The Best Inflatable Hot Tub To Buy

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub To Buy

June 5, 2020

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How can you find the best inflatable hot tub? Can you think of anything more relaxing and soothing than a hot tub soak after a long day at work?

This post will cover the best inflatable hot tubs in the market, we`ll look at different hot tubs at different price ranges so you can get the best for your cash.

Hard-shell tubs are not the choices of everyone. It can be due to budget, or ease of use, or other practical reasons.

The portable inflatable hot tubs come to the rescue of the users who want to enjoy the features of spas or tubs but cannot afford space in their bathrooms, or who cannot install them at the current times.

Here is a selection of the best portable hot tubs in the market listed for you. Relax in these tubs this summer and have all the fun indoors.

Saluspa Siena Airjet 54157EOne of the best Inflatable Hot Tub big enough for two

One of the best inflatable hot tubs is the Saluspa Siena Airjet. Not just another hot inflatable, but it includes the fantastic massage system.Saluspa gives a remarkable experience to its users. The setups are smooth and never messy. There is a timer that helps in saving energy.The durable tub has enough space for 2 people, and the enjoyable water jet lets you relax and bid a bye to the muscle aches.You can also control the temperature to suit your preference.But, you need to know that for heating up, it can take some time. Also, it is quite expensive compared with the other models in the market. But, considering the features, the price tag is deserving. 

Coleman Portable Spa Inflatable 4 Person Hot TubspaBeam construction


This is Amazon Best Seller in outdoor hot tubs and Has 2066 positive 4-star rating.

Product Highlights

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 71 x 71 x 26 inches
  • Durable grab handles make transportation easier
  • Inflates using the spa`s pump so inflating should be a breeze
  • Replacement filters sold separately
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

Want an affordable and convenient spa experience with a soak at home?

A natural way to relax, relieve stress, and improve sleep is a good soak in a hot tub.

Hot tubs have been used since ancient times as self-care. You don`t have to leave your home.Create your own spa with an inflatable hot tub that you can use at your leisure.If you are planning to buy a hot tub that would accommodate your small family or all your kids, then Coleman’s portable spa is the right choice.Relieve the stress and body ache, by spending time in this inflatable hot tub. You can target particular parts of the body with the soothing bubble jets.You can easily handle this as it can be controlled with the soft-touch panel and a digitally controlled pump. Whenever you want to empty the portable spa, simply take it off with the two handles, and then drain it.Completely portable, take it with you on your vacations, or relax at home.It is easy to maintain this spa that comes with a cushioned floor. This again is a bit expensive, but not without reason.Flyskip Inflatable bathtubBest Inflatable Hot Tub for kidsSpecification:

  • Material: Sustainable PVC
  • Outer Sizes: 63 x 33 x 25″ / 160 x 84 x 64 cm
  • Inner Size: 49.2 x 19.7 x 16.5″ / 125 x 50 x 42 cm
  • Keeping Warm Time: About 1 Hour
  • Water capacity: 220 lb.
  • Applicable User: All adults

Function Description:This is one of the hot inflatable bathtubs that have multiple uses. Place it in the backyard and let your children or your spouse enjoy the weekend.The tub can hold 250 gallons of water and can be used by 2 adults and up to 3 kids. Let your toddler discover a new playground in this hot tub.You need to warm this for an hour, to enjoy the warm water and the bubbles, with the electric power.It comes with a cup holder and comes handy if you like to have your cocktail while soaking yourself in this bathtub.Enjoy any entertainment, and fold it with ease when you need to store it. The Best Inflatable Hot Tub To Buy

Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa

This bubble massage spa lets 4 people use it. This easy to maintain hot tub has an adorable feature of the hard water treatment system. So, do not worry about using different water on the skin. It comes with an insulated cover, which is meant for locking the heat of the water when no one is using it. Also, this is a safety feature for users. It has a 210-gallon capacity, and around 6 people can use the bubble massage spa hot tub at the same time. The other features use thermal ground cloth and a heating system.If it`s your first time buying an inflatable hot tub, let not the large size fool you, there are no seats inside hot tubs like in a standard spa. They’re designed with a padded floor, so bathers will sit on the bottom.

But let this not turn you off, you can always buy extra padding and place them at the bottom of the hot tub, there are these little cute nonslip hot tub stools.Rubbermaid RM-P2 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool with Non-Slip Step Treads 300-Pound Capacity The product has over 1835 five star Amazon ratings

You may also purchase seats or extra padding to place on the bottom of the spa if you wish.

Vanish Spa 6 Person Hot Tub

When you do not want to maintain the traditional spa, but you don’t want something as permanent as a standard hot tub and still want to enjoy its goodness, then a Vanish portable spa is there for you.

This portable spa is easy to manage and sends out air jets of water, which can be up to a temperature of 104 degrees.

This spa-quality but portable hot tub provide essentially the same experience as a standard spa, without requiring permanent fixtures to your home or property. You can set a Vanish spa almost anywhere flat. Best Inflatable Hot Tub To Buy

Please note that this is not Vanish spa but I just love the image more but the link above will take you to Vanish Spa”

The tub comes with the matching cover, (we`ll get at the importance of hot tub covers below)and it is a really soothing picture to get inside this tub and get rid of the sore muscles and stress of the entire week. There are no complicated controls and designs, It is simple to install and very easy to make use of.Bestway Helsinki AirJet Hot Tub, Bubbles MassageThis hot tub model treats hard water, and hence you can sure the water is gentle on the skin. If you want to ease the muscles after a tiresome day or want to relax, the hot tub helps to calm yourself. You can change the temperature of the water with no hassles with the digital control panel. It can withstand corrosion and wear and tear, thanks to the high-quality material, the product is made of. You can install or set the tub with ease, and there is no need for a professional required to help you install it. It has a compact design and adds to the ambiance of your home. 

Inflatable Hot Tub Negatives

Some Noise

  • Not everyone has enough space in the backyard to set up an inflatable hot tub, so if you set up your inflatable hot tub indoors or in a small, enclosed space, it might be a bit noisy. It`s a small price to pay for that luxurious spa feeling (to me) and to be honest, most inflatable spas are not as loud as you may think. The noise is mainly during setup.

Go Plus Inflatable Hot TubThis is the hot tub meant for the smooth floors of your home. It has a hard water treatment system and works even in limited space.The temperature can be controlled with an automated system without any troubles. The filtration system is easy to maintain, and it is also easy to assemble with no professional tools needed as it comes with all the required materials.How to Set Up An Inflatable Hot Tub

I did just a general setup because most inflatable hot tubs are more or less the same basic to set up, and if there is a difference, then it’s very minimal depending on your tub.

Choose location

This should be:

  1. Near an outlet plug(or use an extension)
  2.  Enough space in case water splashes out
  3. An area with good ventilation

Once you`re ready and know where your inflatable hot tub will be and you`ve removed your tub from the packaging.

Start by spreading the protective ground pad that comes with your inflatable hot tub on the ground(where the tub will be).

Put the tub on top of the pad and start inflating. Install the filters in place and close the tub drain.

Your tub should be ready and it`s now time to start filling your tub with water.

Heating an Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tubs use electricity to heat the water and to create the massage system. To enjoy your hot tub without overspending on electricity bills, there are ways of keeping these costs to a minimum.

Below are easy to follow tips on keeping your inflatable hot tub at the right temperature without overspending.

1-Insulate The Bottom Of Your Inflatable Hot Tub.

Avoid heat loss by making sure the ground underneath your hot tub is not cooler than that of your tub temperature which ideally should be 104°F. Unsure how heat is lost in uninsulated hot tubs then read this post that explains more about Methods of Heat Transfer. Hot tubs are usually well insulated, but you can still keep down your electricity bill by adding more insulation to stop the heat from escaping.

2-Cover Your Inflatable Hot Tub When Not In Use

 As soon as you finish with your inflatable hot tub, it’s important to cover it to prevent heat from escaping. Most inflatable hot tubs come with the right size insulated cover to keep the heat in. You`ll be surprised at how much you`ll save once you make a habit of covering the hot tub whenever not in use.

3. Fill Your Inflatable Hot Tub With Hot Water

As weird as it sounds an easy way to save money is to fill your inflatable hot tub from a hose with hot water from your household supply.It is cheaper doing this than filling the whole hot tub with cold water then turning the heat on to heat up the water for the first time.It`s safe and easy as 1,2,3 

  • Pour  a thin layer of cold water before adding the hot water, the cold water, just enough to cover the floor of your hot tub
  •  Inflatable hot tubs take up to 24 hours for the water to be heated to 102°F for the first use, so it makes sense to help speed up the process
  • Later you can warm the hot tub normally.

Conclusion On The Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

Although I do concentrate more on skincare, skincare products, and microdermabrasion machines.

I felt the need to share something different this time because which woman would not like relaxing in a bathtub, bringing that spa feeling home?

It`s a one-off, most of my posts will still be about skincare.

You can find the inflatable hot tubs possessing all the needs you see in the traditional bathtubs. Choose from the full range of options to choose your prerequisites and wallet. 

Do you find this guide to buying hot tubs useful? You can post the suggestions and reviews about these hot tubs or recommend the best brand that you find the best!

Or if you know someone that may benefit, please do share with them on the social media of your choice.


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