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We live in an era that offers both traditional ways of removing wrinkles as well as some contemporary formulations that have been developed after detailed studies on skins.

Even so, the best wrinkle remover may not work for every skin type so find what works best for you.

Moreover, you may expect wrinkle remover to do more than just remove wrinkles, whereas one might use different creams and solutions for their other skin and age-related problems.

Since criteria differ from person to person, what may be the best wrinkle remover may not be such for you.
It follows that you need to have a way to determine what you need from your wrinkle remover.

Removing Wrinkles With Some Lifestyle Changes 

Age is not essentially the only factor causing wrinkles.
Age does reduce fat in the skin, which reduces oil there, responsible for water retention and suppleness.
Skin also starts losing elasticity with age.
Here is a list of what you can do to prevent those wrinkles from coming on your face or body.
  • Don’t smoke
Smoking makes you look older faster because it affects collagen, which is the protein that cements the cells.
  • Ultraviolet radiation
Avoid going out in sun, or if you have to, use creams with sunscreens such as SPF 30 and SPF 50.
Note that the effect of these creams does not last for long so you have to re-apply them every hour or so. Ultraviolet rays also affect collagen.
  • Don’t frown
The deep furrows on your forehead are harder to remove once the skin starts losing its natural oils and elasticity. So
frowning, and using expressions that are likely to make those wrinkles surface and become prominent is not advisable.
We cannot avoid smiling and laughing, and those expressions also cause those lines. But we can certainly use the right glasses and in time to prevent the crinkling of eyes and furrows on the forehead.
  • Dieting
Dieting has its drawbacks. You can diet but watch out. If you do it rapidly, you are going to get wrinkles.
  • Decrease sugar intake
Sugar and collagen are sworn, enemies. You can either indulge your taste buds or pamper your skin. Sugar intake affecting your skin is better explained at clinicalkay.com

Criteria for deciding which wrinkle remover is the best

Here is a list of criteria that can help you decide whether the wrinkle remover you are using is really worth it.
Of course, you are welcome to add a few more qualities to the list. But in general, people look for these qualities.
Product Details

Ability To Remove Wrinkles

This is one of the essential qualities of any wrinkle remover if you are looking at that. How would you know it works? Perhaps somebody recommended it to you, or you read reviews about the product.
Read my earlier post on anti-wrinkle product reviews they work and how to decide what to buy if you rely on reviews.
It could also be your dermatologist, who advised it to you. It is highly advisable to consult a dermatologist to
determine the solution for more stubborn wrinkles.
Wrinkle-removing creams and cosmetics usually manage to reduce them rather than remove them. Some of these wrinkle removers are for stubborn wrinkles like the frown lines on the forehead.
That is why your dermatologist would help you to know the nature of your wrinkles and the extent of damage your skin has sustained.
Suitability to skin
You know your skin is different when compared to others. If the prime ingredient in one's wrinkle remover works beautifully for them, it is not guaranteed that it would work for you too, or not lead to some adverse side effects.the best wrinkle remover in the market to remove signs of aging includingage spots
Even the skins of siblings may differ in how they react to the same ingredient.
You may be working outdoors more than others, which results in more skin damage when compared to them, or you may be working near stoves more than you.
All these factors affect the skin, and how these ingredients react.
Most wrinkle-removing products come in smaller packaging so that people can try them, and confirm their suitability to their skin.
Time for achieving the desired effect
This is one of the most frequently asked questions and, naturally, you would want the results to be achieved at the earliest.
However, you should weigh it against any side reactions, and lasting effects, apart from costs.
Long-lasting effect
Some of the wrinkle removers remove or hide wrinkles for a few hours, whereas others help in reducing wrinkles for a few weeks or months.
You would need both if you are just starting to use the product offering long-lasting effect.
Prevent wrinkles in the future
You don’t want the wrinkles to return or new wrinkles to the surface, even if you go out in the sun.
The question you need to ask yourself in such a situation is "Will my wrinkle remover prevent wrinkles in the future?".
Easy to use
Many of the anti-wrinkle treatments are laborious, and only beauty parlors can do such tasks. Others may expect you to follow some routine.
You would be better off is you selected a product or treatment that is easy to integrate into your regular routine rather than adding another routine, which you may not manage to do with required regularity.

Does not react with ingredients of any other cosmetic or medicines you are using

At times, your wrinkle-removing cream may not be at fault and neither would any other cosmetic product.
However, there is a possibility that reactions between the two can be bad or nullify the effect of the wrinkle remover.
This is the reason you should consult your dermatologist as well before using some
  • Does not cost a fortune You should be able to afford it, and afford using it for as long as needed rather than using it once or few times.
Somebody you know or heard of has tried it
While another person’s skin may not match with yours, it can help to know the effectiveness and ascertain whether it is effective or not based on such comparative analysis.

Traditional wrinkle removers

The general trend is to accept that the traditional wrinkle removers are the best wrinkle removers around. But you and I know better.
In the past, they did not have as much information about skin, hair, and compounds as we now have.
They did not think that food intake can affect the skin’s look, or that excessive exposure to the sun was quite often responsible for those wrinkles and lines.
That said, some of the traditional wrinkle removers do deserve to be classified as the best wrinkle removers around.
That said, some of the traditional wrinkle removers do deserve to be classified as the best wrinkle removers around. Andrea at frugallysustainable.com has written a long post on homemade anti-wrinkle solutions here.

The Mostly Used Traditional Wrinkle Removers

Vitamin C
This is easy to procure and in your kitchen, there would be some waste that can be creatively used for removing wrinkles. Sunlight and air are the enemies of this vitamin.
Tea extracts
This is also an easy-to-procure and less expensive remedy for wrinkles. The “antioxidant” properties in this are for treating those wrinkles.
The added benefit from these extracts is their anti-inflammatory properties.
Extract from grape seed
You would never have thought of this but it does work quite like tea extracts and what a wonderful way of utilizing the waste.
It helps in healing any wounds as well. So, that is an additional quality you might consider.

Modern Wrinkle Removers

Contemporary wrinkle removers include some of the traditional ingredients but the most commonly but not limited  used Best Wrinkle Remover,Retinol Surge Moisturizer- Retinol Cream 2.5% - 3.4 fl oz w Best Natural Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Green Tea + Vitamins for Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle & Even Skin Tone & Acne Care...ingredients found in these removers are
Basically, it is Vitamin A variant but for topical application. It is a very powerful antioxidant.
This is another vitamin, Vitamin B-3 to be precise, which plays a role in reducing those dreaded wrinkles and fine lines.
Unlike most of the ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams which are either antioxidants or anti-inflammatory, this vitamin is for retaining water in the skin.
Hydroxy acids
Like Vitamin B-3, these acids (alpha and beta “hydroxyl acids”) as well as other poly “hydroxy” acids, are good for exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation means removing the “dead cells” on your skin.
By doing that, the skin gets enough oxygen. At times, accumulation of dirt and such dead cells is the cause of skin aging.
An additional advantage of these acids is that they also help the new cells to grow and the skin gets even pigmentation.
But do watch out. These are acids and can cause burns. So you might want to ensure you have some anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients as well in the selected product.
These are for healing any wounds or injuries to the skin.
Co-enzyme 10
If you have prominent wrinkles around your eyes, you should look for a product that contains this ingredient because it is quite effective in treating those wrinkles.
It is more than just some protein. It binds different cells and tissues offering them the required firmness, preventing sagging and consequently wrinkles.
Anti-wrinkles creams and lotions manufacturers have found a way to supplement this on skin, so you might want to check for it being there.
The idea behind using moisturizers is to make the skin plump. You want it plump for preventing that wrinkle there.
Best wrinkle remover is obviously a myth. There can be a new ingredient or discovery tomorrow that will make the product that is effective today seem useless.
Regularity in using the product that has ingredients as required to address the skin problems is important as well.Many ingredients are unstable or do not blend well with other ingredients.
Some of the ingredients, such as collagen, can even be increased by eating food that is rich in it, or foods that help in increasing production of this protein in the body.
Dermatologists can help to let you know what would work the best for your skin.Just remember there is no overnight fix, just as you do not get wrinkles and crow feet overnight, you can not remove them overnight no matter what cream you use,be patient and you will see results.
You can purchase any of the creams above at Amazon by Clicking here to benefit from free shipping.
I`d like to hear what works best for you, please leave me a message below.

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