Your Questions About Best Anti Aging Makeup Foundation Answered

Your Questions About Best Anti Aging Makeup Foundation Answered

The best anti aging makeup foundation comes to mind once you reach your mid-30s and fine lines start appearing. When you realize that however you apply makeup foundation, you seem to be doing it wrong.

The needs of the skin changes in the 30s and 40s. They are different than they were in your 20s.

Extra care is needed while picking and buying makeup and skincare products if you want to keep your skin looking fresh and young.

The best anti-aging makeup foundation for aging skin help in this case to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hide dark spots(something common as we age).

Oil glands of the skin shrink in the mid-30s, which leaves your skin dry.

The best foundation for mature skin that has key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin is helpful in keeping the skin well-moisturized and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Listed below are a few dermatologist-recommended, and some of the best anti-aging foundations, any of these will help restore skin moisture and cause wrinkle reduction making skin appear smoother.full coverage or a no-makeup-makeup filter for days when you want to go makeup free but still need to cover skin imperfections.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup

Maybelline instantly erases the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, creases, and the appearance of dark spots.

This skincare product has patented the micro-corrector applicator which is vital to help to fill and smoothing the rough skin and give it a smooth finish feel.

The anti-microbial system protects the applicator. This anti-aging foundation comes with SPF 18.

Along with antioxidants, it helps to protect the skin from sun damage. The foundation hydrates the skin to give it a healthy glow.

The foundation is highly concentrated and is formulated with goji berry and collagen.

This helps in skin tightening, and improving skin elasticity. Its effectiveness is clinically proven.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint

Brought on by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., Neutrogena is the number 1 dermatologist recommended brand.

Some of the world’s highly demanded beauty and skincare products are manufactured under this brand.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint hydrates the skin flawlessly leaving the skin feeling smooth and fresh.

This foundation boosts the hydration, with hyaluronic acid and plumps the skin for the next 24 hours after application so application once a day is ok, no touch-ups needed.

It evens the complexion of the skin. This hydro boost hydrating tint is oil-free, is non-comedogenic.

It is specifically designed for skin hydration. It restores the suppleness of skin over time and to me, it`s one of the best antiaging makeup foundation money can buy from over the counter.Want to cover imperfections or just need a no makeup day,find the best makeup foundation that works for your skin foundation dupes and primers to conceal large pores and stays in place.

COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation

The best of both worlds: This is a medium to high coverage liquid foundation which combined with vital ingredients such as green tea, Vitamins B and E for your skin offers the best of both worlds to the skin.

It instantly reduces the signs of aging. The skin looks younger and fresh. It evens the skin tone, any skin discoloration, and provides hydration to the skin.

The foundation is available in 12 radiant shades that range from light to dark and buff to beige to translucent so you should find the shade you want.

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Flawless Serum FoundationYour Questions About Best Anti Aging Makeup Foundation .Different bottles with different shades of foundation

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Flawless Serum is an organic foundation that constitutes ingredients that are good for skin such as grapeseed oil, Vitamins C and E.

These antioxidants ingredients work to protect the collagen of the skin. It gives the skin a radiant look.

The foundation works on smoothing skin imperfections, something common as you get older. The age-defying serum is concentrated with a plant-derived Phyto-Pigments.

This formulated blend works flawlessly and delivers smooth,(forget makeup foundation that cakes as the day goes by) youthful, and younger-looking skin.

There are no silicones in the formula. The coconut alkanes present in the formula hydrates the skin, its antioxidant-rich technology soothes the skin and makes it radiant.

Check an earlier post on Coconut oil benefits for the skin if you missed it.         

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The weightless texture of the foundation feels comfortable on the skin. Click here to view.

L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup SPF 17


the right face makeup drugstore foundation dupes and primers to conceal large pores,these double wear stay power makeup foundations works in all skin types.

L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Serum is a breakthrough in this age that perfects the makeup.

Visible Lift Serum Absolute Foundation provides an instant evening of the skin tone.

It smoothes out the fine lines and wrinkles without getting settled into the lines and wrinkles due to its lightweight.

It minimizes skin imperfections, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and delivers radiant skin.

This serum is more of a shot for the skin complexion. That is why this serum-spiked foundation is so very effective at fighting the signs of aging.

The serum formulation is packed full of pro-retinol A plus vitamin C which are the ingredients that reduce the look of lines and dark spots.

It instantly hydrates the skin and the skin looks smoother, brighter, and flawless. The SPF 17 provides protection to the skin from sun damage.

Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Serum Makeup SPF 25Estée Lauder 'Double Wear' Stay-in-Place Liquid Makeup #3C2 Pebble- 1oz

Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Serum is developed using the same anti-aging technology as the other Estée Lauder’s classic Perfectionist serums.

This satin-finish formula instantly makes the skin appear brighter and adds a glow to the skin.

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It makes the skin firmer and hydrates it to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is one of the breakthrough makeup infused by the Serum Experts that have patented the age-defying Perfectionist serum technology.

The serum works on nourishing your skin. It is oil-free and the SPF 25 provides skin protection.

Click here to view similar products.

What is the best makeup foundation?

Now all the above makeup foundations are brilliant, come in different shades, and price tags.

Just remember that as good as a foundation was when you were in your 20s and earlier 30s, as you get older, you`ll probably need something different.

It’s just important to know what you want from your foundation, full coverage, or a no-makeup-makeup filter for days when you want to go makeup-free but still need to cover skin imperfections.


The dermatologist-recommended best anti-aging makeup foundations’ help in the masking of the fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and dark spots.

These foundations are formulated with effective anti-aging ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid. They also provide protection to the skin and a clear complexion.

I`m sure any of the above mentioned best anti-aging makeup foundations will help you in covering wrinkles, and fine lines before you apply your makeup.

Remember to always clean your face well. If your face is not clean then it doesn`t really matter what product you use as it will not penetrate.

I recommend giving your face a good clean using any of these top-rated products for the best results.

If you have any questions, please leave me a message below and I will get back to you.

Skin Care Tips For Acne Prone Face

Skin Care Tips For Acne Prone Face

If you`re suffering from acne, you`ll want to know the best skin care tips for acne prone face, I`m sure that`s how you landed here.

But before we get there, we`ll first take a bit look at the skin(without acne).

Our skin comprises of components such as water, lipids, proteins, and minerals. The epidermis layer of skin protects the skin inside from germs and infections.

It helps regulate the temperature and maintains the moisture of the skin.

The skin cell regeneration takes place after every 27 days on average, but if the skin is not taken care of properly, then it can lead to significant damage to the skin. That is why healthy skincare tips for acne are beneficial.

This is because skin comes in contact with outer elements and foreign particles on a daily basis which pollute the skin.

Such contacts can lead to the onslaught of pimples, acne, boils, blisters, dryness, dullness, etc. In such a case, the skin needs to be cleaned and taken care of appropriately.

It has become essential to determine an appropriate skincare routine and the right skincare products to prevent skin conditions. Listed below are some of the best skincare tips for acne-prone skin to keep your skin healthy and acne-free.Skin Care Tips For Acne Prone Face.Find how oily and acne prone skin. Learn how to add these products into your routine for a clear blemish free skin

Wash Your Skin Daily 

Washing your face daily will keep the skin free from the dust and debris accumulated.  

This helps prevent germs and infection from setting in which can later result in pimples and skin dryness.

Washing the face properly with clean water daily in the morning as well as evening using a cleanser.

I love using Salicylic acid like this one so find one appropriate for your skin type to keeps your face clean and fresh. Avoid using scented soaps as they can cause skin irritation.

Avoid scrubbing the skin as it hurts the skin making it irritable. Instead, find a good liquid face cleanser(I love liquid face cleansers).

Scrubbing only aggravates skin problems (if any). Wash gently to avoid that and gently pat it dry with a clean towel instead of drying it by scrubbing again.

Use Sun Protection

Excessive exposure to the sun cause damage to the skin. Not to mention causing premature age spots and making them appear more prominent.

If you are already suffering from pimples, oily skin, and acne, it can worsen the breakout.

The use of sunscreen provides protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Look for the right type of sunscreen to use with 30 SPF protection check my favorite here and the one that has zinc oxide as an ingredient.

CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30 has over 10,000 positive user reviews on Amazon

Proper CoverageCover your skin properly with sunscreen at least 20 minutes prior to going out in the sun. Don’t forget to cover the neck and shoulders properly along with the face. As most of the sunscreens only work for three hours, you will need to reapply sunscreen after that. (something many do forget, most will apply sunscreen once then spend the whole day in direct sunshine especially when on the beach)  Moisturize The SkinRetinol Moisturizer Cream for Face - With Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin e and Green Tea. Best Night and Day Moisturizing Cream 1.7 Fl. Oz.The moisturizing of the skin is essential. Depending on your skin type, look for the right skin moisturizer and apply it daily. Moisturiser keeps the skin hydrated which makes the skin fresh, youthful, soft, and supple. It also prevents aging and dryness. Skin moisturizer doesn`t have to be expensive to be considered the best, check an earlier post to see affordable moisturizers that work really well.Drink plenty of water. Drinking water keeps the body hydrated and also helps to clear the toxins that are responsible for causing inflammation and blemishes.Exfoliate The Skin RegularlyThe enlarged pores appear larger because they are filled with dirt, debris, excess oil, dead skin cells, and keratin. Exfoliating the skin daily helps to clear out the debris and shrinking the size of pores. Later, when your pores are no longer as large, you can exfoliate once or twice a week to keep the surface of the skin clear of the dead skin cells. Check this post for the best exfoliating tool that I highly recommend but you`re free to look around for what works for you budget-wise.Choose Beauty And Make-up Products WiselyAvoid products with chemicals and ingredients that are known to cause irritation to the skin. The use of such products can aggravate your skin problems resulting in the weakening of the skin barrier, leading to low healing ability, and a rough complexion.

If you need products to repair the skin barrier, you can check this earlier post to find the best product for your needs.

Choose oil-free beauty products and cosmetics. Avoid wearing make-up daily if possible. This should not be an option,  wash off makeup and before going to bed.

I remember the old days when I could not leave the house without makeup, if you feel you can`t stay without makeup, you can make weekends your time to go makeup-free.

Clean The Make-up Brushes Skin Care Tips For Acne Prone Face

It is common for people to ignore cleaning brushes that you use regularly during make-up. (when did you last wash your makeup brushes?).

These brushes gather and accumulate dust and oil as they get used regularly. Wash them properly every two weeks or so.

There is really no need to sterilize them. A simple wash will do. But, do make sure that you wash them. Anyone suffering from acne who asks how to deal with it, my top of the list of skincare tips for acne-prone face is to always use a clean makeup brush but most of us do forget this.

Get Your Beauty Sleep And Avoid Stressing

Bad sleeping patterns and sleep deprivation leads to lowering of blood circulation. Hence the tired look and dark circles along with the skin paleness.

Sleep time is the best time for your skin to rejuvenate. In the absence or lack of that, the normal body functions and the look of the skin get affected.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to get your full night’s sleep at least, for eight hours. Try sleeping on the back to prevent rubbing your facial skin against the pillow and cause skin irritation.

Stressing can worsen the breakout of acne, so it is essential to manage your stress levels. Do de-stressing exercises and activities like yoga and meditation. Drink de-stressing tea.

Keep Hands Off Your FaceRemove acne scars using these top products works like charm in no time

Our hands carry too many germs as they come in contact with innumerable things as we go about our daily life.

These germs can reach your face as you touch it for anyone who wants a true guide and skincare tips for acne, I always say to “keep your hands to your hands”.

Every time you touch a pimple, ( I know they are hard to ignore)germs exacerbate the problem causing inflammation. It can even cause permanent damage of the skin leaving scars.

Do not pop or pick your pimples. The germs can even penetrate the skin through these open pores causing more skin trauma.  

This leads to more acne, skin discoloration, and even permanent scarring.

To prevent that, avoid touching your face with your hands especially when you are already suffering from skin problems. Keep a hand sanitizer with you to be safe.

Eat Healthily 

Research has shown that a diet rich in fats and carbohydrates are responsible for causing more wrinkles.

According to another research, food rich in vitamin C wipe the free radicals causing wrinkles and skin sagging.

Click here to get Vitamin C supplements. Eating green vegetables is good for physical health.

A healthy body is shown by the way of healthy and glowing skin. So, it is essential to eat a well-balanced healthy diet for good health and good skin.

How can I clear up acne fast?

As easy as it sounds, it`s impossible to clear acne fast. You CAN hide acne, but anyone saying you can clear acne overnight is unrealistic or do not really know what they are talking about.

with a good skincare routine, you`ll need about 7 days and that`s a fact.

Conclusion On Acne Skin Care Tips

Proper and regular skincare is important for maintaining healthy skin that is more capable of fighting signs of aging, has faster healing ability, and prevents potential skin disease.

After all, prevention is better than cure! Feel free to share  more beauty tips for pimple-free skin that you have:

I hope you enjoyed the post and found answers to your acne problems, if you have more questions, please leave me a message below.

If you know anyone who can benefit from this post, do share with them on social media.

How To Do Gel Nails At Home[It`s Cheap And Fun]

How To Do Gel Nails At Home[It`s Cheap And Fun]

Those shiny, lovely gel nails are not just for the rich and famous, movie stars, musicians, elite sportspeople, models, and beauticians. Anyone can afford gel nails and this post will show you how to do gel nails at home.

You know the feeling of looking down at your hands and like what you see, your hands looking well taken care of and loved, fingers looking like you`re just coming back from a beautician.

Being busy with life, work, family, and whatnot, you might ignore your hands, or you may even find yourself thinking “who has time for that“?.

Truth be known, it’s not difficult to keep lovely nails once you get into the habit and it will be quicker and easy, not to mention the feel-good when your hands look like you want them to.

I first had gel nails done years ago when I was going on a blind date.

A word of caution here:

“If you`ve never had gel nails done, don`t do it on the same day you`re attending an occasion. Have them done a day or two so you can exercise your fingers and get used to them. I remember how  awkward they felt and I kept hitting the wine glass with my nails, or not being able to hold the cutlery properly during dinner, it was embarrassing”

I thought my date would be staring at my nails because they were short and ugly from not caring for them, so decided to get “false nails” put on.

I was amazed when I saw the transformation. In less than an hour, I had pretty nails which made my hands look great. Since then I get it done all the time.

My work has changed, I can no longer have long nails at work, but I still have them done, only short and colorless. My friends always get gel nails with French tips but I can only do that when I`m on vacation.

The other choice is acrylic nails, which are slightly cheaper, but if you want a French tip manicure then you will need gel.How To Do Gel Nails At Home For Beginners - The Ideal Way. This guide will teach you the step by step process for getting a Gel nails at home and have it looking as good as that from a salon.

Why French tips? Simply because they’re easy and because they go with all your outfits. If you choose red for your nails, and then want to wear a blue outfit – well you see what I mean.

French tips are a safe color in my opinion and, you can`t go wrong with them.

Supplies You Need For Gel Nails At Home

These are in no specific order as I`d not want you thinking you need one more than the other so I listed everything (BUT ALL) at random.

Gel Nail Lamp.

This is a one-time investment.MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp has over ten thousand positive customer reviews, it`s portable and compact you can travel with it anytime.

PH Bond

If you`re getting the items you need individually, get a base coat and topcoat. You just can not use one without the other if you want the best results.

Nail file 

I HIGHLY recommend using a glass nail file, they are gentle on the nails and cuticles. This one is a great option! But feel free to use any of your choice.

Gel Nail Polish

I love O.P.I for quality, affordability and this high-gloss shine with topcoat & natural base coat bundle is a brilliant choice. Check user reviews here.

Nail polish soak off clips(they make removing the gel nails a breeze).

And some of these you may already have at homehow to do gel nails at home and achieve salon like manicure that lasts upto two weeks

  1. Nail clippers
  2. Acetone to remove the polish.
  3. Cuticle remover and cutter
  4. Cuticle clippers
  5. Cuticle remover liquid
  6. Nail buffer block
  7. Cotton pads
  8. Rubbing alcohol

Now as mentioned above, you`ll have to check what products you already have( if you`re purchasing the items singly)

But there are great gel nail sets that are affordable, they come complete with everything that you need now and for your refills and future new sets.

How To Do Gel Nails At Home

This is assuming you have everything for gel nails ready and in place.

It`s economical to get a gel nails kit or an acrylic nail kit than buying pieces differently. This way, you and your friends can have a girls night ins doing your nails.

Check these gel nails kit with a minimum 4-star user rating.

This is a step by step from start to finish

  1. To start off, make sure to have everything you need in one place that`s easy to reach. You need to have your hands clean, nails filed into shape, dried, and oil-free.
  2. After your hands are clean and dry, use a buffer to shape your nails. Buff the tops of your nails, just enough to take off a bit of the top layer of your nail. Wipe the residue(dust I call them) away with acetone.
  3. Apply the cuticle remover liquid onto your cuticles and rub in. Use cuticle remover and scraper to push down your cuticles.
  4. Be gentle, and know when to stop, you don’t want to push your cuticle way too back. Use a cuticle clipper and cut off any extra cuticles from your nail.
  5. Again taking care not to chip the skin near the cuticles. So it helps if you have steady hands. Wash your hands clean but don`t use any soap, just water is enough.
  6. Apply PH Bond from the Gelish kit to help dehydrate and prep your nails. Now, this should be left on for a minute or less. ( I don`t use any timer for this).
  7. After 30 seconds to a minute have elapsed, apply a thin layer of base coat gel polish.

Now for first-timers, you might be tempted to have a thick coat but that`s exactly not what you need, the coat has to be as thin as possible otherwise you`ll be dealing with nail lifting.

Now apply 2 thin coats of the color gel nail polish. Dip cotton in acetone and use it to wipe the edges of your nails and cuticle line. This helps stop your polish from lifting as it grows.

Always take care not to get polish on your cuticles, as they will start to peel much faster running your nails. But as already mentioned, any excess paint can be easily removed with acetone.

Let the polish cure under the lamp for 120 seconds, then do another layer and cure for another 120 seconds. Some lighter polish needs the 3rd layer, and if so, do the 3rd layer of polish then cure for 120 seconds

After your polish has cured under a nail lamp for about two minutes, add another layer then cure again for two more minutes.

If you want to, you can add a third layer of polish(if you feel the color is too light). Again, cure for two minutes.

Apply this top coat then cure it under the lamp for two minutes. 

Finally, Soak a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and rub each nail. You’re done ready to go.

There is no waiting for it to dry and you can touch anything without ruining your manicure. Gel polish is so easy to do, giving you that manicured look in minutes in the comfort of home.

Salon Gel Nails

Now this post is about how to do gel nails at home so I`ll not dwell much on salon gel nails but below I have covered what you can expect in a salon.

The results will be the same, only that DIY gel nails, you save loads of money and, you can do it at your convenient time again and again. Making it worthwhile to learn how to do gel nails at home.

After the nail prep

The nail artist glues a false white talon to the end of each nail and then cuts it to the desired length. The rest of the nail down to the cuticle is painted on with gel from a jar, or gel powder mixed with water.

To me personally, there’s no big difference between premixed gel, or gel powder, except that I think gel powder is slightly cheaper.

The nail is sanded from time to time with an electric sanding tool similar to that used by manufacturing jewelers. This makes it smooth and even.

The nail artist will ask you if you prefer a square or a rounded look for your nail (or any particular look I`ve seen some zigzag) and will then file your nails accordingly.

You may be asked to place your hands in an infrared type of heating device to set the gel.

The nails are then brushed with oil before being painted with a top coat of clear or pink-tinted nail varnish (depending on your preference).

In some nail salons, they paint or airbrush the French tip on with white nail polish, on top of a clear talon. Some people prefer the method of using white talons as they feel it lasts longer but that`s really not the case.

Gel nails last around 2-3 weeks before you need to get an “infill”. This means just filling in the spaces where your own nails have grown.

Infills are less expensive than getting a full set of new nails, and you may be able to get 2-3 infills before you need to get a full new set of nails.

If you break any of your nails, you can get singles replaced at any time or when you do your infill, so your nails can always be looking good. Just to let you know if it`s a nail lift, it can get very uncomfortable.

A quick search on google for “good nail salons near me” will help you find a salon that`s ready to take you in.

I can`t imagine going days with a broken or lifted nail. A good salon might offer to do it free as it`s just one nail if you`ve been a client in the past.

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How to treat brittle nails at home.

The price of a full set of gel nails varies from $50 to-90, depending on where you get them done. It’s my impression that a higher price doesn’t mean a superior set of nails. Infills vary from $35-50.

I have had my nails done at different places, often run by Asian people (who seem to be great at it,) and I’ve always been very happy with the service, creativity in painting the nails, and quality.

One final word:

when you do get the old nails taken off to get a new set, some nail practitioners are very rough, even to the point of making your fingers bleed as they wrest the old nail from your own.

You don’t have to put up with this! The nails can be soaked in acetone if you don’t mind waiting a little longer. If it hurts, request someone else to do it, because the good practitioners never hurt you!!

If you’re using fake tan, be warned that it can stain the gel nails so that they end up looking brownish. If this does happen you can use Windex to clean them, but be sure to do it within 30 mins of the staining happening.

Removing Gel Nails At Home

Removing gel nails is an important part of a lady’s beauty routine. There comes a point when your nails begin to look “tatty” and infill will no longer do the trick.

Then you must get the whole set of gel nails removed and start again! This happens every 6-8 weeks, depending on how fussy you are and how good your nail practitioner is.

There’s also a yellowish coloration under the nails which is unattractive and fake looking.

Expand the picture size on your computer for a clearer look at the banding, the discoloration and the tired-looking French tips.

It’s a personal decision, but once you’ve had gel nails for a while, you’ll easily decide for yourself when it’s time for a new set.

Most ladies persevere with infills for as long as possible because they are less rough on your real nails and also less expensive, but there comes a time when only a new set will do.

Replacing The Gel Nails

The next thing is to choose who is going to replace the gel nails for you. There are many practitioners around but they’re not all the same, so through trial and error, you need to choose the one you trust.

Highlights of a good gel nail practitioner are – they’re quick, they don’t hurt you when they remove the nails (very important), do a great job on both nails and French tips, and don’t overcharge.

Removing Gel Nails

The old gel nails are firstly clipped back short and then the remaining nail is prised off with an acrylic talon. This is slipped between the gel nail and your real nail until the old gel nail can be lifted off

This should not hurt. If it does it’s because the practitioner is inexperienced or doesn’t care. Best to choose a practitioner who is gentle.

Applying White Acrylic Talons

If you’re having French tips, you can get white acrylic talons applied when you are having a new set of gel nails.

The long white acrylic talons are simply stuck on to your own real nail with strong glue, and then trimmed back.

These are good because the tips are indestructible for as long as they last. When you have your first infill these acrylic white tips need to be cut back and so you must use nail polish for the new French tips.

Painting on the Gel Powder

Gel powder is then painted in from your cuticle right over top of the remaining acrylic talon.

Gel powder is a fine white powder (see pic left below) that is turned to gel using a liquid spirit substance that hardens with time and heat.Kiara Sky Dip Powder. Clear Color Long-Lasting and Lightweight Nail Dipping Powder, 2 Ounces

Once the gel has hardened, it is smoothed over with an electric tool, (see pic below)and then a couple of coats of clear or pink-tinted nail polish are applied.

The Result

Removing gel nails and replacing them with a nice, fresh set, results in a well presented, manicured set of nails.

It’s well worth the effort to keep your nails looking well presented. Guys, your friends and you too definitely notice your manicure and pedicure.I hope you enjoyed this post on how to do gel nails at home and you feel confident enough to give it a try, believe me after one or two trials, you`ll be wondering why you visited the salon in the past.

When Doing Your Nails For The First Time

  • It won`t be perfect the first or second time you try it, but practice makes perfect.

Sources: to prevent acrylic nails from lifting.

How To Make Homemade Moisturizer

How To Make Homemade Moisturizer

You might be asking why to learn how to make homemade moisturizers? or why make any in the first place when you can easily and cheaply buy any skin moisturizer you choose.

Well … in spite of there being so many beauty products on the market today, there’s nothing more satisfying, affordable, and money-saving than making your own creams.

You`ll know exactly what ingredient went into your moisturizer or any other product you are using to cleanse or hydrate your skin, you can reduce and increase ingredients to exactly suit your needs now.

It`s more convenient than feeling tied down to that expensive product you bought that you can`t just accept leaving half-finished even though you feel it`s not working for you.

The post will not be in any specific order, but I will share with you all the homemade moisturizers and how you need to get started.

Once you have the know-how, you can make any Moisturizer of your choice and needs,from dry skin to sensitive skin.Just as different moisturizers are available in shops, you too can create anything and everything.

So let’s take a look at how to make homemade skin moisturizer, along with affordable, easy-to-come-across ingredients you may care to use.

Homemade Natural Hair Moisturizer Recipes

There are homemade moisturizing hair treatments with natural ingredients. To take care of your tresses, you don`t have to stop at skin moisturizers, once you have the ingredients and products you need, get experimenting.
Now I know you’ve probably moisturized your hair many times in the past with shop-bought products, but you are left wondering if the treatment really works.

Homemade natural hair or artificial hair moisturization replenishes moisture (water) that your hair loses – due to external aggressions such as windand pollution.

Hairstyling products such as hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, straighteners, relaxers, perms, dyes all make your hair weak in time,

Now it’s time to learn a few powerful recipes to make your hair shiny and silky in an easy, convenient way.

You know what they say, “hair is your crown.” Keep it looking good and feeling strong with this homemade hair moisturizer that’s free of harmful chemicals.

If you have dry, brittle hair or the ends of your tresses feel like straw and break off. Avocado hair moisturizer is perfect for restoring moisture without weighing down on top of a moisturizing shampoo or conditioner!

The avocados will leave soft waves in their place that shine all day long – no tangles allowed with our secret weapon:
Put a half ripe and soft avocado in a bowl, add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil(this varies depending on your hair length)mix everything together until smooth.

Once ready apply the mixture to hair from roots to ends making sure everything is properly covered.

Cover the hair with a plastic shower cap like this one, leave on for approximately 45 minutes(make it longer if you can) once the time has elapsed, wash clean.

Homemade Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Ingredients in the recipes for DIY moisturizers for dry skin and all DIY moisturizers for that matter are easily available on the market and you might already have some at home.

Having said that, it`s wise to make just enough, these are homemade products, so they do not have long shelf life compared to products you buy

Now it`s important to understand that you should make as much or as little. This being a moisturizer you make, you can vary the ingredients too depending on the quantity you want.

You`ll need:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Carrot seed Oil
  • Aloe Vera Oil
  • Myrrh Essential Oil(do not use if you are pregnant or nursing)
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Aragan Oil

Now you don`t have to use all of these essential oils in one go, you are free to use what you choose. But feel free to use any, just mix up a small amount with carrier oils.

As simple as these are, you`ll notice a difference in your skin texture.

You may like:

Coconut oil benefits

How to use Essential oils on skincare

Best Homemade Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Unlike the common belief of many that oily skin is already oily and does not need moisturizing, not moisturizing your skin will make your skin think it needs moisture so it will just produce more oil.

The best way to care for your oily skin is by cleaning, toning, and moisturizing every day.

For oily skin, it`s important that you use homemade moisturizers that are not heavy or that will make your skin feel greasy.

  • Jojoba Essential Oil
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Almond Essential Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aragan Oil

Again mix any Essential Oil you choose with a carrier oil of your choice and apply it to your face twice a day.

Homemade Moisturizer For Sensitive skin

The perfect way to make your own moisturizer for sensitive skin, without any negative side effects! This DIY recipe will keep dry patches at bay.

You know that your skin is the most precious thing in life, don’t you? Well, this DIY moisturizer will make it even more special.

Use two tablespoons each of shea butter and cocoa butter mixed with four teaspoons of olive oil for an ultra-rich lotion perfect for dry or sensitive complexions alike!

If you feel like your sensitive skin is not doing well? Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution for that!

All it takes are some simple ingredients and a little guidance from our kit. There’s no need to go out looking or spending money on anything else because this DIY moisturizer will work just as good if not better than any other product available at stores.

For a Homemade DIY moisturizer for sensitive skin, you’ll need

  • Almond Essential Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Jojoba Essential Oil
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • Almond Essential Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aragan Oil

Now as you can see from the ingredients above, almost all Essential oils are similar so if you want something else, just experiment.

Now our blog as you know is about skincare, the DIY hair moisturizer is a one-off so we`ll now check at different DIY moisturizers for the skin.

create a moisturizer from home

Some of these ingredients you might already have at home or are very affordable from your local stores.

Ingredients like Honey is something you already have in your kitchen.

Aloe vera might already be in your back garden.

Teatree oil is again something most of us do have at home and so is the case with the other Essential oils we`ll mention here.

We already mentioned some other uses of essential oils in an earlier post that you can check here is you missed it.

If you don`t have any of the mentioned products, don`t worry, we`ll give you links to other easy and effective home beauty recipes at the end of the page 

How To Make Homemade moisturizer

Essential oils

Who’s not heard of essential oils?

For those of you who are unsure of what they are, essential oil is a liquid that’s distilled from different elements of a plant – leaves, stems, bark, flowers, and roots.

In spite of their name, essential oils are not oily at all, but clear liquids, though some may look yellow or amber. The name does confuse many people and they think essential oils are oily/fatty. This is not the case.

These oils contain the very essence of the plant they come from.

Essential oils will be of tremendous benefit to your physiological system.

They’re known to help cell regeneration, act as an antiseptic, and have anti-inflammatory and other healing effects.

For all these reasons, they’ve become more and more popular in natural skincare, each one having its own particular forte.

Tea tree oil, for example, is renowned for its antiseptic and anti-Artizen Tea Tree Essential Oil (100% Pure & Natural - UNDILUTED) Therapeutic Grade - Huge 1oz Bottle - Perfect for Aromath...fungal properties. Pour a few drops into a foot bath to aid toenails problems … use to treat uneven skin pigmentation … as an aid to acne or oily skin.

Side effects of tea tree oil in skincare

Although used in many skincare products, side effects of tea tree oil in cosmetics include skin irritation and allergic reactions.

The side effects of using products with the ingredient “tea tree” may cause mild to severe rashes, itching, burning sensations on the scalp or face.

Despite the side effects, tea tree oil is rich in anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic, and anti-viral.This is the main reason it is effective in healing wounds and skin conditions.

Gentle rose oil is suitable for treating different types of eczema and will benefit mature skins.

How To Make Homemade Moisturizer With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

is often present in skincare products as it’s a wonderfully gentle healer and improves such conditions as dry skin, eczema, sunburn …

Commercially, you’ll find it in many shampoos, conditioners and body lotions, as well as products that can be taken internally in drink form.

If you live in a warm climate such as Spain, like me, aloe vera plants are easily obtainable and extremely easy to grow.

Just cut off one of its leaves, slice open, and rub the gel direct onto your skin.

Or, scrape the gooey gel out, and mix together in your food processor with other ingredients to make a cream, cleanser or mask suitable for your skin type.

How to make natural moisturizers – products in your kitchen

One of the most important things you can do in order to enjoy beautiful hair and skin is to eat a healthy and varied diet.

So, you’re bound to have an abundance of healthy food in your kitchen, aren’t you?!

These products are wonderful for you when taken internally … but they will also benefit skin and complexion if applied externally.

For example …

  • Honey works as a wound healer, calming to sensitive skin, and masks based on it are very good for dry skin.
  • Yogurt and avocado pears also work wonders in masks for mature or dry skins.
  • Cucumber and lemon are more astringent, and better in recipes for younger or more oily complexions.
  • Cucumber slices are excellently placed on your eyes, as are slices of potatoes.
  • Fruit slices can be applied to the face for an invigorating effect after a hectic day at work, but fruit juice and pulp can also be combined with other natural ingredients to prepare face and body creams and moisturizers.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is an absolute “must”!…

Mix half-a-cup together with either a couple of spoons of sugar or sea salt for a wonderfully gentle and effective exfoliant.

Or, just rub extra virgin olive oil into dry or mature skins … its moisturizing effects are superb!

…And those are just a few examples of natural products you can experiment with at home.

How to make natural moisturizers – storing

Home-made moisturizers are clean without preservatives so they might have a short shelf life.

The only disadvantage to homemade products is you must store them with extra care, for they don’t last as long as commercially prepared ones, which contain preservatives.

For this reason, don’t prepare large amounts and keep any leftovers in the fridge.

Since these are moisturizers you can prepare for yourself in your kitchen, there should not be a fear of running out.

Conclusion on How To Make DIY Moisturizer

You might be thinking, why would someone want to make their own moisturizer? Well, there are a few reasons.

First of all, you can tailor the ingredients for what type of skincare needs you have and also save money in purchase cost by making it yourself at home with just two or three essential oils that cost pennies per use!

You may even find different ways of using these same oils on other parts of your body like hair (essential oil diffusers anyone?).

People generally fall into one group: those who believe they need something special; another segment including DIYers ready willing & able – so here’s how…

Really there are many reasons to make your own moisturizer. Perhaps you want the natural ingredients, or maybe the store-bought are just not strong enough for sensitive skin- either way there is an easy solution with our DIY recipes!

I hope you found this post useful if you have any questions, please do leave me a message.

Sources: Nih on What are essential oils?

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Anyone planning a beach vacation wants to know how to look beautiful without makeup. You know, like those pictures you see of celebrities in their bikinis and tankinis looking slim, pretty, and apparently barefaced.

Or if you`re like me, you just want to let your face breathe once in a while without any foundation, face powder, or anything of that nature.

Well, apart from photoshopping all your pics, there are a few things you can do pre-holiday to cheat your way to gorgeous skin and accentuated features.

I`m talking about not having mascara running all over your face after a dip in the swimming pool, or your primer looking out of place.How to look beautiful without makeup,simple tips to do if you want to have no makeup on face but still feel the need to look gorgeous and Instagram photoshop ready

And imagine being able to just rinse off after the beach, put on a clean dress, and maybe just dab on some lip gloss and be out the door for sunset cocktails looking amazing.

That’s always been a holiday fantasy for most of us.
Now, with just a little forward planning you can kind of, almost do just that, step outside looking beautiful and confident with no makeup to help improve things.

Obviously, it’s a lot easier to get ready for a beach trip or sundowners quicker when you’ve already waxed (no more hastily digging around for a razor or electric lady shavers, some top ones mentioned in this earlier post).

You don’t have split ends and you took care of your manicure/pedicure on a quiet night in or visited a salon in time.
Now we’re stepping it up a level so you really could just carry that lipgloss!
I’m talking about Eyelash tinting, curling and maybe extensions, permanent makeup, and spray tans.
Now, for anyone experienced in self-care, the key with these is you must know what look you’re going for; develop a vision, take along photos to support it, and ask questions.

Personally, I like subtle; I don’t want that permanent “stripper like makeup”(if you know what I`m talking about) or an “oompa loompa tan”.

I just want to look how I normally would with my makeup and hair done.

You know, before my mascara runs and my hair starts to frizz and maybe with a slightly more even skin tone…but with a picture being worth a thousand words you bet I’m going to take along some pics.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these ideas;

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Eyelash Tinting

If your pet peeve is mascara running (and whose isn’t?) you might like to consider eyelash tinting.
This is an in-salon process though, home kits are available but personally, I wouldn’t consider doing anything like this at home.
It usually takes 30 minutes and of course allow extra time for delays and whatnot.

But depending on where you work and your proximity to a reputable salon you might be able to sneak this into your lunch hour.

how to feel beautiful without makeupPros

  1. Being able to skip mascara.
  2. Affordable
  3. Quick


There are limitations. You can only go darker, you won’t get any extra volume. So this

is probably something best for fair people who will actually be able to see the results.

I couldn’t see much of a difference when I had mine done even though I did what was recommended and went for blue-black.

There was a subtle difference but I think I missed the added volume of the mascara.

Eyelash Perming

I’ve had mine done and loved them though I didn’t love how long it took (it should take about an hour but mine didn’t “take” the first time and they had to redo them) and you don’t get the color.

If you can be bothered going to get it done every six weeks it will save some time and flipped up eyelashes are always pretty, and adds that youthful look. I also think they hold onto mascara better, helping it to not run.

Save time by perming your lashes and retiring your eyelash curler.


Not having to mess about with eyelash curlers. We all know curling our eyelashes makes a big difference but when you’re in a hurry it’s a step we tend to skip (or at least I do).
You have to be patient enough to sit still while the esthetician does the work, for me things like that are a little tedious. Headphones next time maybe.

DIY False eyelashes

For nighttime events there’s a very good argument for false eyelashes; the color won’t run.

I’ll try those out again one day, I’ve always lacked patience and I spent quite a bit on some false eyelashes and glue a while ago and then couldn’t be bothered with them but we’ll see.

DIY Fake eyelashes come as a strip that you glue on yourself and yes it is a bit fiddly but with some patience and practice, it`s easy.


A beautiful result that doesn’t run.
Not easy to apply and I was afraid that even if I got them on right I might end up with them half off halfway through the night and not notice!

But if applied well, these should stay put.

Eyelash Extensions

You can have extensions applied in a salon that lasts 6-8 weeks and again you won’t have the problem of running mascara but they do require a little maintenance and you have to be a bit careful with them.
For this procedure, you’ll be in the salon for about 2 hours but time well spent if you`re looking for ways on how to look beautiful without makeup then you can sure spend two-hours.

Eyelash extensions are applied lash by lash so you need patience, book an appointment when you have time to spare.


Again, if you’re willing to spend the time and money the results are really lovely.
The time and money but also you need to be very careful with your lashes and take steps to stop them from getting coated in hair products and oily makeup remover, some people even wear goggles in the shower.

Water is ok so swimming on your holiday should be fine after the first day or tw0 (check with your esthetician about this).
There are dangers associated with eyelash extensions as there are with any other beauty treatment done by someone not qualified to do it.

Do find a professional to do yours than cutting corners to save some pennies.

Permanent Make-up; eyeliner, eyebrows, lipliner

Permanent makeup has really come a long way with great results for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipliner.

Eyebrow tattooing could be the answer for those who over-plucked in the 90s.

Again this is not for everyone, as it`s permanent, be sure it`s what you want now and you`ll still want it next year.

Check this in-detail post about permanent makeup if you missed it so you`ll understand exactly what permanent makeup is and when you should consider it plus the cons in detail.


Imagine, the following work by a skilled technician you could get by without eyeliner and brow liner and its potential to run.

Permanent makeup is tattooing on your face so every precaution needs to be taken.

No need for makeup every morning, you wake up, wash and you`re ready to go.


Make no mistake, permanent makeup is actually tattooing and carries all the associated risks of tattooing (including just not liking the result) and more because it’s done on the eyes and face. You can read about the risks in more detail here.

Permanent makeup is that PERMANENT, be prepared that it can go wrong.

Really painful, having permanent makeup especially on the lips and eyebrows is not for the faint-hearted.

Has to be repeated for it to last, just like a tattoo, if you want the best results, it has to be repeated for the color to really hold.

No reversing if you`re unhappy with the outcome, or else you`ll have laser removal which again is expensive.

Professional Spray Tan

I like to go for an all-over professional spray tan if I have a big event and including my face means skipping foundation altogether, though I might use a little blotting powder and blush for the evening.

A spray tan helps with body confidence and means you can go virtually makeup-free!

I go for a natural-looking tan and I was told the one I get is the level that brides usually go for and it’s plenty intense enough for me.

Any darker and I would definitely feel like an oompah oompah….usually with the tan, I get people just think I look good or have been on a holiday but not one person has asked me if I have a spray tan.
Before and after your tan

  1. Before your tan, get waxed at some stage and then exfoliate the day before.How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup
  2. Apply the nail polish to your fingernails and toenails even if it’s clear just to protect your nails from staining.
  3. Get your workout in before you get sprayed as you need to avoid sweating in the hours after.
  4. Don’t wear any makeup, moisturizers, or deodorant, and check with your salon for any further instructions.
  5. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Go for long sleeves and pants if it looks like rain to protect your tan for the first few hours.


A great look, I always feel more confident with a professional spray tan. I don’t need to wear makeup and I feel like I look slimmer and healthier.

The downside is that professional spray tans are pricey and they don’t last as long in the tropics as they do in a cooler climate; save them for when you really need to shine!

With Every Beauty Treatment

Always find professionals.

Don’t be tempted to get any beauty treatments done somewhere just because it’s cheap.

Even if the worst doesn’t happen, like a health complication, you can still end up paying serious money to fix something that isn’t done right (I am actually thinking here of all the bad hair dye jobs I did at home when I was younger that then had to be fixed, at considerable expense, at a salon but you get the idea!).

Check on beauty forums, ask friends, ask to see credentials, look at the products being used. Look at photos of their work (though be sure it is their work, anyone can get photos; are the photos taken in the salon you are standing in?).

Have a conversation and ask questions, even if you already know the answer you need to know the person is competent and if they are not happy to answer questions that should be a red flag, if you`re not happy, don`t feel under pressure.
With all that said, I’m looking forward to stepping up my routine and trying some of these ideas. How about you? Have you tried permanent makeup?

Have you tried to get ready for a vacation without any makeup? Do you have any tips on how to look beautiful without makeup for your everyday look or for your beach vacations?

For me, my work does not support wearing makeup apart from lipgloss, luckily, I had permanent face makeup done long before I started there so I`m fine with colorless lipgloss and some colorless mascara.

Best Christmas Gifts For Women

Best Christmas Gifts For Women

Don`t just buy Christmas gifts that are forgotten once the holidays are over, this holiday gift guide for women features the best Christmas present ideas for women. Items usable and useful after the festive season is long gone.So you`re looking for the best Christmas gifts for women and unsure where to get started? Most probably because it’s the Christmas season and gift shopping is bound to knock you down when you struggle with “what” to buy for a woman. What would she love? To help you out a little, we have listed the best Christmas gifts for women below for you to choose from or take inspiration from.We did not choose them as the best Christmas presents for women at Christmas time only, but because they are items any woman will value long after the festive season is over.These gifts will be suitable for any woman, wife, girlfriend, mom you name it, there is something for everyone. Be it a me-time relaxation with a spa-like treatment or just putting her feet up and relaxing with a good read, we`re sure you can`t go wrong with any of these best Christmas gifts for her.These gifts for her are not in any specific order, this way, you get to check all the products all the way down to find what`s best in your opinion.AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit’s start with the green, shall we? It’s not only environment-friendly but also serves as a beautiful decoration in your home and office. What else? It is easy to manage and with no soil.AeroGarden is a year-round garden developed into an indoor gardening system. It grows fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, flowers, and much more. It grows 5 times faster than any average garden in the soil.     A fully interactive, touch screen control panel keeps you on time when and how to add water and other necessities to the plant.  The high-performance LED lighting system automatically turns on and off. A list of Christmas presents for women will be incomplete without it.AeroGarden kit includes a 9-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Kit. Within this comes: 2 Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Thai Basil, Italian Parsley, Chives Dill, Thyme, Mint, and also 3 oz. of liquid plant food.Long Champ Women’s Fashion Handbag Oversized 'Large Le Pliage' Tote, Main, color, DAHLIA thinking about Christmas gifts for women, you can’t discount checking on a handbag for said women.This Women’s Fashion handbag brings you a fashion-forward and oversized envelope with a burst of colors to go along with different women’s outfits.It can easily carry an iPhone, cosmetics, your keys, and any other essentials you may need while going out. The handbag is lined with a soft black fabric that keeps your things safely tucked in and keep them organized. There are one interior zipper pocket and another easy-access side pocket for easy access and organization and has a water-resistant lining.The color and design of the handbag stay vibrant stylish and never get boring. Bath Bomb Gift SetBest Christmas Gifts For Women Bath Bomb Gift Set USA - 6 Vegan Essential Oil Natural Lush Fizzies Spa Kit. Organic Shea/Cocoa Soothe Dry Skin. Luxury Gift for Valentine, Women, Mom, Teen Girl, Birthdays. Add to Tub Tea or BasketsA good spa gift set almost never fails as it is women’s one of many friends. This sensuous bath bomb gift set contains moisturizing essential oil mixed Bath Bombs.A total of six essential oil blends have been used that serve as a treat to the senses. The blends used are:

  • Yoga Sunrise which is a blend of Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Bergamot Oils
  • Garden of the Gods which is a blend of  Lavender, Geranium, and Lime Oils
  • Sinus Congestion Relief which is a blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, Pine and Cypress Oils
  • Pink Energizing Grapefruit which contains Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • Stressed Moms which is a blend of Lavender, Marjoram & Ylang Oils
  • Vanilla Surprise contains Vanilla Essential Oil

Each bath bomb is individually wrapped and packed in an individual tin. The Bath Bombs leave the skin ultra-moisturized and leave no oil ring behind. They provide all the wonderful benefits of Organic Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Organic Shea Butter. Check an earlier post on coconut oil benefits for your skin here.

Solar System Bath Bombs Set

Another set of bath bomb gift pack. These bath bombs are designed and manufactured in the form of planets each representing different blends of ingredients and fragrance. A perfect gift choice for your favorite stargazer. It is a handmade product that can help you enjoy the effervescence of natural ingredients. This Bath Bomb Gift Set includes 9 Bath Bombs namely:Woman holding christmas present

  • Uranus- Black Raspberry and Vanilla
  • Venus- Guava Goji
  • Earth- Olive Grove
  • Mercury- Moroccan Spices with Activated Charcoal
  • The Sun- Ginger, and Jasmine
  • Saturn- Lavender
  • Jupiter- Saffron and Honey
  • Mars-Rose & Peony with Rose Clay
  • Neptune- Black Raspberry and Vanilla

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio

This luxury gift set includes a body polish, a hydrating face mist, and a lip conditioner for pampering. A perfect gift set for those who travel frequently.The Kit Contains

  • Coco Rose Body Polish
  • Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist
  • Coco Rose Lip Conditioner

It is made using all-natural ingredients. It is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and also cruelty-free.Kindle Fire HD 8A great gift choice for a techy who also enjoys reading. Read, watch, play, and listen to your favorite books, movies, games, and music respectively using the iPad. It is more advanced than its previous version. Enjoy the entertainment supplemented and made more desirable with a fast 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. The Fire HD 8 offers you 50% more RAM than the Fire 7 which gives you faster performance.Dual Foot MassagerA daily use relaxing foot massager to stimulate pressure points on your feet. Stimulating pressure points release hormones that will work to give your body a feeling of complete relaxation.This foot massaging product uses the Shiatsu concept of rotating nodes and offers a very invigorating foot massage, this one to me is a must-have when considering Christmas gifts for women.

Strawberries And Cream Pamper Pack

The ultimate indulgent gift and treat for pampering. It will leave you feeling super soft and smelling super sweet. A good gifting choice for those who need “me time”. A handmade product for treating yourself to a luxurious night of pampering includes:

  • Strawberry Facemask
  • Strawberry Cream Tea Bath Tea Bag
  • Strawberry Bath Sundae Bath Bomb
  • Strawberry and Fizz Scented Candle

An Instant Pot Is The Best Christmas Gifts For Women

The Instant Pot works like a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a yogurt maker, a steamer, and also warmer. One of the best selling product on Amazon.Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3 6 Qt 6-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, and Warmer, Convenient, and Dependable, the Instant Pot speeds up the cooking by 2 to 6 times and requires 70% less energy. Instant Pot replaces 7 kitchen appliances. It has 14 built-in smart programs and a 24-hour timer which allows delayed cooking.What I love again is that it generates almost no noise and there are no leaks. It leaves no health concern and uses the latest technology which is embedded with a microprocessor.DIY Facials

This is another of my favorite, what better than to relax at home and be yourself giving yourself a spa-like treatment?

Get a Microdermabrasion machine and enjoy all year round spa treatment. Learn more about Microdermabrasion in an earlier post.

Choosing Christmas gifts for women can be confusing, finding a present for a woman of any age is not easy and these Christmas gift ideas women covered women of all ages.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch limited edition

Versa Smartwatch is almost a must-have, with a battery life of up to 4 days, 15  exercise modes to choose from, and being able to store up to 300 songs, I don`t think you need more.

It`s a limited edition so you have to act fast before it`s no longer available. Did we mention it`s budget-friendly too? The watch comes with two bands (S&L) included.

With over 7000 positive ratings(4.5 stars on Amazon) you can`t go wrong.

Check user reviews here.


This Christmas, give her something which is unique and is useful that she`ll remember long after Christmas lights have gone out.