How To Get Rid Of Under-Eye Bags

You know the feeling, looking in the mirror and seeing the tired, dark, baggy eyes looking back at you. You have to do something NOW but then you realize you don`t exactly know what. This post will guide you on how to get rid of under-eye bags.

Baggy eyes with dark circles underneath are always unpleasant to look at. Whether you’re looking at it in the mirror or at others, you find yourself wondering.

It tells the world how hard your life is, how you’re so loaded with so much work that you can barely get a good night’s sleep.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are a common skin issue for lots of people, both old and young.
Unlike the common belief that under-eye bags and dark circles are caused by tiredness, it’s not always the cause, the aging process can cause puffy under the eyes so can some allergies or medication and even. 

Let`s explore the major causes of dark circles and provide you with some tips for removing them.

1. Genetics:

Your genes play a crucial role in the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. If this issue runs in your family, it’s more likely that you’ll develop them too.

The problem may be due to the fact that your skin is thinner and more transparent in the under-eye area making the blood vessels more prominent.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about this cause of dark circles, but using makeup or other cosmetics that cover dark circles up can help.

2. Aging:

As you age, your skin tends to thin out, losing volume and elasticity.

This makes the under-eye area more prone to sagging, which can cause a shadowed effect that makes your dark circles appear worse.

Incorporating lifestyle changes like getting enough sleep, drinking water, and eating healthy can prevent puffiness and wrinkles which make the dark circles more noticeable.

3. Lack of Sleep:

Another common cause of dark circles under the eyes is a lack of sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your skin can become paler and duller in complexion and appearance.

This can make blood vessels and dark tissues appear more visible under your eyes. You should aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night if possible.

4. Allergies and Nasal Congestion:

Under-eye dark circles can also be caused by nasal congestion, fluid retention, salty foods, an allergic reaction, or seasonal allergies.

This is usually due to the fact that these conditions can cause increased blood flow to the area and create a swollen appearance.

Taking antihistamines or visiting the doctor for medications might be helpful for this cause.

5. Sun Exposure 

One of the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes is sun exposure which causes sun damage and the appearance of puffy eyes.

Over time, the sun’s harmful rays can damage the skin around the eyes, leading to a darkened appearance.

Wearing sunglasses and applying a protective SPF sunscreen cream can help reduce the damage caused by the sun and the use of vitamin C products to lighten darker lower lids.

How to get rid of under-eye bags

Dark under-eye circles can be controlled. There are usually two things we do, either we cure or hide them. Most people choose to hide them with light foundations, but hiding doesn’t fix the problem, it makes them worse without us noticing.

So the best thing we can do is to cure them, naturally of course, through some simple steps, everyone can easily do.

First of all, you have to get some sleepThere are a few reasons for dark under-eye circles, but most likely they’re caused by fatigue and lack of sleep.

Depending on the route you choose to go, you can try natural homemade products for puffy under-eyes or you can purchase some of the best products you can afford or you can choose professional treatments.

Under-eye bags are explained here in more detail.

When we’re tired, (let`s say after a sleepless night)the the blood circulation system is not functioning properly, it tends to slow down, and as a result, our face becomes paler and our skin tends to lose moisture and sag making the appearance of bags more visible.

The skin on our face, especially under the eyes, is thinner than the rest of the body, that’s why it shows a dark blood pool it’s been hiding if you’re too tired.

Quick Fix

Try some cucumbers on your face. Cut some thick slices, dip them for a while in cold water, and put the slices on your eyes. Cucumbers help bring moisture and juice back to your eyes as they increase blood flow.

You might also want to try putting tea bags on your eyes, green tea in particular. Green tea also refreshes the under-eye area.

Just let the green tea bag cool down at room temperature, once it`s cold, place it under your eyes, lie down, and relax.

After ten minutes, remove the tea bags the swelling will have gone down, and the appearance of puffy eyes will be less visible.

Use cucumber to remove under eye bags successfully at home

Fun fact: cucumber juice mixed with green tea makes a great all-natural refreshing toner!

Having a healthy lifestyle is very important as well.

This includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and smoke-free habits.

One of the causes as I mentioned before is the improper functioning of blood circulation. 

In turn, this results from an iron-deficient diet, lack of movement or exercise, and guess what? Cigarettes.

So you might want to fix these habits, which will not only remove those dark circles under your eyes but also improve your overall health. Sweet!

There are also other causes of the dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. Genetics and skin elasticity are two of them.

If you happen to genetically have thin and inelastic skin, try using collagen-induced face cream to increase collagen levels. They will increase the moisture and thickness of your skin. Essential oils are another great tool for helping reduce puffy eyes.

But then again, these methods will only help so far. Most likely you have another reason for those bags, which is stress.

Psychological problems have been proven to affect people physically. Check more from to understand how stress causes dark under-eye circles

If you’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, why not let off some steam and enjoy doing small things every once in a while?

It will also boost your health in general, both physical and emotional.

Cold compresses work well on puffy eyes, take a clean towel and put it in cold water(with ice if possible)lie down and place the cold towel over your eyes and relax for 10 minutes this will reduce the appearance of under-eye bags.

Medical treatments for under-eye bags

Sometimes we just want quick permanent fixes to under-eye bags and dark circles. If you can afford it and want professional treatments, you can see a doctor for advice on medical treatment.

So if you feel that home remedies are not removing dark circles and under-eye bags fast enough, these are some medical routes you can choose, but thats not here or now on this post.Im not going to go into medical treatment but here are some non-invasive routes.

  • Topical creams
  • Kojic acid
  • Azelaic acid
  • Topical vitamin C
  • Chemical peels
  • Lasers
  • Fillers

Topical Creams

Topical creams like hydroquinone and tretinoin help lighten the skin tone under your eyes thus making the dark patches less visible.

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Kojic acid

This is a natural product but very effective at treating dark circles. But on the negative side, Kojic acid may cause sensitive skin and cause skin reddening in some people.

Azelaic acid

Safe to use over long periods without many side effects. Azealic acid can be used to treat dark circles and under-eye bags by lightening the affected area.

Topical vitamin C

Vitamin C is very effective at lightening dark spots and skin discoloration, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E work well on age spots to reduce dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Chemical peels

Done using glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids, chemical peels are used to treat dark circles under the eyes, but they tend to be too sensitive. My top choice is this made with Retinol and Green Tea Extract.


A less procedure to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Talk to your board-certified dermatologist for advice if you need laser treatment.


As you age, your skin gets thin due to the loss of fatty tissue and this may cause under-eye bags and dark circles to appear more prominent, maybe it`s time for dermal fillers.

You can have filler hyaluronic acid gel filler, and hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections in the under-eye area to reduce dark under eyes and under-eye bags.

Summing it up on under-eye bags

Dark circles under the eyes are a common issue that affects everyone at some point in their lives.

Not only can these dark under-eye circles be caused by genetics and aging, but they also worsen due to lifestyle habits such as lack of sleep, allergies, salty foods, nasal congestion, and sun exposure.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways and treatment options to reduce or eliminate dark circles under your eyes.

From adopting healthy lifestyle habits to using makeup or products that address the issue, there are plenty of solutions to restore your youthful and vibrant appearance!

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  1. I didn’t know cigarettes cause eye bags, no wonder my eye bags were very clear back when I was studying, I smoked frequently due to stress but now I stopped already so eye bags aren’t as bad as last time but it’s still there. Is there a time frame to put the cucumber slices on our eyes? I saw people do that in movies, never knew those actually helped! 😀

    • Hi there

      I did not understand what you mean by “time frame to put cucumber slices over eyelids” but I`m guessing you mean time of day? this can be done any time you find convenient. Cucumber is convenient and affordable to reduce swollen eyes.

    • I hear you, i know what lack of proper sleep does to your skin and most noticably under eyes and unwanted under eye bags and unfortunately, it`s where people look at when they talk to you

  2. I like the idea of relaxing with cucumber or green tea bags on my eyes – and the added bonus is it can reduce those nasty eye bags I have. I think my eye bags are mostly due to genetics but they are getting worse with aging. Will check out some of the products recommended in this article.

    • Thanks Stephanie, as we get older everything starts to go south including our eyes and that`s why we should try to keep under eye bags under control

    • Hi there Hilary, I do have to deal with allergies from time to time and every time my under eyes,eye lids and my whole face will swell so bad,for my face, i will use ice and for my eye area, I use cucumbers.

  3. This is a problem I’ve experienced and am still experiencing. I didn’t try anything to solve it, though. My mother used to put cucumbers on her eyes, and I remember I read somewhere about black tea as a remedy. Mostly I think my issue is due to many hours in front of my laptop and the lack of sleep.

    • LOL don`t get me started, time infront of the computer has take over my social life. Cucumbers are a brilliant relief for swollen eyes, its it, it works.


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