Best Facial Steamer For Home Use Reviewed

A facial steamer softens the skin and opens up the pores. Facial steamers for home use should not fail in your beauty and skincare products.

Owning the best facial steamer for home use at your disposal, ready for you to use any time you want to, is a dream come true to some of us, but, not enough to guarantee you that perfect skin treatment with perfect results.
You have to know how to use the kit which is simple really, you can’t go wrong with a facial steamer even if it’s your first time using it.

This post will help you choose the best facial steamer for home use that meets your needs. But first things first.

What is a Facial Steamer?

A facial steamer is a great way to help you get rid of your skin issues. A steaming machine produces a warm mist that can target clogged pores, breakouts, and more with just one use!

A Facial Steamer works by emitting heat from an engine which travels through water being pumped up onto the wand below it before falling back down.

This process repeats continuously so there’s always enough pressure moving around inside this small device.

Using a facial steamer is an easy and effective way to remove dirt from the pores of your skin.

The warm mist produced by these devices creates targeted heat that helps kill any unhealthy cells on contact, leaving you with clearer-looking features!

Using a facial steamer makes it easier to remove the dust, dead skin cells, excess oil, and grime stuck in the layers of skin.

Facial steaming opens your pores, allows products to penetrate deeper, and the result is clean, clear, and healthier skin.

Best Facial Steamers For Home Use

There are two types of steamers you can use at home, Nano facial steamer and Ozone facial steamer.

Nano Steamers when heated generate nano ionic steam that gets vaporized and as the hot vapor hits your face, the clogged pores open up making it easy to remove blackheads and other skin debris.

Ozone facial steamers are mostly used in salons as they are mostly bulky for home use. With Ozone steamers, when switched on and the water is heated, ultraviolet light releases steam to deeply clean your face opening up clogged pores.

What I love about these steamers is that they will automatically turn off/not start when water is too full or not enough, making them safe and beginner-friendly (not that there is anything complicated about using a face steamer).

What Is The Best Facial Steamer To Buy?

If you are going to buy a home use facial steamer, I’m sure you`ll want the best in improving circulation and get your skin ready to absorb moisturizers and serums you use on your face.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on professional treatments anymore.

A good face steaming device for home use can be bought for less than $30 so it`s worth investing in one.

Save money by using at-home facial steamers. These steamers are convenient and easy to use.

Even if you`ve never used a facial steamer before, you`ll have the results you want.home use facial steamers to unclog clogged pores

How Facial Steamers Work

Facial steamers, be they professional or home use, are made with a mechanism that heats water(just like you`d heat water in a pot).
Every facial steamer has a water chamber and a mask.

For home use facial steamers, this is enough, but for professional use(salons and spas) there are more advanced features like a steamer with a mist or oxygen-infused steam.

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Nano facial steamer for home use

Since we are about home skincare products here, we are not going into spa facial steamers here, you can surely find them on some other sites.

Using a Facial Steamer

Using a facial steamer is so simple that once you`ve done it, you`ll never want to spend money on facial steaming in a salon.

Whatever facial steamer you have the procedure is the same.

  1. Pour cold water into the water chamber
  2. Put the mask over the water chamber(some call it base chamber)
  3. Make sure it fits well, this is very easy to do by turning the mask to the left or right
  4. Plug your machine to the electric socket

Turn the machine on, the water will heat up producing steam(Please note that once the water has started producing steam, it’s hot so be careful).

Once the steamer is ready, place your face over the mask, press your face forward so you are pressing the sides of the mask.

If you`re steaming your face for the first time, it might be uncomfortable, it`s ok to remove your face from the steamer from time to time when it feels too hot or uncomfortable.

Steaming will open pores, remove dead skin cells that usually trap dirt, and cause acne. The heat from a facial steamer also helps boost circulation.

With open pores after steaming, your face will better absorb face creams or moisturizers you’re using.

Once you`re done steaming, wash your face clean, dry with a clean towel then apply your chosen skincare product.

Below are the best steamers according to users, quality, price and results all considered.

Panasonic EH-SA31VP Spa-Quality Facial Steam

This steamer provides the experience of a professionally done facial massage right at home. It effectively cleanses your face in just 6 minutes.

The nano-sized particles generated by this steamer permeate deeper into the skin and helps in improving the skin texture something we all want.

It is easy to use, store, clean, and maintain. The only drawback is that it is expensive and has insufficient tank capacity.

Kingdom Cares Hot Mist Facial Steamer

This steamer brings you the experience of a sauna. It can revitalize your face by removing blackheads and whiteheads.

It opens up the pores and makes it easier for skincare products to get absorbed into the skin properly.

Kingdom facial steamer can relieve sinus troubles as well. It also works as a humidifier.

This is one of the best at-home facial steamers with the pricetag just right. It makes your skin supple and beautiful.

It comes equipped with an automatic timer and is suitable for all types of skin. It has an in-built UV light that works as a sterilizer.

OKACHI GLIYA Hot Mist Facial Steamer

This steamer comes with a nozzle spray which releases strong and steady steam for even coverage of the skin. This allows the steam to penetrate deep into the skin.

It helps in improving the absorption capacity of the skin. This product comes with a mirror.

The steamer also works as a humidifier. It has an automatic shut-off. It can run for 15 minutes with a full tank. (but personally, I`ve never used a full tank)No Need For A Salon Visit

Zenpy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

This is a portable steamer that combines traditional heating methods and ultrasonic vaporizer technology for an effective facial steaming experience.

I did mention a similar facial steamer in an earlier review here so you can check that post if you missed it.

The nano steam produced by this steamer is 10 times more permeable. The nose and face attachments can help in clearing any congestion present in the nose and throat.

It also works as a humidifier, comes equipped with blackheads as well as whiteheads removal kit and the price is unbeatable.

The drawback lies with the faint rubbery smell that it emits when used for more than 15 minutes.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Pro Facial Steamer

This steamer literally airs out enlarged pores. It is designed with micro-steam technology.
The Steamer releases a mist which both hydrates as well as purifies skin complexion in just 9 minutes.

Used after exfoliating skin and before applying moisturizer or serum, it gives a boost to skincare.

Check earlier posts where I gave top exfoliating products here.

Amconsure Facial Steamer

It heats up quickly and saves time. The steamer is ready to perform in less than one minute. It transforms water into a micro-fine mist.

The mist deep-cleans the pores and removes dirt, oil, excess oil, and stubborn makeup.

It leaves a smooth canvas for absorbing skin toners, creams, as well as serums. It comes with a five-piece blackhead extractor kit. Best Facial Steamer For Home Use

Prospera Hot Mist Nano Facial Steamer
This is a multi-tasker face steaming device. It comes with a mirror.

It works as both a towel warmer as well as a room humidifier.

The hot steam produced from this device will effectively open blocked pores.

As a result, your skin is soft, as skin regeneration is faster making your skincare and beauty products penetrate the skin better.
It works on all skin types, with a maximum working time of 15 minutes before it turns off automatically, there is no chance of over steaming your face.

True Glow by Conair Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna System

When washing your face with a cleanser does not remove excess oil and dirt, you know it’s time to use a face steamer.

This steamer is easy on the wallet as well as on your skin complexion.

It smothers the pores with a warm and cleansing mist that penetrates deep into the skin and extract impurities.

If you feel like your skin could use a little bit more glow or you just want to remove the unwanted blemishes, this is the face steamer for you.

Coconbby Zorra 4 in 1 Nano Ionic Large Facial Steamer

This is the best value for money facial steamer. It has a precise temperature control system for a 30-minute steam session.

When you want a facial spa at home, without the price of a spa, steaming is one of the must-do, moisten the skin, open pores, and extract impurities with this facial steamer.

It comes equipped with extracting tools for cleaning skin pores of those pesky blackheads as well as gunk.

Pure Daily Care 3-in-1 Ionic Nanosteamer Facial Steamer
If you are looking for quality, this is the best ionic facial-steamer system that provides legitimate salon-status results for your skin.

This 3-in-1 Nanosteamer can last for up to 30 min. of silent steam time.
The charged ionic particles penetrate deep into the skin and unclog the pores by clearing up blackheads.

The device has three interchangeable settings: a facial steamer, a humidifier, and a towel warmer.

Conclusion On Finding The Best Facial Steamer For Home Use

Without a doubt, a facial steamer is a great investment.

If you are someone that is always on the go and is unable to find time to go visit the salon regularly, then a face steaming device is the best investment that you can ever make when it comes to a skincare routine.

Clogged pores are a nuisance and sometimes trying everything from nose strips to face masks to hot showers to spa treatments can prove to be completely ineffective in cleaning those pores.

That is when the facial steamers come into play. A facial steamer opens the pores using steam and deep cleans the clogged pores.

Which one of the above-listed facial steamers would you like to purchase?

Do you already have a facial steamer and how often do you use it? I know some people do use a bowl with hot water and a towel over their heads to steam.

This is just a no-no, a good steamer cost less than a single dinner at my local restaurant.

What positives do you see in owning and using your own steamer?

Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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    • Steamers are so affordable and so easy to use there is no reason anyone serious about facial steaming should not have one.
      A good facial steamer cost less than $50 so well worth spending the cash, my steamer is 6 years I think, still works as good as new and I paid just $20, with the number of steams I`ve gotten from it,the price could easily run into 4 figures in a salon just for the steaming alone.


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