Do You Know Which Makeup Brushes You Really Need?

For flawless makeup, you will need the right facial makeup brushes with the right makeup products. In this article, we will be looking at what brush to use when to help your makeup appear professionally done without a professional makeup brush set or the price tag.

If you have had professional makeup done before, then you know how a makeup artist will open her makeup brushes bag and just produce the right brush for the right job.

At the end of this article, you will be able to use the right makeup brush and achieve better results with your makeup without having to visit a professional makeup artist.

The right makeup brush for the right job makes a big difference.With the right Makeup brushes, you achieve better results as you can better work with the right amount of makeup.

Buying The Right Makeup Brush

When buying makeup brush, be sure it`s made of synthetic fibers, they are easy to clean, are odorless, and works well for people with animal hair allergies, not only that, you`ll use the brush knowing no animal had to suffer for you to use the brush and, synthetic makeup brushes help you achieve best results. Check Amazon Top Seller Makeup Brush Here.

Foundation makeup brush.

Beauty Junkees Flat Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush

Flat and broad and lets you apply your foundation more easily and you need less foundation compared to using your fingers/hands.

To get the best of your brush, put a little amount of foundation on the back of your hand, this way, the foundation will be slightly warmed from your body temperature, as a result, it makes it easy to apply.

Using the brush, start applying foundation from forehead working your way downwards and outwards continuing to the chin.

Always remember not to overload, apply sparingly, you can add a bit more if you feel the need, still not satisfied? you can then use concealer.

Powder Brush

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The largest among makeup brush set, you should use this for loose or pressed powder. Pressed powder is always easier to use than loose powder but it`s what you prefer, mess around, play with your loose and pressed powder to find what you like best.

To get best results when using a powder brush, before applying powder, shake the brush gently to rid of any excess and help the powder to evenly spread.

Blush Brush

Blush makeup brushes are usually smaller than powder brushes. You will easily know it because it`s angled to make application easy and to achieve more defined lines. Blush brushes also have longer handles than powder or foundation brushes.

Eye Makeup Brushes and Their UsesMakeup brushes

We are going to look into four eye makeup brushes that are a must in your makeup brush set if you want to achieve that wow factor look.

The first brush, which is the larger one of the eye brushes is for the lids, usually using a lighter color.

The second brush is also for the eyelids, using a color of your choice and allows you to have control over how much shadow you put on and how deep the color is.

The 3rd rounder brush is a smudge brush, it allows you to achieve defined lines, can also be used to shape eyebrows.

The final brush can be used for anything, leaving you with a light and beautiful shadow. You can use eye makeup brushes to touch up delicate places.

Lip Makeup Brushes

A lip makeup brush is a must-have if you want to apply your lipstick and have it looking precise and flawless, not only that, using a lipstick brush makes your lipstick last longer.

To get the best out of your lipstick brush, dampen the tip before every use, this way you will need less lipstick as dry bristles have to absorb lipstick first, with a damp brush, little lipstick will go a long way.

Makeup Brushes Cleaning tips

Makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once a week, to do this hold the brush upside down under running lukewarm water to remove makeup residue and oils.

When the water gets a bit clear, fill a little bowl with lukewarm water and a little hair conditioner( I prefer conditioner as l find shampoo leaves the bristles coarse) Swirl the brushes gently to clean.

Again hold under running water for the second time to rinse out the conditioner. When done, set on a clean cosmetic paper and let them dry. Makeup brushes are so easy to clean and you have no excuse to using dirty makeup brushes as they can make you break out in acne.

In case you`re already struggling with acne, check this post on the best cleansers for acne-prone skin now that you know how to use facial makeup brushes, it`s time to get started, make up your face with confidence.

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