Curology Skincare How They Work And Alternatives

Curology is a special kind of skin product customized to the extent of dermal trouble/needs in an individual. You get a custom Curology formula that meets your individual needs, how cool is that?

And the best part is you get custom prescription skincare that does not even cost you extra. It`s more like making your own DIY skincare but better.

The three-star ingredient formulation of the skin cream is done based on the history, snaps, and skin types of the customer.Curology starter set for your skin needs

Such is the user-friendly approach of Curology products that once a day application is sufficient, unlike some other skincare brands.

In other words, Curology is your in-house online dermatologist to pamper your skin. Besides the package, it is not too heavy on the wallet unlike other similar products out there.

Curology moisturizers remove effort to fight the blemish, acne, aging skin, uneven skin texture, zits, clogged pores, and dark spots that come your way.

Effective skincare that many users swear by as they notice skin changes during use.

It`s a product that works in many ways, saving you time and money trying out different products.

Curology History

We don`t usually spend time explaining a product in the skincare industry but wanted to share a bit of Curology history with you because you might not even have heard about the product line as it`s quite new in the market.

The Curology skincare initiative was set up in 2014. Its headquarters are in San Francisco and California, and currently licensed stores are spread in 36 states of the United States.

Dr.David Lortscher, a licensed physician, is the CEO of Curology Inc. Dr. Nancy Satur, Glenn Lortscer, and Kris Fredrickson are the important pillars of the company.

Now we`re sure there are more skin experts working behind the brand than the above-mentioned.

In 2016, nearly 88% of satisfied customers gave thumbs up to the reasonable prices again a big plus. A temporary worsening can be encountered after the onset of treatment, but it’s just a leap.

The magical trio tretinoin, niacinamide, and zinc pyrithione, when bottled by licensed experts, work like magic and does wonders for the skin.

You can try Curology for 30 days, just click here.

Depending on the severity of your skin, results will appear in 2 to 12 weeks. You are welcome to photos of your skin, you are even encouraged to do it.

The treatment package and procedure are not a magic bullet but slow, steady, and of course, a winner in the last. This is a good product that produces results (I know many do look for magic pills, well, they do not exist.).

Await of 90 days is recommended to review the product`s effect. There is a 4.3-star rating on Facebook, 4.6 stars on, and 4.1 stars rating at Influenster.

All these are honest ratings from people who`ve used the product, and no incentives are provided for the reviews.

But as we`ve always said, make your own decision as no two skin care products work the same on two individuals.

A month free trial will be provided, which will cost you only $4.95 as shipping and handling charges. The subscription service monthly cost of full Curology treatment will be around $20 for a personalized formula to meet your needs.

Let’s Check Out Some Curology Products

Curology CleanserCurology skincare products and alternatives

The Curology cleanser , curology cream, is formulated to be gentle on the skin and is a custom prescription cream.

In general, cleansers might have those additives which will strip the skin of moisture.

Unlike other skin care brands, Curology cleansers are specially made for even very sensitive or oily skin.

It is foamy, well lathered, and gentle on the skin. It is a paraben-free, dye-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and non-allergic product.

The plant sugars present in it will preserve the skin’s moisture. Oat extract acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The formulation does not contain animal products.

After applying the cleanser, the skin gets shiny(the healthy shine) and tighter, remember with any skincare product you use, your skincare routine will make the difference between success or failure.

Curology Cleanser Alternative

Sometimes we want to mix and match products or sometimes a product will run out and you still have others so if you are looking for a Curology cleanser alternative, Murad Resurgence Renewing Cleansing Cream is my top pick closely followed by Image skincare cleanser.

Curology Moisturizer

Curology moisturizer is a gel-based product that is lightweight and has a hydrating effect on the skin. Your skin look healthy and well moisturized with daily use.

The hyaluronic acid present is the hydrating agent in it, and the other magical ingredients added are shea butter, aloe glycerin, squalene, and allantoin.

This moisturizer is highly suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin. Curology’s products are free of parabens, allergens, dyes, sulfates, and skin-irritating ingredients, this moisturizer is non-comedogenic. It is research-backed by experts at Curology labs.

Some of the moisturizers passed by specialists at Curology are-

First AID BEAUTY Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel.

Pai Skincare Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream.

Derma-e-sensitive Skin Oil-Free Moisturizer.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide Oil-Free Moisturizer.

Apart from using Curology brand moisturizer, the products labeled with non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic are recommended.

There should be no coconut oil in the formulation if your skin is zits-prone. Alcohol-based products cause dryness and itching in the skin.

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The moisturizer provided to you by Curology is of two types as a moisturizer and a rich moisturizer.

But having said that, you can always look for alternative products that work similarly to Curology skincare products(we`ll get to that later).

Curology Customized Cream

After cleansing and perfect hydration, last comes the customized cream application. The customized cream is padded with a light moisturizer.

The percentage of the three-star ingredients (trio tretinoin, niacinamide, and zinc pyrithione) will be based on skin problems.

Tretinoin is a retinoid; zinc pyrithione is anti-fungal, Clindamycin (antibiotic), tranexamic acid is a skin brightener, and metronidazole is an antibiotic that makes the Curology hit formula for skin pampering and care.

Tretinoin removes the fine lines and wrinkles as it stimulates the growth of collagen, lifts the skin, and removes the skin’s pleating.

Your acne-clearing journey will require a typical ratio of constituents to make ready the magical third bottle. The Curology journey is not a magic fix but with gradual changes from the first bottle.

The three-step set of cleanser, moisturizer, and customized cream will be $60, sufficient for two months. A monthly subscription for a personalized formula works cheaper than buying each product separately.

Now I`ve never known two people to use products just the same amount, some have heavy hands when applying products, so it`s impossible to say that the two-month given period is enough.

But then According to the website, you can adjust your shipment plan to suit YOU. Faster shipping, still have the product? just change the shipping plan to work for you.
Curology has a dedicated customer satisfaction strategy that ensures answering queries as many times as you are enrolled for availing benefits.I can say their customer service is acceptable.

The products are not suitable for under 13 years of patients. However, people below and up to 18 years require parental consent to start the treatment.

The insurance cannot be claimed because Curology does not cover insurance, just consider it your skincare investment.

The expert and owner there does a timely assessment of the treatment.

Curology acne body wash is the affection and attention that you can give to your chapped and patchy skin.

Does Curology make your skin worse?

Like any other skincare product, sometimes Curology skincare products may not agree with your skin and you might get temporary breakouts after using the product so be careful especially if you have acne-prone skin.

A good example is me, (my skin does excessively sweat when I use a new product)but this is temporary and there is no reason for alarm, your skin may just be adjusting to a new skincare product.

Curology creams are brilliant but still, even skincare customized for you may not produce the expected results from the first day.

My Take on Curology Monthly Subscription

Now I’m not a fan of skincare product subscriptions, and this is what Curology skincare is about, it might sound easy when getting started but canceling can be a real pain.

If you want to cancel a Curology subscription all you have to do is let them know according to their site but it`s never as easy to do, believe me, and here is where you find not-so-positive reviews.

If you check the website, you`ll see that it`s not as simple, they`ll find a way to not unsubscribe you.

As one user put it:

Trust Pilot has a 31% customer rating that voted the product as poor so you take a pick.

There are enough skincare products in the market that you pay as you go, why risk subscribing to a product that you`ll have problems unsubscribing to like this other product subscription line we talked about recently.

Pick and choose products, don`t let yourself be tied down to a product you no longer want or need.

Another thing to consider is your product getting to you, there are countries out there that shipped products take months to reach you(if at all).

Will I advise you to subscribe to Curology skincare products? the answer is no and that`s why I did not include any Curology product in this post.Curology Skincare How They Work And Alternatives incase you want something different

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What Happens When You Stop Using Curology? Key Changes And Effects

These customized prescriptions are designed to address specific skin issues, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. While they boast success stories of improved skin for many users, what happens when you decide to stop using Curology? what new routine can you follow to keep your skin flawless?

Let`s delve into the potential effects of discontinuing the use of Curology products and what to consider when making this decision. Are there any future breakouts when you stop using Curology formula?

Just as each person’s skin is unique, the effects of stopping Curology can vary. Factors that may influence the outcome include your skin type, the duration of Curology use, the specific ingredients in your personalized formula, and your skincare regimen post-Curology.

It’s essential to understand these variables before making a decision and be aware of how your skin may react when discontinuing Curology.

Key Takeaways

  • Individual reactions to stopping Curology may vary based on factors like skin type and personalized formula.
  • Knowing what to expect is vital when deciding whether to discontinue Curology.
  • Adjusting your skincare regimen after stopping Curology can help minimize potential adverse effects.

Understanding Curology Personalized Treatment Plan

As already mentioned above, Curology is a unique skincare service that creates personalized treatment plans for clients, targeting a wide range of skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles, skin texture,and hyperpigmentation.

Dermatology providers collaborate with each client to develop a custom formula based on their skin type and specific needs.

To begin, clients consult with a licensed medical provider who assesses their skin and medical history. The provider then designs a personalized formula with prescription-grade active ingredients optimized for the client’s specific skin concerns and skincare goals. Some commonly used ingredients in Curology’s formulations are:

  • Tretinoin: A retinoid that increases collagen production, aids in acne treatment, and reduces signs of aging.
  • Niacinamide: Also known as vitamin B3, it improves skin texture, treats acne, and reduces inflammation.
  • Azelaic acid: An anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient targeting acne, hyperpigmentation, and skin discoloration.
  • Clindamycin: A potent antibiotic that fights acne-causing bacteria.

How Curology Works

Curology’s approach involves several essential steps for creating an individualized skincare routine:

  1. Consultation: Clients fill out an online questionnaire about their skin concerns and provide photos of their skin.
  2. Formulation: A licensed medical provider reviews the information and designs the personalized formula using a combination of active ingredients based on the client’s needs.
  3. Delivery: Curology delivers the custom treatment directly to the client’s doorstep.
  4. Adjustment: Clients can communicate with their provider to adjust their formula and refine their treatment plan as needed.

Curology offers a comprehensive approach to skincare by using both over-the-counter and prescription-grade ingredients. Some of their formulas may go through an initial “purging” phase.

That`s when skin issues appear to worsen temporarily before improving especially with a skincare routine or product. This is a normal reaction to active ingredients like tretinoin, as it stimulates the skin and increases cell turnover, bringing impurities to the surface.

As the FDA regulates prescription ingredients such as tretinoin and clindamycin, Curology’s personalized formulas comply with strict safety standards. Clients can rely on the guidance of qualified dermatology providers throughout their skincare journey with Curology.

You can read fda report here on Curology products.Curology cleanser

Effects of Discontinuing Curology

Skin Health Changes

Upon stopping the use of Curology, individuals may experience changes in their skin health.

These changes vary from person to person and can include the return of acne such as blackheads, whiteheads, and hormonal acne.

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Breakouts may become more frequent due to factors such as stress, diet or hormonal fluctuations. Some users may notice an increase in oil production, leading to clogged pores and blemishes. But rest assured this is not a  long-term issue. For others, skin may become more sensitive, causing redness and irritation.

A possible consequence of discontinuing Curology is the reappearance or worsening of pigmentation and dark spots. This can result in an uneven skin tone.

Additionally, without the anti-inflammatory and other beneficial ingredients found in Curology, existing zits may take longer to heal, and new ones may form.

Managing Skincare Post-Curology

Once you have decided to stop using Curology, it is crucial to develop a proper skincare routine tailored to your specific concerns and needs.Curology dark spot formula is one of my favourite as I have a terrible skin. For those wanting to maintain or improve their skin health, several steps can be taken.

  1. Consult a healthcare provider or dermatologist: An assessment from a professional may help with addressing specific skin concerns and finding appropriate treatment options.
  2. Develop a skincare routine: Utilize a gentle face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen to maintain the skin barrier and reduce skin irritation. Incorporate products that target individual concerns such as acne or pigmentation (e.g., benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or hydroquinone).
  3. Maintain a balanced diet and manage stress: A healthy lifestyle can contribute to better skin health and minimize breakouts.

For those with aging skin, incorporating products containing Vitamin C, shea butter, or retinol can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin elasticity. Additionally, maintaining a consistent skincare routine, wearing sunscreen daily, and using lip balm for moisture can all contribute to the overall health of the skin.

In conclusion, discontinuing Curology may lead to various changes in skin health, and it is essential to create a tailored skincare and acne body wash routine while consulting with professional healthcare providers when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my skin condition worsen if I discontinue Curology?

When stopping Curology, it’s possible that some users may notice a relapse in their skin condition. However, the severity of the relapse will vary depending on the individual and their unique skin issues like acne scars or deal with acne with over-the- counter products.

It is important to maintain a consistent skincare routine and consult with a dermatologist for alternative solutions if necessary.

Are there steroids in Curology’s products?

Curology’s products do not contain steroids. Their customized formulas consist of various active ingredients, such as tretinoin, azelaic acid, and niacinamide, that have been clinically proven to benefit specific skin concerns. The Curology team works to ensure that the products are tailored to address each user’s unique skin needs.

How long is it recommended to use Curology before seeing results?

The time it takes for users to see notable results from using Curology will vary depending on individual skin types and concerns. Some people might observe improvements within a few weeks, while others may require several months of consistent use.

Patience, long term and commitment to the skincare routine are essential in order to achieve the desired outcome . With the personalized and carefully formulated Curology products, you can expect to see increasingly better results with continued use long term!

Conclusion On Curology

The moisturizer and cleanser are the dermatologically recommended products that are sufficient to meet the tired skin’s daily hydration.

The third bottled product is the real treatment line by Curology skincare streak. Curology ensures that you reach your skin goals.

If you require a customized approach to treating your skin, you can go for the Curology customized creams.

Leave your queries and comments below, and we will get back to you soon! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.

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  1. Thanks for your well-researched review here. I think that Curology may help my teenage daughter but I really don’t want to get into a subscription situation before you even try the products. I’ve had this type of thing before and found it difficult to unsubscribe because they take the money from your card rather than a direct debit. What is your next best skincare suggestion for oily/teenage skin?

    • Hi there Gail

      Thanks for stopping by.I agree with you when it comes to subscribing for skincare products, it can be a real pain when you try to unsubscribe and Curology is not an exception,they have poor reviews when it comes to unsubscribing difficulty.

      Curology skincare products are great but there are cheaper alternatives especially for teen oily skin, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion works brilliantly and is very affordable. Another oily skin wash lotion to consider will be products from Cerave, again an affordable skincare line but with very positive results.

      I hope this helps.


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