How To Treat Brittle Nails At Home

Beautiful healthy nails are a pride of every woman and man, using good nail polish, and moisturizing your hands can make your hands look groomed and presentable.

But what if your nails are splitting and unsightly? this post will give you tips on how to treat brittle nails at home.

But what if this is not enough? what if you have unsightly brittle and splitting fingernails?

What can you do to strengthen weak nails? Your fingernails define your hands and you should take pride in taking care of them.

Brittle un-cared for nails are not easy to cover up, unlike your face that you can use good makeup to conceal unattractive spots and imperfections.

Hiding bad fingernails is hard, but with a bit of loving care you will soon have fingernails you are proud of.

How To Identify Brittle Nailshow to treat dry brittle nails at home

It`s not hard to identify and treat dry brittle nails and the first sign you will notice is that they are almost impossible to grow, as soon as they start to grow they break off,  other signs are

  • splitting
  • tearing or breaking easily
  • weak

Cold weather can increase fingernails brittleness so much that your fingernails will be breaking almost for no reason at all.

You might have noticed that in the winter months, growing your fingernails is harder.

Brittle fingernails are more common in women, but this is not to say men are not affected.

What Causes Brittle Finger Nails

There are different reasons for brittle fingernails, lots of contact with water, household detergents, cold weather, some nail polish can also dry your nails and continuous use make your nails weak.

Overheating in the house and sickness can also cause weak brittle nails, old age is also a known factor in making nails brittle, weak and splitting.

How To Treat Brittle Nails

Harsh chemicals, some present in your cleansers are not friendly to your nails at all.

Iron deficiency can also affect your nails and so is the chlorine in swimming pools.

Lack of fatty acids and calcium, low levels of zinc, thyroid problems and low level of iron may also cause brittle nails: read more here.

Another cause of brittle nails is Acryl nails after you have stopped using acryl nails, you`ll find that your natural nails turn weak and brittle.

How To Treat Brittle Nailstreat dry brittle nails

Just as there are many causes of brittle nails, there are different things you can do to avoid, treat and improve brittle nails.

Find what works for you as there is no one method fits all here, what works for a friend may not have as good results for you.

Just before getting started, none of these methods will work overnight so have patience.

These are suggestions, try them and find what works best for you as all people are different and all brittle nails are not as a result of the same thing.

  • Avoid contact with unnecessary water, reduce the times you wash your hands.
  • Try having shorter nails to reduce breakage.
  • Frequently massage olive oil or castor oil.
  • Take vitamin supplements.(read an earlier post on benefits of supplements here if you missed it)
  • Improve your diet.
  • Stop biting at your fingers.
  • When it`s cold outside, do put on hand gloves.
  • When washing up, do wear  rubber hand gloves
  • Take Biotin supplements(with caution)

There are much more ways to treating brittle nails and as said earlier, nothing works in a day, keep taking care of your nails and it will work.

Home Remedies for Brittle NailsBest hand cream for dry and damaged hands.

There are ways you can treat brittle nails at home cheaply some of what you need are already readily available in the home. Use any of these one at a time to strengthen weak nails.

Lemon Joice:

  • Acidic lemon juice helps strengthen your nails,
  • mix the juice of half lemon with olive oil or castor oil then apply to cuticles and nails,
  • repeat mornings and nights before bedtime.
  • (do not leave lemon juice on too long, 5 minutes are more than enough.

Coconut Oil:

  • Coconut oil works great in moisturizing nails and hands,
  • mix with freshly squeezed lemon juice then apply to your hands and nails. Although I do not like the strong smell of coconut oil, it works great in treating dry nails.

Tea Tree Oil: Product Details

  • Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with  vitamin E oil,
  • then rub into your fingernails to improve nail health.
  • At best twice daily.

Dry brittle nails treatment should not be a challenge and most of the items above can be bought at any drug store.

Just do not expect a miracle, but after a week, you should see changes and your fingernails getting better just by using these home remedies for dry brittle nails.

Before starting using any of the above remedies, do find out if your dry brittle nails may be caused by a medical condition as it`s known that vitamin deficiency or thyroid can make your nails weak. Read more here

Need more information? leave me a message and will get back to you.

Would also like to hear how you deal with weak breaking nails, any home remedies you know of that I should try ? all tips are welcome.

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