Hair Extensions For Instant Volume And Length

Want to avoid thinning hair or just want Instant long hair? voluminous locks, change your hair look as often as Katy Perry? well, then you need hair extensions.

But there are so many hair extensions to choose from it can get confusing.

Although hair extensions can result in a poor wrap when they are not done properly, you will find them amazing when you have an expert styling them properly.

Hair extensions are commonly used by YouTube stars, beauty influencers, and celebrities to establish gorgeous looks. Such looks are also ideal for special occasions, including events and weddings.

Hair extensions are not just limited to celebrities, there`s a large selection that anyone can afford immediate length.

Types Of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions for immediate volume and length to any hair type

1-Tape-in Hair Extensions

It refers to hair extensions that are pre-taped and glued/taped together on any side of your hair.

Since these kinds of extensions need a heated tool that heats the glue, they should only be applied by a hairdresser.


They are also referred to as hair weaves. A hairdresser can apply by braiding your natural mane first before using a thread and needle to sew the extensions.

The process takes an extended period of time and is usually done for people who have thicker hair, but if you have a good hairdresser, anyone can have a weave on.

3-Halo Hair 

The extensions work as a full hair unit such that your hair flows from a circle-shaped and clear wire which fits around your hairline and stays put.

This extension is the easiest to style into your natural hair starting from cascading waves and a high pony.

Halo extensions are a good choice for those with thin and fragile hair.

Unlike other hair extensions that you need multiple wefts, with Halo extensions, all you need are two clip wefts.

4-Clip-in hair extensions

Inch Wine Red Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair Natural Double Weft Remy Hair Clip in Extensions

They are the lease type of permanent hair extensions that are ideal for you to add the volume and length of your hair.

You can wear the clip-in hair extensions and remove them anytime that you want.

It will take approximately 5 to 15 minutes in wearing the extensions as required. The extensions come in a strand of contoured pieces which are attached at the base with silicone or fabrics.

Types of hair used in extensions

The look of your hair extensions will depend on the types of hair which are employed to establish hair extension.

Price too will decide which hair you can have on, as prices vary from $50 up to a few hundred, depending on quality and quantity.

Below are the most common categories you can select from if you plan to shop for actual hair.

Virgin hair extensions

Refers to the type of hair which does not have bleaches or dyes. In other words, it does not have chemical or silicone preservation.

Remy hair

Refers to hair with some degree of chemical treatment. Most people seek the Remy extensions because they are single-sourced meaning they come from a single person.

Also, the hair is bundled directly after or before a cut to make sure that hair follicles lay in a similar direction. If you buy these extensions, they will offer you a natural coloration and blend.

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These extensions have a combination of material sources and types. They can be mixed or blended professionally with synthetic extensions before they reach the shops.

Although these extensions might not be a realistic option that you can use to add volume and length to your hairstyle, they do not need a huge investment.

Don`t let the word synthetic scare you off, the synthetic is such good quality(for the money) you may not notice the difference.

Now to keep any kind of hair extension in tip-top shape, there are a few things you`ll have to do after your salon visit to make sure everything looks as good the next day as it did when you left the salon.


  • Ensure that you clip in the extensions in an upside-down manner when you pull the hair into an updo or high ponytail.
  • Make sure that research concerning the kind of hair you want. In this case, you can select between synthetic and human hair. Also, the hair extensions come in different shades and lengths, even quality differ.
  • Ensure that you use products that produce specifically the type of hair extension that you have. When using an extension, you should avoid alcohol because it can contribute to hair damage.
  • Use the hair extensions box to store the artificial hair after use. Through that way, you can maintain them in their prime condition.
  • Storing your extensions well means they can last a very long time and you can use them over and over again.


  • You should not be harsh when brushing your extensions because you might contribute to damage of synthetic fiber and result in shedding.
  • You should not swim or shower with your eye extensions because you can have tangles. (but we`ll look at how to deal with tangles later)
  • Do not over wash your extensions because over washing them can dry them out, leading to a change of hair texture. However, the extensions do not produce oil like the scalp. Therefore, you should wash the extensions approximately after every two weeks or between 3 to 5 weeks(now this can be an issue especially in the summer but we`ll look at what you can do later.
  • You should not use extremely high heat when styling or drying your hairpieces.

Length Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions lengths mostly start from 12 inches and go all the way to 26 inches. Prices also differ the longer, the more they cost. When buying extensions and hairpieces remember you`ll need to trim the ends to give them a natural appearance.

Straight hair extensions usually appear longer compared to wavy or curly hair extensions because they are flat.

It’s worth noting that curly hair will appear much shorter, so you might order longer than you plan on using.

It’s also possible you might want to trim the hair once they are fixed, so getting them longer allows you to trim without losing the length you really want.

As lovely as extensions are, consider your height, they may look unnatural if they are too long.

Length of time that hair extensions last

The amount of time that you wish to keep your hair extensions plays a critical role.

In case you wish to keep them for around one or two weeks, you can select an adhesion technique that is not permanent.

Notably, the types of extension methods you select will depend on the condition of your natural hair.

For instance, if you have natural coarse and thick natural hair, you will require a different extension than another person with fine hair.

On the contrary, if your hair grows faster, you will be expected to schedule more appointments with a hairdresser for maintenance.

I can keep my hair for up to 4 weeks, but this is because I have thin but coarse hair.

These hair fixes are permanent or temporary, and they come in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

These hair come straight, curly, weave, thick, most are measured in grams or bundles.

If you have never tried a hair extension, you can try them today. They are a fun way to change your looks in a moment. You can change your hairstyle every week, short, medium, long, without having to cut your natural hair.

If All else fails

If you prefer not to have some fancy and expensive hair extensions, wigs are a way to go.

With wigs, you can choose from a variety of styles and colors. Plus they’re comfy! Find a wig that matches your current color for complete peace of mind when wearing them out on the town and not worrying of them falling off.

Wigs provide a seamless way to add length, width or volume for those in need. They’re easy but better quality than in the past and you can change your look at any time without having glue all over your head!

A wig can provide a quick and easy way to cover up your hair loss or any other cosmetic flaws.

It’s like putting on an extension, but better because it totally covers the scalp with synthetic fibers that are designed specifically for this purpose!

I`d like to deal with short hair when you want length and volume now. Do you go for cheaper synthetic extensions or do you splash out and go for better quality human hair that also lasts much longer?

8 thoughts on “Hair Extensions For Instant Volume And Length”

  1. I enjoy it when my wife looks radiant, especially when she wears her long hair. Sew in hair extension will be a perfect gift for her. Although it will mean me staying in the saloon with her for the hairdresser to braid her natural hair and fix it with needle and thread.

    • I think secretly we girls all want long hair and we do not always have the time to wait for our hair to grow especially after that hair cut that was done without thinking much, That`s why I love hair extensions, you get immediate volume and length without waiting for hair to grow from the last cut.

      I`m sure you`r wife will love extensions,do you have a specific extension in mind already? if not, virgin Remy human hair are brilliant and highly recommended.

  2. I believe hair extensions are not just for looks but also a way of self-expression. I love anything that makes girls feel more confident in themselves. I would hope you recommend some good stores we can buy from in the future, as I literally knows nothing about it. 

    – Sunquan Guo

    • Thanks of stores, I can only recommend online stores.You can buy hair extensions from Amazon, I suggest Amazon because the have the biggest selection of synthetic hair extensions and real human hair extensions.

  3. This is something I have been interested in for some time.  There are many women I know who have had chemotherapy and are only starting to grow back their hair.  They like to supplement what they have as it grows in to try to get to a full head of hair more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

    I am wondering how often hair extensions are used for chemotherapy patients who are just beginning to grow their hair in.  How long does the hair have to be before hair extensions are feasible?

    Thank you for this interesting and certainly very informative article.  


    • Dave I know nothing about “medical” hair extensions, I use hair extensions but for “beauty” purposes only and to be able to change my hairstyle any time without a long-term commitment.

  4. These extensions are a saviour to those who do not naturally have great hair. Damn you DNA! But besides that, the workmanship of the stylist plays a key role in pulling it off. I’ve seen my fair share of poorly done extensions. You can immediately tell it’s not her hair. A good job should make it gel with the rest of the hair or person that it becomes very hard to tell. Didn’t know extensions also come in different forms, now I know.

    • Hello Steve

      Just like natural hair, hair extensions or hair wighs comes at different length,form and all that, you just choose what`s best for you


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