to be much more gentle on your skin than body hair removal creams.

So please be sure to check before you purchase to avoid having to return it or, you can still use it on your body.

You may prefer to use a hair removal cream if you really cannot bear the thought of pain from waxing, or are scared to shave.

Some creams may not work very well on stubborn hairs, so you may need to tweeze away a couple of hairs after treatment.

Be careful to follow the instructions carefully, and don’t leave the cream on for longer than is recommended, this can cause some serious damage to your skin.

4. Tweezing Product Details

Tweezing is great for keeping on top of a few unwanted hairs and also to maintain the odd growth between waxes or other hair removing treatments.

However, tweezing will not cope with lots of fine facial hairs, and can be quite a time-consuming affair if you have lots of hair, don’t forget tweezing can also be painful, so it is not for the faint-hearted.

5. At-Home Laser Treatments

If you are fed up with the constant effort of keeping your facial hair under control, and you have a little spare cash to hand, then something more permanent could be your best solution.

Home laser treatments like this one may cost a lot initially, but over the long term think about how much money you would be spending out on waxes and creams.

And I consider this to be one of the best women’s facial hair removal and more permanent.

These handy machines do offer long-lasting results, and over time with some persistent use will be able to thin your hair, or completely eradicate it eventually.Removing women facial hair

6. Bleaches

If your facial hair is mostly fine and short, then bleaching it may be a better option for you.

You can buy facial hair bleaching creams that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin on your face.

Never try to bleach your facial hair with household bleach or bleach that you would use to lighten the hair on your head.

These are not made for the delicate skin on your face, and you could risk burning your skin as a result.

Your bleached facial hair will eventually grow out, so you will have to repeat the process when you notice new hair growth.

These are the main techniques and the best women facial hair removal that almost all women use, it is up to you which one will work best for you.

Conclusion On The Best Women Facial Hair Removal

There are several best women’s facial hair removal methods available. One that I did not discuss was facial hair removal prescription creams.

This is by prescription only and may take weeks to be effective.

With all these women’s facial hair removal devices you`ll surely find one that suits your needs. Whatever you decide, if you find that method is not for you, just try another.

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Hope my post has helped you decide which is the best women’s facial hair removal for you, any questions just leave me a message below.

4 thoughts on “The Best Women’s Facial Hair Removal[What Works?]”

  1. Yes, this is a very hard subject for most women. I think it’s the hardest for adolescent girls that are just starting to experience the hair growth. I remember as a girl wishing there was some magic method that would take the hair away. As an adult, you just get used to it and deal with it.

    But now I’m watching my daughter go through the same experience.  I wish I had some magic solutions for her, I don’t but I have the next best thing, which is your article outlining the best methods. 

    Thank you for the post, I will most definitely forward it to my daughter. I know she will find it very useful.

    • Hello Anna

      Female body hair apart from if it`s head hair is not something women talk about, I know I want to change my shaving razor but unsure which one is best for my needs but there`s just no way I`m confident enough to ask another girl for advice, it`s just a no-no.

      shaving legs is okayish, but we can`t even tell our best friends that we have facial hair so ther`s a lot of trial and error when looking for female facial hair products.

      I saw a post somewhere where the writer called them lady beards and it felt almost like an insult, no wonder women don`t speak about removing facial hair.

      There are enough products out there to remove any kind of body hair and we girls don`t have to accept trial and error.

    • Thanks Tracy, as much as we refuse to even acknowledge that it`s a fact, women too do have facial hair issues and that`s why I decided to create this post because many of us can not really discuss with friend ways to remove female facial hair. Glad you found the post useful-


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