Remove Age Spots At Home With Ease

Age spots are a bane; a dead giveaway of the person’s age.  They appear on parts of the body that are frequently exposed to the sun including, face, hands, shoulders, arms, and back.

Many creams and different methods like microdermabrasion or botox fillers have been launched in the market, which promises to help with these aging signs. But the effectiveness of those creams and concoctions ceases after some time because the skin gets accustomed to such formulations.

Luckily, there are some home remedies with long-lasting results. These remedies that are meant to remove age spots at home only require some regularity in the application and take slightly longer to show results. Therefore, patience with these remedies is certainly a virtue.

Advantages Of Home Remedies For Age Spots

  • They have lasting effect;
  • They don’t cause any side effects and if any, fewer side effects.
  • They are easy to implement.
  • Most you already have at home.
  • They don’t cost a fortune

Different Types Of Home Remedies To Remove age spots:

  • Lemon juiceAge spots remedy,lemon juice,Remove age spots at home

Almost every kitchen has this fruit. It is used almost every day in cooking or at least every other day.

Lemon juice is known to be good for removing any dead cells blocking the pores on the skin. Citric acid is the agent in lemon juice that helps to remove those dead cells. It also kills any bacteria.

But the best part of lemon juice is, it bleaches age spots. It needs to be applied once or twice each day. Though the age spots will not disappear completely, they will be less pronounced after some time and will take some time to look dark again.

That is when the process can be repeated. Note that lemon juice needs to be dabbed, and not rubbed. The very little quantity of juice is needed for it as citric acid can also burn the skin. Therefore, diluted lemon juice can also do help in achieving the objective.

  • Hydrogen peroxide   

Peroxide is available at any chemist’s shop and is perhaps the most effective agent against age spots. But the concentration is crucial. 3 percent of this compound is all that is needed to fade age spots.

The method of using it is slightly longer. After applying it, some moisturizer may have to be rubbed in as skin feels dryer because of hydrogen peroxide. Ideally, use a facial cleansing brush to rub in the moisturizer.

Facial brushes may seem the unnecessary addition to the already complex and confusing beauty regimens. But there are some merits in the claims of these brushes manufacturers.

Basically, these brushes exfoliate, and rejuvenate skin, removing dirt, grime, and any makeup. In the process, they also make it easier for any agent, cream, oil, moisturizer, etc., applied to the skin to enter the skin.

Effectively, skin is better moisturized. Such moisturizing is crucial for preventing the skin looking aged. Hydrogen peroxide needs to be applied once only each day.You would need cotton swabs for applying this compound.

  • Aloe vera

Removing age spots is one more benefit from Aloe vera gel. This can be applied once each day although twice a day would give better and faster results.

Like lime juice, aloe vera gel also removes dead cells. But unlike lime juice, aloe vera gel helps to promote the growth of new skin cells. The only drawback is that not everybody has access to aloe vera.

But there are stores that sell aloe vera gel with some additives. Use one that has very few of those additives.

  • Buttermilk

Buttermilk can be applied on the skin like lime juice or aloe vera gel. Again, it may be applied once or twice each day and left on the skin for a full half an hour or so.

Lactic acid is the agent in buttermilk which works the miracle by exfoliating skin’s pigmented areas. The drawback of this remedy is that there may be buttermilk smell, which may have to be washed away and covered by other scents. Read more on buttermilk here.

  • Concoction

There can be a concoction made from vinegar (acetic acid), lemon juice (for fragrance), horseradish root (grated), and rosemary oil (essential).

The rosemary oil soothes the skin while the acids do their job of exfoliating the skin and bleaching.  This concoction in your kitchen can be used twice each day though applying even once over a long period can help to reduce those age spots.

Hope you realize you do not always have to spend a lot of money to fight those unsightly dark spots, everyday items mentioned above that you already have in your kitchen work just as well.

What are your home remedies for fighting wrinkles? what works for you? would love to hear from you so do leave me a message below.


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