Best Skin Care Products For Combination Skin

If your skin seems dry in some areas but oily in other areas, there is no need for concern you may have what simply is a combination skin, and this is when you`ll need the best skin care products for combination skin to make taking care of your face easy.

A combination skin is dry in some while oily in other areas. Those with combination skin often can find their forehead, nose, or chin to be oily but the cheeks to be dry. This complicates the process of skincare as you can’t use skin care for either oily or dry skin on a combination skin.Combination Skin care products

Skincare products can also be the cause of combination skin. Specifically, the products which contain irritating ingredients can encourage the production of sebum in some while decrease in the other areas of skin.  

A rich cream like this one here can result in oily skin and end up blocking the skin pores. That is why it is important to use skin products according to the type and needs of the skin.

Make sure to use mild skincare products that are full of antioxidants and ingredients essential for skin to heal and soothe the skin to health.

To avoid further problems, it is necessary to find the right skin care products for the combination skin type.

Listed below are some of the best skin care products for combination skin that you can find in the market.

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox

Vichy Normaderm helps fight the consequences of an oily skin a lightweight and non-greasy skin care formula that works in reducing the appearance of blemishes on the skin. the product controls excess production of sebum which is the main cause behind the appearance of skin blemishes and shiny skin.

It works overnight and help in purifying the skin, and reduce the appearance of pores leaving the face feeling clean, fresh and radiant. By morning, you can find a revitalized skin which is clean, radiant and almost blemish-free looking.

I consider this overnight skincare as one of the best when looking for the best skin care products for combination skin, you literally can take a real beauty sleep.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser

One of the best exfoliator out there for combination skin type. The smooth microbeads slough off the dead skin cells, while the glycerin helps the skin in retaining moisture.

With a combination of normal and oily skin, it is important to use a good cleanser which can do the skin cleansing job without having to overdo the oil control. This is due to the fact that a healthy skin is in need of vital moisture to maintain its health and look and feel great.

This multi-tasking cleansing foam can gently cleanse the skin and removes dead skin cells all the while leaving the delicate balance of skin undisturbed.

Cover FX Mattifying Primer With Anti-Acne Treatment

Primers are of great use for an evening out the skin tones and keeping the makeup in place. Cover FX primer is a perfect one for oily skin as it also contains an anti-acne treatment which helps in healing the skin and also prevent the blemishing caused by acne. What I like about this product is that you don`t have to look for other best skin care products for oily skin as the product work for both skin types.

It is an ultra lightweight and water resistant gel primer that minimizes the appearance of pores and signs of aging.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Clear & Comfort MaskL'Oreal Pure-Clay Mask Bundle: (1) Detox & Brighten Pure-Clay Mask 1.7 Oz. & (1) Exfoliate & Red Algae Pure-Clay Mask 1.7 Oz.Generated button

One of the preferred skin care methods in caring for combination skin type is the application of masks. The skin masks are popular as they are multi-tasking as well and provide extra benefits to the skin.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Clear & Comfort Mask provides gentle cleansing to the skin as harsh cleaning which can and sensitize the skin, leaving skin feeling uncomfortable.

This clay mask also helps draw out the buildup of all the impurities, dirt, and skin oils over time. Check other ways to deeply clean your face from an early post here without damaging your skin.

You can apply an even layer of skin care masks onto the clean and dry skin. Leave them on for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Use twice a week for best results.

DHC Pore Face Wash

DHC Pore Face Wash is an ultra-foaming facial cleanser for daily use. It helps in reducing the look of skin pores as it cleanses and refines the skin complexion. It features gentle exfoliants such as baking soda and pear juice alpha hydroxy acids that leave the skin revitalized.

Baking soda present in this cleanser also dissolves the dirt and exfoliates skin that is susceptible to blocked pores and skin congestion.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing MoisturiserSimple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliator Wash (150ml)

It is a great skincare option for a combination skin type. It is a shine-eliminating and anti-bacterial (more on antibacterial explained here)packed lightweight skin moisturizer. It works well with skin types that do not do well with skin products like perfumes and coloring. What I like most about Simple clear skin is that it`s safe and good to use even six months after opening.

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Conclusion Finding The Best Skin Care Products For Combination Skin

Combination skin type means that you have two or more different skin types at the same time. In such a case, it becomes important that you use the right products in order to restore the balance.

Now remember all the products I wrote about here are on the affordable side, there are more products out there that cost more but I will not feel well knowing I only wrote about expensive products. Check more on how you can care for your combination skin here.

AHA is good for dry skin with sun damage as it removes the dead skin cells and hydrates the skin. BHA is very effective on a normal as well as an oily skin because it can penetrate the blocked pores. BHA also prevents pores from getting infected.

I hope these creams will help you take care of your combination skin and make things easier and fun when cleaning your face.



  1. I love Cover FX’s primer – I have combination skin and it works perfectly!!

  2. The L’Oreal clay masks are my favorite. I love them.

  3. brittnienicole says:

    I’ve been wondering about those pure-clay masks. I’ll give them a try now! I’m such a product junkie.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Do try to stick to one product at least until you finish it(if it`s not affecting your skin negatively) this way, you`ll know better what works and what not.

  4. I definitely have combination skin–especially in the summer–in the winter it tends to be overall dry! I think I just might try Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser. Elizabeth Arden’s products have been around for ages and I trust them implicitly.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Heating in rooms usually makes skin dry, and with most of us staying indoors in the winter it just makes the skin drier. Glad you know what products are best for you.

  5. Thanks for sharing these. I have been looking for products for my pre-teen daughter as she gets oily areas of skin.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Most teens do suffer from oily skin but you know what it can be easily taken care of by eating healthy,and proper cleaning of the face,but most teens will put on full makeup and not wash it up properly in the evenings and it just builds up.

  6. I love using primers. You are spot on too, I always use one when going out for an evening! Makes all the difference keeping my makeup shine free and from running all over my face 🙂

  7. Monidipa Dutta says:

    I have to agree that your writing skills are amazing as your review is lovely. Unfortunately, it does not suit my skin.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this post and this is so helpful for all women who are encountering this kind combination skin problem but I am glad I am not struggling with that issue.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Same here, although my skin is fine, I can not forget when my skin issues were so bad, that`s why I wrote this post especially for those with combination skin as it`s sometimes hard to deal with.

  9. I have combination skin so this is really helpful! I have been wanting to try the clay masks for a while now.

  10. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    Those are really nice tips and great products suggestions. I agree with you that it is so important to choose a right skin care products depends on your skin type and on what you need, I will also share this to others.

  11. Very informative! I’ll try one of these products soon! Hope it will work for me.

  12. There are so many awesome skin care creams recommended here. I am going to bookmark this site! Thanks for sharing

  13. Cold weather wreaks havoc on my skin, so this post is right on time. I am looking for night creams, so will definitely check this one out!

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Most of us do have skin issues when it`s cold, with the wind, rain and wet outside then coming into heated closed rooms, you`re not the only one who have skin care issues in the winter, hope my post will help you find the right product to suit your needs.

  14. This is really great to read about such products for combination skin, thanks for sharing. It will surely going to help many with combination skin.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Glad you found the post helpful, combination skin is not always the easiest to deal with but once you have the right products, it should not be a problem.

  15. Thanks for the great recommendations!! I definitely fight combo skin, as well as mild rosacea, so it’s always a struggle finding the right products.

  16. Nice skin care oil, it will have great uses during this season

  17. I haven’t heard of any of these! I’ll have to look into them! I love a good clay mask too!

  18. Clare Minall says:

    Vichy Normaderm Night Detox is a must try product. I have always wanted to try this. My friends using this and I can see thatit has really a great effect on their skin.

  19. Lately, I found myself more concerned with my skin now that I used to be. So important to have this skincare product. I love to try Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      I think we reach a point when we start to accept that our skin can only be as good as the love and care we give it. Glad you found a product that you found what suits your skin care needs.

  20. I have heard great things about these products and use many of them myself.

  21. Thanks for the tips on beauty products. I love Vichy anything they work well with my skin.. I will have to check out some of the other brands

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Hi Tina, I love Vichy products too, the best is that they work well and are affordable, to me, a face product is useless no matter how good it is if I can`t afford it.

  22. I have oily skin even in the winter ! Great products for those who suffer dryness in these months.

  23. I hv been looking for new skin care product! thank for your tips!

  24. As I get older my skin has become combination. Love the suggestions you gave, especially simple products so gentle on the skin.

  25. Combination skin over here! Never fun trying to find the right skincare products that meet my needs.

  26. This was really helpful I have combination skin and have been needing to try a new routine.

  27. This is great because I do have combination skin. I’ve been using a moisturizer that I don’t totally love and have been looking for a different face cleanser. This post came at the right time. Thanks!

  28. I have combination skin and it can be so difficult finding products I like. I’m going to check some of these out!

  29. Geraline Batarra says:

    This is so helpful. I will definitely try this products. I relate on this as i was having the same skin problems.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      thanks for stopping by, glad you found the post helpful, let me know how your skin looks and feels after using the product.

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