Best Blackhead Suction Remover[For Home Use]

There are different types of blackhead removers that you can find online to buy. Facial blackheads can be removed in different ways such as by using a blackhead pore vacuum extractor.

Before we move on to the best pore vacuum blackhead extractors, We`ll look at what Pore vacuum suction are and if you really need one in your skincare routine as this post is more about pore suction.

But we`ll also look at some other ways of removing dark pores from home.A Blackhead Suction Remover

What`s  A  Blackhead Suction Remover?

A blackhead suction remover is a pore vacuum for the face you use to remove blackheads that are a result of clogged pores on your face or any other part of the body where you have blackheads)but blackheads usually occur on the face,neck,back and ears.

Blackhead suction remover or pore vacuums as they are sometimes known are an effective tool to help you clear congested pores painlessly from home.

Understand that this is not a one time use, pores do clog from time to time due to sweat and the products you use, so this is just a tool to help you in conjunction with your regular skincare routine.

We love using blackhead suction removal tool because it's easy to use and will save you time and money from visiting a salon as this is a tool you can use by yourself, all you need is a cosmetic mirror.

Let’s talk about all the ways the blackheads can be removed.

These products could be used for glowing skin with clean pores as clogged pores stop products from getting into your skin, you need to get pore vacuum blackhead remover to use from home.

It`s up to you to decide which type of blackhead removing products suits you.Suction Blackhead Extractor


Due to the minimal effort required in the application of the mask, it is fast becoming popular. The blackhead removal mask cleans the pores without the pain.


As the name suggests, this blackhead removal method involves the use of strips. You place it over the area and then strip it after a couple of minutes. It can be a bit painful but it is a quick and easy way to get rid of blackheads.

Manual Extractor Kits

The beauty salons and dermatologists use small metal tools to manually remove blackheads. They use these tools to open the skin pores and pull the blackheads out.

This method is highly effective but it must only be done by a trained expert or else it may lead to facial scarring and skin infection.

Electric extractors

Electric extractors make one of the most effective and innovative blackhead removal products in the form of a small handheld device. It opens up the pores and sucks the blackheads out via a vacuum.

A painless procedure that is easy to use but an expensive investment(but having said that, still cheaper than other methods). Check an earlier post on how these work

The new tools for blackhead extracting using the vacuum are rapidly taking over the market. The name facial vacuum alone is self-explanatory in a way. Although it is not as scary as it sounds.

As explained above, this is a small handheld device with a mini vacuum that literally sucks out the blackheads out of the pores.

It uses air pressure for pulling the skin up or open pores and sucking out the impurities. It is a gentle procedure.

Several YouTube videos can be found on the internet that shows the process in great detail to clarify the method. It sounds disturbing but if it takes care of the blackheads without pain then why not try it?

Suction Blackhead Extractor To Buy

  • Silk'n ReVit At-Home Microderm Device

Easy to use at home microdermabrasion device with a good value price.

It is a lightweight device that gently exfoliates the skin and removes the impurities present in the skin pores. The dead and damaged skin cells are also removed.

It visibly smoothes and lessens the scars, acne, and age spots. Its diamond peeling tips work beautifully on the skin and produce youthful and glowing skin.

The damaged cells get stored into the replaceable filter which you can replace later and can see a number of dead skin cells that just got removed.

All of this takes only a couple of minutes and the results are almost instant.

  • Beauty Star Vacuum Pore Cleaner

This medium-sized Vacuum Blackhead Remover comes with a suction power greater than the usual blackhead suction devices.

It has four suction heads with four suction levels that can be used in different parts of the skin.

The light present on the head of the machine, it is easy to see the skin while the device is on work. It can be recharged with a USB cable.

The Vacuum suction mechanism of this device work on removing blackhead, deep cleaning the pores, treats acne, pimple skin treatment, the dry, sagging skin, and wrinkle, rejuvenates the skin, treats the dull skin and reduces skin hyperpigmentation.


  • New Blackhead Vacuum Suction Remover Machine,

This is a multifunction peeling diamond facial massage device for microdermabrasion and relaxation.

A small, lightweight, and easy to use at home handheld device which is convenient and portable.

It has diamond tips with different degrees of thickness. The variation in thickness is for treatment of the skin in different parts of the body.

The small diamond tips are for sensitive parts, the middle thickness tips are for the face and neck and the big diamond tips are for wrinkled parts of the skin.

The treatment heads are in three different sizes. It has double filtration which is easy to clean and prevents any obstacle to infiltrate the machine interiors.

Conclusion On Best Blackhead Suction Remover

Pore vacuum suction blackhead removal devices are an effective way to pull out the blackheads from the skin pores.

They work and give better results than manual blackhead extractors, blackhead removal masks, and strips.(there is an earlier post where I covered all devices here

The only downside to this is the strength of the vacuum. Pore suction blackhead remover can be a bit uncomfortable if done wrong.

Too much suction strength can lead to pulling out natural oils from the skin along with nutrients and moisture and not just the blackheads.

You can actually end up getting bruises from it. It happens due to too much suction or too much pressure on the skin surface.

If you found value in this post, please share so others can benefit from it.Thanks.If you have a question, please leave me a message below.

37 thoughts on “Best Blackhead Suction Remover[For Home Use]”

  1. My friend always complains about her blackheads. She is as beautiful it can be but every time. “WHY BLACKHEADS”? The Suction Blackhead Extractor looks like a solution for her. Does it have any malfunctions when long time use? This is a very interesting product, glad you opened my mind to new helping products out there! Now I can show my friend something that she can finally stop complaining ! 🙂

  2. Hi there, Thanks for your in-depth article on blackhead removal appliances.
    I see they are for home usage. Which one would you recommend for a salon or spa owner to use, potentially on clients?
    As a therapist I would use the traditional comedone extactor manually, but some of these look ace.

    • Hi Tracy

      Thanks for stopping by, my posts are on home use suction extractors, sorry I can not exactly say which one will be right for salons and spas

  3. I should recommend the beauty star vacuum pore cleaner to my sister but I still need to forward this link to her so that she can decide which of the blackhead removing products suits her. I’m sure she will find this link useful. She has tried lots of products but her blackheads still remains which has made her unhappy.Thanks for sharing this article. I hope this product puts a smile on her face.

  4. I have always struggled with blackheads, and the strips are usually my go to and what I think works best for me. But I have been so curious about the electric extractors. I am just nervous about the price tag. Thank you for all of this great info, it makes shopping for the product easier and hopefully I’ll take the plunge soon and just buy one. 🙂

    • Hello Heather
      Can understand you not wanting to spend too much on beauty products, maybe there will be offers from Amazon during black friday so keep watching.

  5. I’ve tried the blackhead masks a few times and haven’t found that they work very well. I’ll have to try out one of these vacuums to see if I can get better results!

    • I`m sure you`ll like the results,the prices are not too high so well affordable even if you`re not looking to splash out.

  6. I had never even heard of an electronic blackhead extractor before! My husband struggles with blackheads every now and then, and his birthday is coming up, so this may be his gift from me. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hello Maria
      thanks for stopping by, blackhead extractor will sure not damage your skin, quite the opposite so you should give it a try.

  7. I never realized that the suction blackhead removers were so effective and so affordable!

    You’ve not only provided me with some great product reviews, but I checked out your post on the proper way of removing blackheads and facial hair. Awesome stuff! Please keep it up!

    Can these devices be used daily? Or should one focus on washing and only use this as a last resort. (Kind of worried about the potential for skin damage!)

    • Hi there, anything you do starts with cleaning your face so clean daily, you should be fine using suction remover once a week, this way, there is no chance of skin damage.

  8. I’m a man, but I am very conscious of my appearance particularly with my face. The reason is, it is the thing that you put up when you face someone, right? So, I will make it possible that my face are free from pimples, and black heads.

    I’m interested in these products. You said it is painless. What about traces like pores? What is the guarantee it won’t leave craters? In other products that I’ve used, I got disappointed because, even if the black heads are removed, they are craters left!

    • Suction blackhead remover only removes the balckheads and nothing more,there will be no craters left on your face after removing black heads


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