Bikini Hair Removal Tips[That Work]

As the swimwear and bathing suits get more and more daring for both men and women, it`s no doubt that keeping your bikini area neat and tidy is vital is you`re unsure where to start, read on to find bikini hair removal tips that are easy.

Even for people who do not wear daring swimsuits, ensuring your bikini area hair is not public hairs is a no when getting ready for a hot tub, swimming pool or beach.

Bikini Line Hair RemovalIt’s not a simple matter of tucking your pubic hairs inside the legs of your swimsuit because they’re bound to escape and hairs sticking out of your bikini is a no-no. So the best way to avoid displaying your hair is to shave them.

Many people are not sure how to go about bikini hair removal.While shaving the bikini line at home is still the most used method, as it`s quick and can be done while you shower.

There are other methods you can use to get good results as well as some of the best bikini hair removal products out there, making a choice can be hard.

You can wax, laser treatment (which I find unnecessary really), then there is bikini line removal with an epilator, or shaving the whole in one go, it`s a matter of finding what works best for you.But whatever you decide, waxing should be the last alternative to consider as it`s quite uncomfortable.

Depilatories or Waxing?bikini line hair removal creams that work in no time and gives the best results.

No matter what you choose, both work just as well as shaving, there are just some facts to know if you decide to Wax or depilate.


      • They are quite untidy.
      • They smell pretty bad.
      • They at times do not remove all the hair and may leave you with patches of hair.
      • The chemicals in depilatory can leave your skin red and be feeling raw, and feeling burned.
      • They are easy to apply

Please note that bikini hair removal creams are different from hair removal creams which are more aggressive.
Before applying the cream, trim extra hair as you do not want to leave the cream longer on your skin, something you will have to do if the hair is extra long.As long hair will block the cream and only the surface hairs will be removed.

After you are done with hair removal cream, do moisturize your skin, skin shaving creams contain harsh chemicals and your skin needs pampering afterward.

Some things to know before using hair removal creamsBikini Line Hair Removal

          • Always do a patch
          • It smells awful
          • It is convenient and easy to do
          • Harsh chemicals are used

Shaving Bikini line With Razors

Many people who shave their bikini lines do go the easier and oldest way, by shaving with a razor blade, this way is easy, convenient, quick and almost painless.

But shaving with razors too can leave your skin scraped and feeling raw especially if you shave with a dull razor blade.

To avoid skin scraping, always use a new razor blade when shaving bikini line hair a disposable razor and preferably a double edge razor is advised.

Do wet the area and apply shaving gel for an easy gliding of the razor.Shave in the direction of hair growth to reduce skin irritation.

Use clear shaving creams so you can see the area where the razor goes.I know it`s tempting to just use your regular shaving cream, but bikini line shaving creams are more gentle and anti-inflammatory.

Bikini Line Hair Removal Does Not have To be painful

Bikini lines can maintain a lot of moisture, and receive a lot of friction, ingrown hairs do become a major problem to a lot of people who shave bikini lines especially in the summer because of this.
You can reduce ingrown hairs by learning how to shave right and finding what works best for you, as one thing may work better for the other person.Choose a device better designed for bikini lines and learn how to shave safely. Read more on treating ingrown hairs here

You do not always have to spend money for professional waxing, you will be able to achieve results at home for pennies if you follow my bikini hair removal tips, so go ahead, find what works best for you.

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  1. I’m really going into the very personal aspects of me here Roamy, but I have always been taught that if you shave, you actually encourage regrowth – just like when you cut your hair, as the cutting makes hair stronger. I have always been taught that the best way to actually get rid of hair is by removing the follicle, or the root of the hair. Hence I thought that professional waxing or a home epilator would mostly do the job, so that in the long run you would see regrowth slow down dramatically. What do you thing?

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Hello Giulia
      Thanks for stopping by.Waxing bikini area is not for alot of people, it`s quite painful but if you can stand the pain then why not?personally, I tried bikini area waxing once and I knew then and there it will be the last time im doing it.

  2. This is perfect for me. I will try to do this! Thanksfor sharing.

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