How To Get Rid Of Teen Acne Once And For All

How To Get Rid Of Teen Acne

February 3, 2018

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Teenagers and acne go hand in hand and this post will look at different ways on how to get rid of teen acne.

The quest of finding the right  teenage acne treatment that works as well as the hunt for the best acne products on the market is a never-ending one.

Almost 85 percent of teenagers have faced the problem but severity differs. Some suffer from the problem more than others.

Fingers have been pointed towards the diet of teenagers, which often consists of fried, processed foods, and chocolates.

But no medically acceptable evidence linking such teenage acne diet to avoid is available so far.How To Get Rid Of Teen Acne
Likewise, the stress of growing up and studies too cannot be really blamed for teen acne.

Hormones are in some way responsible.
Around puberty, they make the oil glands in the pores overwork.

That oil may trap dirt and clog the pores becoming the perfect culture for acne bacteria.But first we`ll need to answer some questions.

At What Age Is Acne The Worst?

Many teenagers struggle with acne, but the worst of it usually occurs between 13 and 17 years old.

No one wants to deal with acne, but the worst age is often when you’re in your teens, but this can go on until you reach your early 20s.
The age when acne is the worst also depends on a number of factors. For example, genetics plays an important role in determining how severe your outbreaks will be but then any acne is bad.
But as already mentioned, there are several treatments available in the market that can help reduce or eliminate acne lesions over time because believe me, acne do leave scars on your skin:
There are hormonal therapies for women who experience menstrual-related breakouts; retinoids (for milder cases);(anyway that`s not for here or now as this post is not about that).

Anti-inflammatory agents including erythromycin ointment which decreases swelling around pimples while preventing bacteria from spreading within pores.
But tampering with hormones to get rid of teen acne is not a good idea. Instead, the following alternatives might help in a big way.

At What Age Does Acne Go Away?

Hormonal changes during puberty make some people more susceptible than others to experiencing bad outbreaks but adult women also get spots too so

There isn't one single cause behind why certain individuals develop persistent acne while others don't have any problems at all.

According to the Mayo Clinic acne will most likely go away by age 25 if you have had little or no breakouts since your teens.
This means though that some adults are lucky enough not to experience any more of this issue past their 20s while others may still struggle with occasional flare-ups well into adulthood and beyond.
But it`s worth mentioning that in rare cases, many older individuals can still get acne breakouts even into their 40's or later.

First thing is to remain calm. It is not a smallpox mark or burns mark or stitches mark. It will go if some simple procedures are followed. The list of measures that can help include

  • Keeping Facial Skin Clean

This means washing at least twice each day. Any soap or gel that is used should be such that it does not clog the pores, and is gentle on the skin. Noncomedogenic products should be selected.

The way the face is washed also matters. Scrubbing it hard will not help, and should not be tried either as it will make a pimple burst, and spread the acne-causing bacteria more easily. Therefore, scrubbing should be as gentle as possible, and even wiping the face after wash should be done gently, almost like dabbing the face.

Over scrubbing has another disadvantage. It prompts the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, and this sebum can also block the pores.

Ideally, some cleanser should be used after washing the skin and drying it up by dabbing.

The cleanser should be carefully selected because wrong products could aggravate the condition.

Cleansers that are for oily skin should be avoided. After cleanser, it is toner then moisturizer’s turn to do some miracle.

moisturizer can be left on the skin overnight as well.

Do Not Touch Or Try To Squeeze Those Unsightly Pimples

Touching would help to spread the bacteria, and squeezing will injure the skin leaving a more long-lasting blemish that will take several years to disappear.

Picking may come naturally but needs to be avoided for the same reason. Likewise, scratching should be consciously avoided.

There are harmless ways to soothe the itching or burning acne such as using honey or dabbing with tea tree oil.

Honey is best applied as a mask and washed away after some minutes, whereas tea tree oil does not have to be washed.

In fact, tea tree oil can be applied multiple times in a day. It is available as cream as well. Concentration levels of tea tree oil in such creams should not exceed 2 percent.

There are gels too with this oil, and the concentration in them is usually about 5 percent.-Apple cider vinegar is another alternative because it can affect the pH levels, and thereby kill the bacteria causing acne.

But it needs to be diluted considerably, i.e., one part of it to 10 parts of water.-

Lime juice that is freshly taken out also serves the same function, but the dilution level depends upon skin type.

It can be allowed to dry on the skin and then washed away. It can also be applied more than once a day. Cotton balls should be used to avoid the fingers touching the skin.

  • Avoid Regular Cosmetics
  • It is difficult to know the exact nature of the ingredients in cosmetics. There are plenty of comedogenic products, which are beneficial in some way but tend to block the pores. These should be strictly avoided. Opt for products that have water-based ingredients. Like these here
    • Use “Over The Counter” Treatments

Over the counter, products have ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs such as lactic acid, and glycolic acid).

But these two should be used intelligently because some do not blend well while using the others in combination may become counter-productive.

These creams are suited for spot treatment, so they are not applied to the entire face like moisturizers.

Knowing the function that these ingredients serve and the concentration levels that are ideal for the skin goes a long way in getting rid of acne. Check an earlier post on acne facial washes.

  • Salicylic acid clears the pores, so it gets into the pores.

Ideally, its concentration level should be kept around .5 percent unless the skin can tolerate it.

The maximum concentration can be 2 percent or so. It is available as leave it on the acne treatment, so such creams can be used on acne. Alternately there are face washes with salicylic acid in them.

  • Benzoyl peroxide, on the other hand, serves two purposes.

One is it removes the oil. This is a good thing considering the fact that hormones may have triggered the skin cells to increase oil production, which blocks the pores.

They further reach the surface making the skin look oily. The oilskin does not let dirt and dead cells escape, and such grime becomes a good culture for acne-causing bacteria.

This chemical is also good for removing “the dead cells”. Concentration levels of this compound start at about 2.5 percent and can go as high as 10 percent.

  • Products containing sulfur are antimicrobial.
  • Alpha hydroxyl acids are for dead skin cells removal In addition, they cause some skin burning sensation because they are acidic in composition.

This leads to cells being regenerated with new cells being produced by the tissue, and old cells being discarded.

The new cells are better equipped to fight infections. Like alpha hydroxy acids, there are other acids such as azelaic acid which offer similar benefits.

While no clear link has been established between junk food that teenagers are inclined to consume with acne, there`s still researches on.

But, there is some evidence that suggests positive benefits with nutritional supplements such as vitamin C, E, A, omega 3, zinc, etc.

Therefore, nutritional supplements with such content may be increased till the acne outbreak subsides.

  • Using A Good Moisturizer

There is something soothing about moisturizers, which can reduce itching.

But care needs to be taken to ensure only water-based moisturizers are used instead of those with petroleum or other chemical ingredients in them.

Water-based moisturizers are good for skin as they hydrate.

Where To Buy Acne Products

All the products mentioned above are available at your local beauty shop.

If you`re shopping online, Amazon is the best place to shop as they have a large selection and you have a chance to check other users' reviews before you purchase.

Click here to view products from Amazon

Conclusion On Teen Acne :

Patience is a virtue during the crisis, and a teen might perceive an acne outbreak as a crisis because looking good is the most important thing to a teen at that age.

If you follow the tips above on how to get rid of teen acne you`ll soon have that clear lovely skin.

Therefore, developing skincare routines from childhood, which ensure that acne does not trouble the teen can go a long way in helping the teen get rid of acne and those nasty pimples before they leave scars.

Many of the routines can easily be integrated into the day-to-day routines, and offer lifetime benefits.

They are definitely worth considering as they do affect the confidence of the teen during teens as well as later years.

If you have any questions, please leave me a message, if you like this post or know anyone who can benefit, do share with them on social media.

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