Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

Different hair extensions

Are hair extensions bad for your hair? if done properly artificial hair can improve volume and length, but done poorly,hair extensions can be damaging to your natural hair, that`s a fact. Yes, there are a lot of women who have hair extensions. But, there is something you should know before going ahead and getting them: … Read more

Best Clip In Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Best Clip In Hair Extensions For Short Hair

When it comes to artificial hair and hair extensions, there is no shortage of options as to what to choose. I think it’s safe to say you are only limited by what you are willing to spend, but there are human hairs, synthetic hair extensions, and even fake hair extensions. There is something for everyone. … Read more

Hair Toppers For Women With Thinning Hair

Hair extensions especially hair toppers come in different names. No matter what you call them, these wearable hair have to serve the same purpose cover up thinning hair and give you immediate voluminous hair. Introduction To Hair Toppers A hair topper is one of the quickest and most effective methods to add volume to your … Read more

Clip in Hair Extensions for Immediate Length and Volume

Clip in hair extensions is a type of hair addition that is clipped to human hair to improve looks, color, volume, and length of the hair. Hair clip extensions have been recently regarded as not only the fastest way to get your hair done but also one of the most trending and appreciated. Many hairstylists … Read more

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