Do Professional Microdermabrasion Machines Work Better?

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This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to making a choice between at-home and professional microdermabrasion machines for the skin. Also, how does one chooses the best microdermabrasion machine?

With so many brands available, it is difficult to narrow down the best ones. You need a keen eye and thorough understanding of the procedure to pick a good one. And of course, you can also rely on professional microdermabrasion machine reviews that are legitimate and not written just for the purpose of advertising.

Types Of Microdermabrasion Machines:

Before we proceed further, it is important to understand the types of microdermabrasion machines available. The home, as well as professional microdermabrasion systems, can be broadly divided into two categories:

  • Machines That Use Diamond Tip:

These microdermabrasion machines like this one here have tiny diamond chips etched at their tips. These systems give more aggressive microdermabrasion treatment to the skin.

There are no refill costs as is common with the crystal ones due to the use of diamond tips. If you are looking for a strong dermabrasion then the diamond tip microdermabrasion machines are the ones for you.

  • Machines That Use The Exfoliating Crystals:

The hand-held machines that use crystals for exfoliation of the skin. They come in various varieties and need refills every now and then which adds additional costs for refilling. The Aluminium Oxide is the most common crystal used in these systems.View exfoliation microdermabrasion machine here.

The treatment they offer is mild compared to the diamond tips but still satisfactory enough. These systems have the advantage of being inexpensive over the diamond tip ones.

Having understood that, now we will compare the similarities and differences between the home and professional microdermabrasion machines. It will help us see which machines are better.

Similarities Between Home Microdermabrasion Machines and Professional Microdermabrasion Machines:

  • Both use micro-crystals which are used to peel off the dead skin.
  • Both need the before and the aftercare which may involve a mild cleanser to be used before, a moisturizer and a nourishing cream to be used after, a sun protection, etc.
  • Both have the same side-effects.
  • Both help reduces wrinkles, scars, the age spots and improves the skin complexion making it smoother and fresh-looking.

    Differences Between Home Microdermabrasion Machines and Professional Microdermabrasion Machines
    • By Whom And Where They Are Used:

    Home Microdermabrasion:

    Many women prefer privacy in their own homes for using the home microdermabrasion machines available in the market.

    Professional Microdermabrasion:

    Qualified and trained aestheticians perform mild microdermabrasion which is available in spas and beauty salons.The more aggressive microdermabrasion treatment that goes deeper into the skin is only performed/operated by trained doctors, nurses, and dermatologists.

    • How The Machine Works:

    Home Microdermabrasion:

    A special cream is applied using a microdermabrasion machine. The machine spreads and massages the cream gently all over the skin on the face evenly in order to push the crystals against the skin. Later it is washed and rinsed.

    Professional Microdermabrasion:

    Hand-held machines are used by the specialists to spray and circulate crystal flow using high-pressure onto the skin.

    The microdermabrasion machines employ compressors and pumps that use friction to scrape away the topmost layer of the skin all the while sucking the dead skin cells. free radicals and impurities.

    Now newly available microdermabrasion tools have a single, diamond-tipped wand which works in the place of the crystal flow. They also have the vacuum system that cleans the skin of debris.

    • Duration Of Treatment:

    Home Microdermabrasion:

    At the most 10 minutes including the time needed for before and aftercare.

    Professional Microdermabrasion:

    Takes anywhere between 20-60 minutes. The duration of the treatment largely depends on the size of the area to be treated.

    • How Often The Machines Be Used For The Treatment:

    Usually, twice a month would be fine. It also depends on the type of your skin and the skin condition you are suffering from. In such case, it is best to get a consultation from the skin therapist before proceeding.

    Home Microdermabrasion:    microdermabrasion systems, Crystal microdermabrasion machines, crystal micro dermabrasion,microdermabrasion machine compare

    Since it is done at home, whenever you like it.

    Professional Microdermabrasion:

    Since it is done by the professionals, you will need to fix the appointment in advance.

    • Effectiveness:

    Home Microdermabrasion:

    Depends on the type of machine you use as some are designed for daily use while others for a couple of times a week. The results of such machines fade quite quickly if not used regularly.

    Professional Microdermabrasion:

    More visible and lasting results can be achieved by weekly 10-12 treatments by the machine. After that, one session a month will retain results.

    • After-effects:

    Home Microdermabrasion:

    No skin burning hence, less skin reddening. The special ingredients in the cream have a calming effect on the skin during the treatment.

    Professional Microdermabrasion:

    The skin becomes red and remains so for about 24 hours after the treatment.

    • Cost Of Treatment:

    Home Microdermabrasion:

    Cheap and affordable costing around $1-$3 per session.

    Professional Microdermabrasion:

    Expensive costing around $75-$200 per session.

    From the comparisons made above, we are able to discern that:

    1. Although the home microdermabrasion machines are able to peel the dead skin cells effectively most of the times, they still fail to provide lasting effects.
    2. The home microdermabrasion treatment is mild and hence, the results are less noticeable than that of the professional microdermabrasion. And some of the results of these microdermabrasion machines are so negligible that they shouldn’t even be in the market. This is not to say that there aren’t any good home treatment kits out there.
    3. The good thing about these home-based microdermabrasion machines is that besides giving okay results, they are easily accessible, easy to use, and not to forget, affordable. It saves one from getting financially drained through spa visits for professional treatments.


    Regarding, the professional microdermabrasion treatment, the comfort of assurance that a trained professional is the one doing the treatment cannot be achieved by the home microdermabrasion machines. So, to that effect, the home treatments do fall behind.

    The professional microdermabrasion machines are much more effective than the home microdermabrasion machines due to the precision and the depth of the abrasion.

    This is why many will still opt for professional microabrasion as their main treatment if they are able to afford it without a second thought.

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