What Causes Premature Gray Hair?And Best Treatment

Besides unwanted wrinkles and fine lines, hanging facial muscles and the tired worn down look, another sign of aging is graying hair but what causes premature gray hair?

Gray hair can happen at any age but usually in mature men and women.We are going to look into what causes premature gray hair and look at the best ways to deal with it.

Not a lot of people are thrilled with gray hair, although most will state otherwise, you`ll find that when/if they have an important occasion, they will have the grays colored and dyed.

This explains why there are a lot of anti-aging and hair color treatment products out there. Hair color came to the markets long before there were anti-aging products and Synthetic hair color has been since 1907 read more here.

With fast advances in science, gray hair dyes are today more advanced and there are great colors out there to make you achieve the look you want.

If you feel like being different and having bright blue hair color or if you feel green hair is for you, it`s all in the market.

There are different ways of coloring premature gray hair, Permanent hair coloring, temporary hair coloring and alternative hair coloring where natural ingredients are used.

What Causes Premature Gray Hair? Premature Gray Hair
There are few methods that could be used in getting rid of gray hair. Gray Hair Treatments for premature graying hair could be categorized into the following basic approaches

Cosmetic Treatments

Hair Dying is the most advantageous, most basic and the most seasoned way to deal with treating silver hair.

Hair colors are defined so that the atoms could infiltrate through the hair cuticles without causing cuticle or skin damage or coloration.

While most hair colors utilize chemicals in their recipes, the most well-known and mostly used is ammonia.

There are also hair colors that use vegetables for individuals who have concerns with applying colors with chemicals on their hair.

Henna and sage are the best cases for these, just be informed, henna is messy to handle but on the plus side, it does not damage hair.You can learn more about henna here.

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Medical Treatments

What gives the hair shading is the sum or the centralization of melanin that is available in the body.

Melanin gives skin shading and in addition hair shading. It is likewise a determinant of whether an individual will tan or burn in the sun.

The production of melanin in the body reduces as we age. The motivation behind restorative medicines for turning gray hair is to invert the backing-off procedure of melanin.

Medications are connected to invert the depigmentation a percentage of the medications utilized are Auxins, Imatinib Mesylate.

These medications are constantly apportioned by qualified doctors as others may bring about symptoms, are not economically accessible or are actually medicines that were initially planned for different diseases.

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Use of Topical Nutrients

The accompanying is generally acknowledged topical arrangements that are connected to enhance the supplements that the hair gets and battle against turning gray hair. Some of these is antiquated cures and are demonstrated trough time.

Eugenol Oil-

  • Applied topically, the dynamic elements of eugenol oil originate from cloves. Eugenol oil has shown to restore the Color of the hair.So you know, Eugenol oil is a component of balsam of Peru to which some people are allergic.Read more on balsam of Peru here.

Amla Oil

  •  Amla Oil was traditionally used in India for hair loss, Amla Oil is applied directly by rubbing the scalp.This oil reinforces the follicles of the hair, encourages pigmentation and hair development.


  •  Has long been utilized by the Chinese and Japanese to avoid turning gray of hair.


Superoxide Dismutase

  •  Are aggravates that are regularly found in hair gels to ensure against turning gray of the hair.

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  •  Omega 3 are hostile to oxidants that battle against corrupting the cells. Omega-3 gives sustenance to the hair follicle to battle against untimely turning gray.So if you have not yet started using Omega 3shampoo then you should.


  •  Melanin is naturally produced by the body but as you age, you produce less melanin and your hair starts to gray due to reduced melanin, you can increase melanin by increasing the proteins you eat.


  • When joined with alpha-hydroxyl corrosive are capable operators that give back the hairs common shading. There are likewise a few supplements for the hair that could be taken orally.

They could be in a blend with different medications or are their fundamental fixings. These oral medicines could come as cases and tablets. Some of these are vitamin 12, Minerals, Biotin, folic corrosive, Para – Aminobenzoic Acid, and Inositol.
Whatever method you chose, remember that to make the results last longer, you need to take care of your colored hair and maintain in the best you can, here are some tips to help


Premature graying hair is easy to control either by permanent or temporary coloring your hair for occasions, you can have it done at a salon or you can easily color your hair at home using over the counter hair colors and dyes.

It`s advisable to read hair coloring side effects before you color your hair, things like hair breakage, skin irritation or skin discoloration can occur when applying hair color.

Have different ideas how to remove premature gray hair? I would like to hear it.If you`d like ways to remove women`s facial hair, there is an earlier post that you should read here.

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  1. Premature Gray Hair is a common problem a lot of people are coping with. Premature Gray Hair Herbal Treatment can reduce or prevent the premature onset of gray hairs. Sage and Rosemary they are one of the best herbal remedies and Herbs for Premature Gray Hair combined with hair loss.

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      Like most women, I dread premature gray hair, but when they do happen, I will be here to give them a real fight.Thanks for stopping by.


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