kelley west microderm360 spa-grade personal diamond microdermabrasion kit

The Kelley West Microdermabrasion Kit is an excellent investment in order to achieve smoother, brighter, and soft skin.

It is an easy to use microdermabrasion at-home kit which is amongst the most popular skincare products for people who want to be rid of their wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, lines and other such blemishes on the skin.
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The Kelley West Microderm360 can be one of the best microdermabrasion machines which can offer just about anything that you might need for providing care to your skin.

You are guaranteed an absolutely branded outcome from this USA imported product. You can rest assured with no replicated or counterfeited items with this one.

It is a great purchase for someone who wants regular exfoliation of the skin without having to pay high prices at the spas. The product pays for itself with its effectiveness in delivering results and by its good quality.

Kelley West Microderm360 Spa Grade Kit includes

  • Stainless steel fine surface tip for sensitive areas of the body
  • Swivel neck design
  • Small lightweight portable design
  • Coarse surface tip for the body
  • Has 2 Diamond Tips
  • Fine Surface Tip For Face
  • Coarse Surface Tip for Body
  • Comes with a complete kit of instructional manual
  • Filters
  • video tutorials
  • Comes with 2 settings: High and Low settings

How Does Kelley West Microderm360 Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit Work?kelley west microderm360 spa grade personal diamond microdermabrasion kit

The diamond microdermabrasion technology has two-speed settings that are suitable for all sorts of skin types, specifically sensitive skin areas such as the face, neck, etc.
The diamond tips work incessantly on the dead and dull skin cells and the deep vacuum suction sucks in the residue. What you`re left with is smooth youthful skin.

The suction power of this product is very high in comparison to other microdermabrasion kits.
It`s worth mentioning that Kelly West,spa-grade-personal-diamond-microdermabrasion-kit might prove a bit too powerful for some and could cause some discomfort due to the high suction power.


The suction mechanism in such machines is designed to have such high powers for cleanly removing the dead skin cells(check other ways to remove dead skin cells). While some prefer very high suction levels, others find it off-putting.

This deep vacuuming technology offers a much younger and radiant-looking skin. You can expect fewer visible wrinkles and fine lines. (just be gentle when scrubbing your face)

The Swivel neck allows you to reach the areas that are hard to reach normally. For example, the backs of your thighs, the shoulder area and the backside of the arms.

With 360 degrees movement to the neck of the device,  it can also cover those areas during treatment. Hence, providing a complete and even treatment for the skin resulting in the improvement of the skin tone.

The coarse diamond tip is suitable for working on rough patches of the skin for smoothing the wrinkles. It is an effective way to easily improve the overall appearance of the skin. The skin feels soft and even. Need to get replacement diamond tips just click the image below?

Benefits of Kelley West Microderm360

Like every other product in the market, Kelly West’s microdermabrasion machine has its positives and negatives, maybe not exactly negatives but points that could be improved. So below we`ll look at the good and not so good.

  • Easy to use
  • Head-to-Toe Microdermabrasion and Exfoliation
  • A Swivel Neck provides 360 degrees total body exfoliation
  • Visibly reduces skin imperfections
  • Fine diamond tip head for sensitive areas
  • A lightweight design
  • The stainless steel diamond tip is incredibly durable
  • Affordable
  • Last for a long time
  • Top-notch suction strength


  • Need to replace the tips(they last long so don`t worry)
  • Care needed on sensitive skin

Worth Knowing

Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin, removing the top layer of the skin.This means the new skin is sensitive to sunlight and can burn faster even if you think the sun is not as hot. Try to apply a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin.

A good moisturizer doesn`t have to cost a fortune, This moisturizer with SPF 30 is affordable and I wrote about it in detail here. 

I`m sure you`ll find the most useful if you missed it.

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