What Is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay?

Want a skincare product that`s 100% natural with no parabens and no chemicals to deep cleanse your acne-prone skin? Have you heard of natural calcium bentonite clay?
A product that’s suitable for all skin types and is affordable, a simple product that will draw out toxins from your skin. Then this post is for you.

You might be wondering why I put the Amazon user review screenshot there, it`s hard to believe that over 30,000 users rated a product so high so I wanted you to see it on your own. 

Yes, the product has over 30,000 five-star reviews from users on Amazon. Check user reviews here

What Is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay?Indian healing clay face mask

Known as the “World’s Most Powerful Facial”, it is made up of natural bentonite clay which is obtained from Death Valley in California.

Bentonite Clay has many benefits and is associated with properties like expansion and swelling.

This clay is used in some of the most exotic spas around the world. Proven to be most effective for facial as well as full-body treatments.

It is used in the detoxification of the skin in order to eliminate bacterial agents, pollutants, and free radicals.

It is also used in the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis, rashes, and eczema successfully. It offers deep cleansing of the pores.

You can literally feel your face pulsating on its application. It has no fragrance or any additive facials. No animal products either.

We`ll Look at Some of the Pros and cons of the Aztec Secret Indian healing clay facial mask as well as the benefits of using this product and see who should use Indian healing clay.

Remember we are talking about external use here because some people use it internally, something I`ll not get into. Some also use Indian clay to make DIY hair masks to treat some scalp conditions.

ProsWhat Is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

  • Skin tightening
  • Pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads are cleared.
  • Skin texture improvement.
  • Can be used for foot soaks.
  • Can be used on any skin type.
  • Clearing hormonal breakouts.
  • An effective detox.
  • Works well on problem skin.
  • Use on acne-prone skin without a problem.
  • Can be used as a spot treatment.
  • Deep cleansing of the skin.


  • An Aztec healing clay mask can be very harsh and dry for sensitive skin.
  • Not recommended for daily use as it can cause numerous negative implications.
  • Intensive washing-off process
  • Can lead to excessive redness on a sensitive skin

Who Is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay For?

This healing mask is for people with a condition as sensitive as acne(check an earlier post on acne here). Use this in places where you have deep pigmentation problems.

If you`re looking to detoxify your skin, then Aztec Indian healing clay is really recommended.

How To Use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay:

If you already understand what is Aztec secret Indian healing clay, you`ll be surprised to know that it`s so easy to use, will explain it so that I do not leave you guessing.

  • Mix equal portions of clay with apple cider vinegar or water in a nonmetal bowl.
  • Stir the mixture to form a smooth paste.
  • Apply the paste to the target areas.
  • Let it dry. Remember to not to overdo it.
  • You may experience a tightening sensation during drying.
  • There may also be slight redness of the skin.
  • When the mask has dried completely, rinse it off with warm water

In case there is some redness this is mostly not an allergic reaction, just wait for about ten minutes. The redness will disappear on its own.

Like with any product out there, always remember to make a patch test before you start using this product for deep pore cleansing of the skin.

Products Similar To Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask:

Although I can not see you not liking this affordable bentonite clay mask with no extras added, you can still try other products that are similar.
The carbonated bubble clay mask and Papaya bright Face Mask both works the same and have the same ingredient which is natural bentonite clay only they are a bit pricy than Indian bentonite clay mask.

Other Uses Of Indian Secret Healing Clay

If you have some remaining bentonite clay and wondering what to do with it, you`ll be glad to know that you can use it for body wraps and foot soaks. Natural calcium bentonite clay is also safe on sensitive skin and anyone with any skin type can use it.

Final Verdict on Aztec Indian Healing Clay:

Do you still have questions on what is Aztec secret Indian healing clay? still, thinking of more uses?

This product has more uses such as can be used for Facials, acne, body wraps, clay baths, foot soaks, chilled clay for knee packs, and to treat insect bites! Enjoy the Indian healing clay benefits in your own home.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask is an effective beauty product that removes dirt and pollutants from the skin pores and is useful for intense skin cleansing.

This product has proven more effective when used with Apple Cider Vinegar instead of water.

The vinegar allows the healing clay mask to dry faster and additionally provides the pH balancing and blemish-treating properties for which ACV is mostly known for.

Where To Buy Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay?
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask can be bought anywhere online, although there are many vendors Amazon to me is the best place to buy for reasons I mentioned in a past post like secure shopping, free shipping, return policy etc. Buy it from Amazon Here is the link:

Overall, this is a nice product. It is cheap as well as effective! The tub comes with a generous portion. Using this results in giving a silky smooth and squeaky clean skin.

Although, it doesn’t do the as deep cleansing of the pores as it promises but still leaves a relatively clear and fresh skin.

To us, Aztec secret Indian healing clay is a must-have if you`re looking for cheaper alternatives to have a clear face.

If you`re looking for more expensive products that do a better job then and are very safe then check here. But thinking back, they don`t do a better job, they just work faster.

Remember what I`ve always said,shop-bought products with chemicals in them do work faster but that does not always mean they are better.

It can be a bit harsh to use it daily, so using it twice a week or so will be advisable depending on the skin type. I must say that it is a good buy at a good price.

If you have any questions maybe about Aztec secret Indian healing clay deep pore cleansing of thinking of looking for more reviews, click here to read user reviews.

Want to share your experience? then just leave a message below. Thanks for stopping by.

9 thoughts on “What Is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay?”

  1. I swear by Indian Clay since I’ve been introduced to it a couple of months ago.

    It leaves my skin clear and fresh, but like you said, I never get a full deep cleansing to the point where I’m acne free a couple of days later. But I still enjoy the feeling and the skin quality it leaves me with!

    I use it for almost everything you mention and in addition, I use it on my hair (it makes wonderful hair masks), and I also ingest Indian Clay internally as a mild detox agent. I always make sure to drink a very good amount of water on the day I detox with Indian Clay as it can be very dehydrating.

    Thanks for the great article!


    • I have never heard anyone ingesting Indian clay, are you sure this is safe?Using Indian clay for hair as hair mask I can understand.

  2. I love going to spas so when you said this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay “is used in some of the most exotic spas around the world” you got me really interested! 🙂

    It seems pretty easy to use and the price is definitely worth a try.

    My only doubt is: I have really dry skin. Would this clay make it even drier?

    Thank you so much.

  3. Hi there. You mentioned that this clay can be used for psoriasis treatment. Do you mean that it can be applied directly onto the reddened area?

    Don’t mean to go off topic here, but I have a cousin who has this disease and it’s hard to find something that can soothe and heal her skin/complexion at the same time. Appreciate whatever info you have. Thanks.

    • Hi Cathy

      You can apply Indian clay directly to your skin, as with most uses of indian clay it`s the simplicity of it I love the most.apply the caly to the skin,wait some minutes then wash off.

  4. Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this excellent review of Indian Healing Clay, it is really appreciated,

    You mention that this product is good for psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. How should a sufferer of psoriasis go about improving their condition with the use of this product? any suggestions are, of course appreciated.


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