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  1. Hey, I have a question. I almost had laser treatment on my skin a couple years ago (I have brown spots) and so the technician did a test spot on my arm. The spot ended up getting burned and infected. Ever since then, I have been hesitant to do anything to my face, even though I am plagued with brown spots and wrinkles. I am 46 and really need to do something proactive, but am scared that it will either damage my skin or change the way I look.

    So, is there any chance of burning with this? It seems like you’d need a technician, or at least an expert, to do this (I know you said it was fine for home use…but just wondering).

    Also, I’ve always wondered what exactly IS microdermabrasion. Do you have another post where you give a tutorial?



    • Elizabeth, microdermabrasion machines have different heat setting so if you`re just getting started and worried of burning your skin(which will not happen) start with the lowest heat and lowest suction poser and you should be fine,once you feel confident, you can increase the suction.

  2. I used to skip all the public events even my close relatives functions due to my skin that had affected by severe acne & wrinkles. I was so desperate & lied under stress. After I found microdermabrasion, It worked like thunderstruck. I’ll confidently suggest this kit for those who affected by wrinkles, fine lines & black heads.

  3. I should treat myself with something like this for the upcoming holiday. I have been neglecting my skin lately. Thanks for sharing. Marjie

    • Thanks for stopping by. It`s ok to neglect your skin when you`re in your teens( I know I did, teens today don`t) but as you get older, your skin needs all the attention and love to stop showing signs of aging.
      Microdermabrasion machines are quite affordable and you can use it at home at your convenience, saves $$$$ compared to visiting the saloon.


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