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: Captain Green Skin Scrubber
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There are different kinds of blackheads just as there are different acne blackheads removal tools.

I will only check one tool here as it`s impossible to look at all blackheads removal creams and tools in a single post but first we`ll have a quick look at what exactly blackheads are.

What Causes Blackheads?

Blackheads are a common skin condition in which pores become clogged with oil or dead cells. The most likely cause is excessive sebum production, but factors such as hormone fluctuations may also play roles.

Here’s how it happens: acne pours drastically change the hormonal balance of people who have this type of blemishes; hypersecretion leads to more build-up than usual – resulting eventually in blackheads!

Don’t pick or squeeze your zits! Blackhead extractors are available for DIY at-home use.

Introduction To Blackhead Removal Tools

We’re all looking for a quick fix to get rid of those zits, but it just takes time. Blackhead removal tools can help with that and that`s why we`ll take a closer look at this skin scrubber.

The first thing that strikes everyone about this skin scrubber facial kit is that it is eye-catching.

The device looks sophisticated, designed for scrubbing, scraping, and peeling the skin gently.

Effectively, the device is for exfoliation as well as resurfacing of the skin.

Skin scrubbing may sound unsafe, It sounds like something out of a horror movie!
I’m not going to lie-it may sound scary at first, but believe me; it’s nowhere near as bad or graphic in reality than any other method for exfoliation on your face and body.”

Because of these capabilities, the device can reduce wrinkles, blackheads pimples, pimple scars, since there is no manual pimple-popping involved, scarring is reduced.

Besides, it can remove excess oil on the skin, as well as debris and dead cells on the skin.

It is ideal for cleaning deep pores. It is a comprehensive facial set, which includes a system for massaging, lifting, cleansing, exfoliating, etc.

blackhead removal tool

The device has buttons for lifting the skin, 2nd one is for moisturizing, and the third one is for cleansing to get out the dirt that`s lodged deep inside.

While there is only one switch or power key to control it, the number of times the buttons are pressed for going into those modes differs.

For lifting the skin, a user has to press this mode key thrice, for moisturizing, the user needs to press it twice, and for cleansing, the user needs to press the mode once.

Therefore, this device can also be used to remove makeup and other stains or coloring on skin.

The skin cleaning head comes with a spatula-like structure. This cosmetic slice is highly durable and does not have to be changed for different functions.

It also glides easily upwards or sideways as needed, unlike other devices that dragon skin.

It is this slice that cleans up clogged pores enabling the skin to absorb moisturizers, which along with massaging firms the skin and lifts it.

One special feature in this device is the “ion-conducting” strip. This strip is responsible for metabolizing the skin cells or waking them up.

Because it uses ions for this purpose, it also serves as a detoxifier.

The advantage is all this is done with an electronically monitored system which does not take much time.

The timer in the device stops the operation in 10 minutes, which is sufficient for completing the functions.

It comes with a blackhead remover, more specifically, blackhead removing the cream.

Apart from these benefits, this device also results in improved absorption of other skincare ingredients, skin pores tightening, and glow in skin because of better circulation and breathing.

No product is perfect, so this blackhead removal tool too has it`s weaker sides and things that could be improved.

Not all blackheads removal are successful maybe because of the tool you use or how well you do it. So Let`s look at the pros and cons.

blackhead removal toolPros

  • It’s a portable facial unit, which can be carried easily and charged easily.
  • It is easy to operate since the display unit indicates the mode, and the power switch serves as a mode-changing switch as well.
  • The device is an almost comprehensive facial kit, which includes functions such as cleansing, exfoliation, resurfacing, skin massaging, lightening of the skin, etc. 
  • This is an extremely affordable unit.
  • It has a durable head.
  • The machine scrubs and peels gently.


  • While it is durable, it is still vulnerable to damage on falling when it slips from hand or exposed to heat or dropped in water. 
  • It is also not advisable to use it when the skin is wet, though it does give better results after a shower as pores are open at such time. Ideally, the user needs to be dry even after a shower. 
  • It is not good for sensitive areas of the face such as the skin near eyes and lips.

Who Should Use Blackhead Removal Tool

This device is almost for everybody, since most features are based on electrical and mechanical functions, unlike other devices that use chemicals for facials.
  The manufacturers, however, suggest that people with sensitive skin should not be using it more than twice each week, while those with oily skin are welcome to use it even thrice per week to reduce that oily skin.

Want other top-rated skincare? check an earlier post on Microdermabrasion machines you can use to deep clean your face and remove wrinkles and fine lines.


As of writing this post, this blackhead removal tool costs just $27.99(remember shipping costs)

Where To Buy  Blackhead Removal Tool

Of course, like shopping for anything else, you`re free to choose where you make your purchase, be it your local beauty shop or online.

Personally, I find Amazon and eBay to have the best price to buy online.

Other Blackhead Removal ToolsThere are more blackhead removal tools out there, don`t feel inclined to use any specific one, find what works best for you and your needs.Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum SuctionSometimes, I find these not to be very effective, but you can increase performance and results by first steaming your face before using this method of removing blackheads.

Blackhead and Pimple Remover Kit:

These work great, they are made from stainless steel, with non-slip handles, but you may need to learn how to use them, how to keep your hands steady.

There is something about putting a “needle/metal” on my face that has never appealed to me so I never use blackhead remover kits. But you can check it here or see what other users say.

I`d suggest leaving this to the professionals, but if you`re confident, give it a try.

Blackhead Remover Strips

Use these to remove blackheads and shrink the size of skin pores.

Get rid of your blackheads with this powerful formula. Unlike most face cleansing products, which just slough off dead skin cells and oil from the surface level – it actually binds to hidden acne-causing agents deep within to purify pores. If it helps, this has been dermatologist-tested.


Microdermabrasion treatment removes dead skin cells leaving you with new fresh skin, microdermabrasion is safe, non-invasive, and works great in blackheads removal since the old skin is removed giving your skin a chance to produce fresh spots free skin.

Mud Mask:Dead sea mud mask for removing blackheads and pimples

This produces mixed results but you have to understand this is not exactly a blackheads remover but rather a deep cleansing facial mask.

If you want to detoxify, deep cleanse to get your face ready for other products, then this is the go-to.

But if you expect to use only a dead sea mud mask to remove blackheads, you may need patience and repeat the process several times.

Sometimes I feel like a pimple popping tool like the one mentioned above does a much better job than a mask.

Final Note On Buying The Best Blackhead Removal ToolBlack head removal

This device is worth purchasing because it is a multi-functional unit.

This is a multi-use tool so well worth the price if you don`t want to keep paying your beautician.

Or, how about aftercare, that time you need a quick retouch and it`s not yet time for your next appointment?

This device can reduce that effort. Likewise, it can make all the products for skincare more effective by ensuring that they penetrate deeper rather than remain on the surface.

And now to some Q&A about blackheads removalQ-Do blackhead removal tools work?A-

Blackhead removal tools may not be a magic bullet, but they can help with stubborn spots.
You should always start by cleaning your face and removing any makeup before using one of these tools to get at those pesky blackheads hiding in more delicate areas like around the nose area.

Still, the blackhead removal tools are a hit-or-miss affair. Some people say they work for them while others claim it doesn’t help at all, so finding an effective one can be tough!

Q-Can I extract my own blackheads?

A-Yes, you can extract your own blackheads! It’s easier than most people think. All it takes is a few basic supplies and some diligence on your part to get rid of this blemish-causing pesky skin condition.

Q-What is the best tool for extracting blackheads?

A-The most effective weapon against pesky acne, according to dermatologists and people who’ve had success with this method (excluding me), is an oldie but goldies: whitehead extractor tool.

It has been around since ancient times when it was first used by Cleopatra for her beauty regimen! This small metal implement can be purchased at any pharmacy or drugstore.

But The most popular tool is probably pore strips because it’s easy and painless.

You just peel off one strip then place them over the area where you want treats with acid-based cleansers or astringents like benzoyl peroxide (abbreviated BPO).

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Conclusion  On This  Blackhead Removal Tool

Blackhead removal products and tools are just that, they are tools but you have to use them, but your lifestyle matters. Use with the right products for your skin type and needs to avoid blackheads in the first place.

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  1. I have always had issues with blackheads on my nose. Something I think most men do, as we don’t spend as much time as we should on skin care.

    The question I have that I can’t seem to find an answer to is, is it water resistant? As most people would be using this after a shower or bath, or if it’s able to be used while in the shower?

    • I just dont see how you`ll be able to use any blackheads removal tool in the shower, you need a mirror, your hands are wet and slippery while in the shower, unless you have some magic hands, I don`t see how it`s possible to remove blackheads in the shower.

  2. Thanks for sharing this interesting post. I love that this machine can be used for all facial skincare, it will save so much room at home and when travelling. Recently I have discovered that I am taking more blackheads than before. I’m in my early 40’s and don’t know if the change is due to my age or environment, I do work in quite a dust-filled department at times in my job.

    I live in the UK, I see that your site is advertising in dollars. Do you know if there is shipment to the UK and if so would the device come with a UK plug?

    Regards, Michelle

    • hi Michelle, you`d have to shop in instead of, there I`m sure they will send you electrical with a UK plug.

      I understand your concerns though, I know many times I`ve bought something online only to realize I did not ask about the plug and when it get`s here, it`s sure the wrong one, but for that I have my trustedinternational traveler`s power adapter like this one. This way I know wherever I go, I`ll always be able to plugin.

      they are affordable and there is sure no reason not to have one.


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