I’m sure there are more useful and interesting bits of this site than a bit about me (Well I certainly hope so) but apparently, it’s the done thing so I will let you into some facts about me.

Like most women over 30, I dread wrinkles.But I’m here to give them a real fight and not let them win at least not in the next 20 years if I have it my way.

There are good products out there to help fight premature wrinkles and turn back the clock or if not turn it back, slow it down.

Aging process does not happen overnight so when you start your journey fighting wrinkles, don’t expect an overnight miracle, they do not exist but with persistence they work.

I’m a qualified beauty therapist and love makeup and always experimenting what can look and feel better.

Remember what I give here is advice to help you decide what beauty products to buy or how to use them.For some products, I get paid as an affiliate if you buy something, but I always give open and honest review of products I or good friends I trust have tried.