Home Remedies For Wrinkles That Work In No Time

You do not always need store-bought beauty products to look good or deal with skin conditions, there are home remedies for wrinkles that work well and cost close to nothing.

Selenium can be used as a preventive measure for wrinkle treatment as it is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the skin before they cause damage hence restores any elasticity the skin may have lost from aging.

Copper is also an important mineral that can be used to form collagen, elastin, and form as support and structure. It’s not advised to consume copper because it’s only needed in a small amount, but a cream containing copper peptides helps to improve the skin’s clarity, decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and photodamage, according to WebMD.
Zinc is also important if you tend to have breakouts or acne as it clears skin and tames oil production. It also helps heal acne scars or lesions that have already formed.
Oils; Coconut Oil In Jar to Prevent Wrinkles
Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and can free one from the formation of free radicals that are one of the immediate causes of premature old aging.
It’s a nature-oriented skin-softening moisturizer and contains emollient, which helps lessen wrinkles that have already developed.
Apply into your skin each night before sleeping time to help get rid of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while at a subconscious state. Some people do find coconut oil to be too overpowering in the smell, but there are alternatives. Coconut oil benefits are covered more on this post.
Olive Oil
Olive oil was first used over 5,000 years ago when it was extracted from the olive tree, which Egyptians quickly adapted as a cosmetic product. It’s used more often as a moisturizer because it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and E, which also help to fight the skin-damaging free radicals.
Take a tablespoon of olive oil and massage it gently into the skin twice a day. It also works to protect against sun damage and after sun exposure.
Avoid squinting and get reading glasses;
Repetitive facial movement such as squinting overworks the muscles of the face, thus forming a groove below the surface of the skin which eventually becomes a wrinkle. You can also wear sunglasses to protect the skin around your eyes from harmful sun rays which make you squint.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.Recipes, Veggies, Healthy, Diet, Cooking
Fruits and vegetables have antioxidant compounds which fight the damage caused by the unstable molecules that can damage cells, which in turn makes the skin look younger and more radiant, and protects it against the effects of photoaging.
If like me you don`t like your greens, keep looking around trying different vegetables until you find what you like, there are so many veggies out there you will surely find what you like.
I don`t care about vegetables, but with trial and error, I`ve come to find ways to eat them without feeling that I'm eating vegetables by snacking on most instead of eating it all in one sitting.
Aloe Vera;
It has a clear gel inside it which has a wound-healing and soothing effects when applied to the skin, more so after sunbathing. Having an aloe vera plant inside your home or growing in your garden makes it more convenient and less expensive when compared to buying the gel.
This is because the leaves regrow fast soon after they have been cut or even removed from the base. Sunburns is one of the fastest ways of damaging skin hence wrinkle formation.
Therefore, the application of the gel can ease the healing process, especially with its anti-inflammatory properties.If you can`t grow Aloe vera at home, you can always buy bottled one.
The skin is a combination of proteins, water, and fats, and it needs a healthy food supply for replenishment. Almonds pack skin-plumping and hydrating fats along with vitamin E, while a powerful antioxidant helps deter Ultraviolet damage.
Blueberries have a very concentrated combination of antioxidants and collagen-protecting vitamin C. Tomatoes are also packed with vitamin C and have an important component known as lycopene, which helps protect the skin from sun damage as well as improving the vascular system to give you a natural glow.
Silky Sleep;
Satin or high thread count pillows helps in wrinkle reduction. It is recommended that you sleep on your back so as to avoid sleep lines that can get etched into the surface of the skin. Sleeping on your side increases wrinkles on the cheeks and chin while sleeping with your face-down can give you a furrowed brow.

Banana Mask;Banana, Palado, Fruit, Berry, Healthy,Home Remedies For Wrinkles
The banana fruit isn’t just good for eating, but can also be used as a creamy face mask.
Mash one banana up with a teaspoon of orange juice and a teaspoon of plain yogurt and leave it on for about 20 minutes.
The vitamin A in the banana fruit will help reduce dark spots and blemishes, while vitamin B will prevent aging, as potassium moisturizes and hydrates the skin cells.
Vitamin E on its part fights free radical damage and improves the skin’s resistance to Ultraviolet damage.I have an earlier post on at home age spots and wrinkle removing here if you missed it.

Egg White Mask To Prevent Wrinkles; 

This may not sound very nice but mix one egg white with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey to reap the antiseptic and antibacterial benefits of honey along with the astringents in lemon juice used to fight off bacteria.
Those with oily skin can benefit much from the powerful ingredients in the egg white which helps to tighten and shrink pores as it reduces excess sebum or the oil secretion from the pores.
 Egg whites also have proteins for growth and repair of tissues.
It also has potassium which preserves moisture in the skin cells, riboflavin which helps to eliminate toxins and free radicals that cause wrinkles as well as magnesium, which slows down the aging process Read my earlier post here if you missed it. Egg whites also have lysozyme, which digests the walls of cells which host acne-causing bacteria.
Drink a lot of water;Bottle, Mineral Water, Bottle Of Water,Home Remedies For Wrinkles
Moisture is important for the maintenance of a healthy skin as well as getting rid of the body toxins. When your skin is properly hydrated, it looks healthy and radiant.
However, drinking water does not have an immediate effect on your skin but is important for the long-term health.
This means that it offers few short-term gains to your skin. It is, therefore, important that you drink eight glasses of water daily to help your body and skin over time.

Gentle Facial Massage To Prevent Wrinkles;

Give yourself a massage by using your index and middle finger, on one hand, to massage between your brows. This will make the skin smooth and relax the muscles from making unnecessary micromovements which can cause wrinkles, especially from tension and stress.
Avoid smoking as it increases the rate of aging of the skin. Even if you have been a long-term heavy smoker, giving up the habit will help slow down the current rate of aging of your skin.
Avoid much contact of the skin and sunlight;
The more the skin is exposed to the sun the faster it will age. Protect your skin by wearing hats, protective clothing and sunscreens like Neutrogena face shield oil-free sunscreen if you prefer not to use oily sunscreens to help reduce the damage caused by sunlight and consequent development of wrinkles.
In as much as sunlight is an important source of vitamin D for humans, a huge number of experts today recommend a healthy balance of exposure of the skin to sunlight. It is, therefore, important that you avoid excess sunlight.
Hope you will try some or all of these and let me know what works best for you. If you like my post, please go ahead and share with your friends on social media.

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  1. When I first started reading your post I noticed that the ingredients that you recommend to help with wrinkles which are of course on the outside of our bodies are often the same ingredients that we use to be healthy on the inside.
    As a person who works in the beauty industry I have often time noticed that. Ingredients like Aloe etc. I knew Aloe was great for your insides. But it is also great for your skin!!!
    But not until I read your post with all of these great ingredients and a focus on eating well did I really get that.
    Thanks for the education!


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