What is Hand Sanitizer For?Kill Germs And Be Safe

Right now, the talk we hear most “is to wash your hands with soap and water, keep your hands clean”.

But what can you do if you don`t have soap and water RIGHT NOW to wash your hands? the answer is Hand sanitizers.

But What is Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers will remove germs from your hands or your working surface.

Keep reading and this post will answer your questions on how to choose hand sanitizers and which ones to look for.

Hand sanitizers are either in liquid or a gel form. Sanitizers are generally used to reduce the number of infectious agents on your hands.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are more convenient in comparison to usual hand washing with a bar of soap and water in most of the situations.

However, in certain cases, hand washing with water and a bar of soap is preferred. Some examples include: to eliminate bacterial spores, parasites, and certain viruses.

Sanitizers are generally more effective and better tolerated than handwashing with a bar of soap and water. Still, hand washing must be carried out regularly.

Washing hands regularly with soap and water is recommended by the CDC.

It kills germs as well as remove chemicals from hands. A hand sanitizer can also help in killing germs.

There are two types of hand sanitizer gel:

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizer

What is Hand sanitizer?your answer to when you need to clean your hands and you have no soap or waterThey can reduce the number of germs quickly and effectively. However, they do not eliminate them all.

The alcohol-based hand sanitizers are effective in rendering several types of microbes as inactive.

But it has to be used correctly. 

Use an appropriate amount of sanitizer for eliminating germs.

Let it dry before wiping it off to let the sanitizer do its job efficiently. Cover all areas of your hand while rubbing sanitizer on hand.

Hand sanitizers with at least 60-90% of alcohol concentration are more effective than the sanitizers with low alcohol concentration as well as alcohol-free hand sanitizers.

Swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitizers can cause alcohol poisoning so beware of it.

Keep away from the reach of children. Hand sanitizer is also used as a type of drug by some so be mindful of that as well.

Some Hand Sanitizer Facts And Myths

  • Hand sanitizers were developed by an Ohio company named GOJO(read more about Gojo here). It was founded in the 1940s as a manufacturing unit for special soaps to be used by industrial and factory workers.
  • In the ’90s, after a company executive read about increased infection risk in hospitals caused by ineffective hand-washing, GOJO debuted Purell. It was an instant hand cleaning product.
  • Hand sanitizers have 63% of ethanol which is highly effective in killing almost 100% of germs.
  • In 2004, Purell became an international product. It was acquired by Pfizer in 2004 and then by Johnson & Johnson in 2006. In 2010, the rights were bought back by GOJO. 
  • Hand sanitizer is mostly comprised of different forms of alcohol as already pointed out and that makes it inflammable. Check this in detail PDF document.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not create super germs.
  • Hand sanitizers work on the phenomenon of friction. The alcohol-based sanitizer has 65% of alcohol and its boiling point is very low. When you rub it on the palm of your hand, or in between the fingers, the friction causes heat to generate. The generated causes the alcohol to evaporate and with it other particles with germs.
  • Hand sanitizers cannot cause antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are ingested while sanitizers are not. They operate differently. 
  • There are different kinds of germs. Hence, they may require different midwives to eliminate them.  
  • Hand sanitizers kill both illness-Causing (transient) as well as good germs (resident). Resident germs are capable of growing back so no harm caused.  
  • Hand sanitizers are of two types: alcohol-free and alcohol-based. They have a different formulation.
  • No Triclosan is present in alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not cause skin dryness.

Check the best-seller hand sterilizers  on Amazon

Listing Top 5 Hand Sanitizers

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Sanitizer

One of the best rated alcohol-free hand sanitizer. This is a kid-friendly sanitizer.

This one is for those that are looking to get rid of germs. It is non-drying and free of fragrance.

It does not exacerbate problem skin. If you`re looking for something compact and travel-size hand sanitizer can go for this. It comes highly recommended. 

Solimo Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E and Aloe

This is less expensive with good value. This a non-sticky hand sanitizer and due to having Aloe it prevents hands from drying. 

PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes

One of the best hand sanitizing wipes. These wipes are not overly perfumed and do not cause skin dryness. 

Wet One’s Antibacterial Hand Wipes

One of the best travel size disinfecting wipes. They come in the theme package. 

Germ-X Hand Sanitizer, Aloe, Pump Bottle

One of the best hand sanitizer with aloe. This aloe version sanitizer leaves behind a nice scent.  The green aloe is gentle on skin, keeps it soft, and prevents drying. Start Using Hand Sanitizer Gel


Now the bad news is that offline and online stores have run out of hand sanitizers and facial masks at the time of this post.

You can read more from nytimes.com to understand why these commodities are no longer at your local shop or online.

Although hand sanitizer was developed for healthcare environments, we`ve come to rely on it to remove household germs, cleaning surfaces, to prevent the spread of dangerous germs.

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The good news is that you can create your own Hand sanitizers, at the comfort of your home using products you already have at home, and if you don`t have them, you can get them here. 

Use it in the office, at home, in the car, school or other places where you need to clean your hands quickly.

Get a small container(the type you need for your gels and creams when passing through airport security) travel-size hand sanitizer container will make it easy to have your sanitizer at hand every time you need it.

Don`t worry about needing some special skills as you don`t,  I created my own sanitizer using this simple step by step guide that I found here.Time To Start Using Hand Sanitizer Gel

It`s worth mentioning that making your own hand sanitizer needs just 3 products.

As said, most of these products are probably already in your pantry shelves.

Another positive is that you can choose to make alcohol-based sanitizer or nonalcohol hand sanitizer for the young ones.

Conclusion On Hand Sanitizers

Hand Hygiene is an important hygiene practice and hand sanitizers play an important role in it. 

The practice of hand sanitizing involves washing your hands with a bar of soap and water and dry it out.

Then take a coin-sized drop of hand sanitizer and rub it all over. Let it dry as well.

Keep your hand sanitizers in a compact container and carry anywhere. It will keep you germ-free and hence reduces the chances of infections.

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  1. finding a good article does not come by easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and bringing up an article to help others with good information like this. one problem we have now is the shortage of hand sanitizers in the stores. we need to start making our own

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Making hand sanitizers on your own is easy so not having sanitizers in the stores should not be an issue at all. Anyway, it`s not that the stores ran out, but there are misinformed/greedy business people who took advantage of the situation we have now then went out and cleared the stores so they could sell the items online at crazy prices on auction sites like Amazon.

      Luckily, Amazon saw them for who they are and banned hand sanitizers being sold overpriced on the site(for now).

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    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      thanks Sabrina

      I`m just worried you might not find hand sanitizers from online stores for now, most stores like Amazon and eBay ran out of stock, but you can create your own hand sanitizer, easy to make and the ingredients you likely already have at home.

  3. Your guide is very helpful for everyone. While reading I know that Hand sanitizers work on the phenomenon of friction. The alcohol-based sanitizer has 65% of alcohol and its boiling point is very low. When we rub it on the palm of our hand, or in between the fingers, the friction causes heat to generate. The generated causes the alcohol to evaporate and with it other particles with germs.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have your hand sanitizer on the ready so as to keep your hands disinfected and sanitized any time you need to.

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