Here’s a Quick Way to Find The Best Microdermabrasion Machines

Which ones can be considered as the best microdermabrasion machines when there are so many on offer out there? This will depend on the criteria of what you`re looking for and sometimes budgets do dictate what`s the best.

The past several years have brought about improved technology that has resulted in many various changes in the industry of microdermabrasion machines and their availability.

Visiting a beauty spa  for a microdermabrasion session might not fit into your schedule as often as you want or it might not be budget-friendly seeing as one visit to a spa salon costs almost $300(depending of course where you live).

And, you will need to go for several sessions before you start noticing any difference on your skin so what better way than to do it at home, whenever you want and to do that you have to buy a home use microdermabrasion machine.

Getting a microdermabrasion machine wouldn’t be easy because you will need to get a machine that is suitable for your skin but thankfully some of the best microdermabrasion machines are now easily accessible and affordable. However, with so many different models and brands available, it can still be hard to narrow down your choices.

Microdermabrasion systems can be divided into those that use diamond tips and those that use other exfoliating crystals.

Diamond tip machines are easier, more effective and less messy than the crystal using machines.Kendal 2 in 1 Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine with Skin Scrubber Function HB-MF02Click here to see more and buy button


When choosing the best microdermabrasion machine for your skin type, there are four factors to consider

Microdermabrasion Suction Power

A good microdermabrasion machine is able to scrub and suck away every dead skin cells that is hindering your healthier skin from surfacing.

It is not as easy as but a good microdermabrasion machine should be able to do this without a lot of effort or pain and discomfort. The sucking power measurement is given in inches or millimeters per Hg.

The higher the measurement, the cleaner your skin will get. The best microdermabrasion machine for home use should be between 16in/Hg to 28in/Hg.

Microdermabrasion Tools

Microdermabrasion machines come in kits. This kit carries everything you need to use the machine at home, including replacement filters as well as easy-to-follow instructions so you get a proper exfoliation and touch all the right places on your face.I have an earlier post here on microdermabrasion effectsBest Microdermabrasion Machines


Microdermabrasion Results

If you are going to make the decision to buy microdermabrasion machine, you will want to see results, a difference in your skin, a positive change.

It is important that you don’t expect too much. You might not notice any results immediately but if you start to see changes like your spots disappearing, your acne reducing, your stretch marks fading, your skin tightening and looking smoother and younger within the first 4 weeks, then you have found a good product.

The first thing you notice after a session is softer, smoother skin. This should be an immediate result you notice after your first exfoliation. Read my earlier post on how microdermabrasion works

Microdermabrasion Purchasing Price

Microdermabrasion Machines come in different price range depending on the model you choose.

You should always keep your budget in mind when shopping. If you find a product that you feel is suitable for your skin, but is $30 more, I will advise that you squeeze out the additional $30.

It is better you make an investment in a more healthy, radiant and confident you than ending up with a less than average product that doesn’t  even suit your skin because you are trying to cut cost.

We have researched a list of the best microdermabrasion machines on the market today to help you in your search for the suitable machine for your skin they are really not limited to these ones and needs differ. Here they are:

Neutrogena microdermabrasion system: 

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System plus Free Puff Refills, 36 Count

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System is a simple, convenient at-home system marketed by Neutrogena.

It features single-use puffs and the microdermabrasion applicator. Each puff is pre-dosed with ultra-fine crystals and mild purifiers for the perfect degree of gentle exfoliation.

The massaging micro-vibrations remove dead skin thereby boosting surface cell rejuvenation for smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin.

The kit contains 30 day supply of Rejuvenating Puffs, Attachment Head, 2 AA batteries Microdermabrasion Applicator and refills.

The main ingredients of the heads are crystals (to exfoliate), glycerin (to soften), and cleansers to clean skin as it emerges.

Additional heads may be bought in packs of 24. This system (pads) can be abrasive so it is advised that those with sensitive skin start off gently when using the system.Click To View

Microderm MD:

Best Microdermabrasion Machines

This is a professional diamond tipped microdermabrasion system with powerful suction distributed by Trophy skin.

The Microderm MD comes in a kit that contains replacement filters (100).

The filters are for capturing all the dead skin cells that will be scraped out, a silicon hose (to suck up dead skin cells), diamond tip, blackhead extracting tip, infusion tip, cleaning brush, user manual and the machine itself which has an option to switch from manual setting to automatic which means you can control the level of suction power. More on scraping skin cells here.

The filters are to be replaced in every new session. This machine has eight different levels of suction, the maximum being 22 in/Hg.I have written a review for  Microderm MD here if you missed it where I covered everything in detail.

Kendall professional diamond microdermabrasion machine:

Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01

It uses a diamond tip to help scrub away your dry, dead skin. The Kendall professional comes with 2 stainless steel handles, 9PC Diamond tips; 3 large, 3 medium and 3 small, each category with a fine, medium and coarse tip, 360 cotton filters (240 small and 120 large).

A PVC vacuum hose for the Diamond filter, rubber rings and a power cable. The Kendall machine can go as high as 26 inch/Hg in its suction level and this makes them one of the machines with the highest suction level.

Read my Kendal professional microdermabrasion here for more in detail explanation and how it works plus the cost.

New spa microdermabrasion machine:

The kit comes with one microdermabrasion unit, a set of 2 wands and 9 diamond tips, a silicone hose, 16 and 10 mm filters, replacement “O” rings, cosmetic headband, sulphate-free facial cleaner, after-treatment DMAE serum and a user manual. It has a maximum suction power of 16inch/Hg which is wonderful for oily skin and clogged pores.

Choosing and using a microdermabrasion machine is a difficult task. However, with the right machine, the experience and benefits can be all worth it. Be consistent in your weekly treatments and before you know it, you start noticing results.

Purchasing a microdermabrasion machine might seem like it’s too expensive but in the long run, the benefits it will have on your skin will all be worth it.

If you have any questions, please leave me a message below.If you liked this post, go ahead and share so others can benefit from it.


  1. I’ve never had a microdermabrasion session, but I would like to. Do you know how much professionals charge for this? Have you tried the Neutrogena system? It seems like a good place to start since it has a low price point… but i’m wondering how effective it is. It only gets 4 stars on Amazon… Also, the Kendal looks amazing and even though it’s over $200, I’m sure it would pay for itself over time. Also, I’ve noticed brown spots on the back of my hands recently. Will microdermabrasion eliminate this?
    Thanks for your great post.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Hello Jackie

      It will be so hard for me to tell you the exact price for salon microdermabrasion treatment as I do not know where you live,this really vary depending on where you live.The 4 stars for Neutorgena at Amazon is not bad,if you look closely, you`ll see that some gave it 5 stars and some gave 4 stars or 4.5 out of 5 which I find good as these are from hundreds of people, I find the 4 stars totally ok.

      Microdermabrasion session should help fade your dark spots.

  2. I personally haven’t had any microdermabrasion sessions done but I suppose I can see how many women would find the concept interesting. As a doctor I would we interested in finding out what the actual damage to one’s skin can be if used excessively; comprehensive page that gives quite a few affiliate links for anyone who reads your posts and is really interested. Well done!

  3. I have used the neutrogena microdermabrasion system, i used the entire box of pads and I could tell a difference in my complexion. My skin is sensitive, so I only used it 2-3x week. I was looking around for maybe an upgrade to the one that I have. Thank you for the article, it really cleared things up for me.
    Take Care,

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Hello Heather

      Neutrogena microdermabrasion system is great and nothing to complain of the price either.You dont have to splash out in a home microdermabrasion machine if you dont want to,there are some very good ones which sell for as little as $70 from Amazon.

  4. meherbani says:

    I spent quite a bit of time on your site reading up on best microdermabrasion machines brand names. I use exfoliating products but have never entertained using a machine to take care of my skin. I bookmarked your site so I can refer back to it, soon. I’ve heard it is best to not be in the sun soon after exfloiating, is it the same with these machines? thank you.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:


      skin tend to be tender and sensitive after microdermabrasion so I`d advice avoiding the sun immidiately after.Hope this helps

  5. Good afternoon,
    I actually found your site by looking for gift ideas for my wife. I have to say, after reading through your content, I almost want to buy one for myself ha. I appreciate all the information listed here because I honestly didn’t know the first thing about this beforehand.

    God bless!

  6. Hmm, microdermabrasion.. This is new world for me.

    Sounds really fancy!
    & it’s modern!

    It gets thumbs up from me immediately.

    As I understand, this procedure improves skin circulation & removes dead cells..’s minimally abrasive & doesn’t matter if you let a professional perform the procedure in spa, or you do it yourself at home.
    I’m no skin-health expert, but this is seems like a tool that could generally come handy in most cases & for anyone who likes to take care of their skin.

    So, why not up my game, hehe
    I see so many benefits here.

    Technically, seems like choosing the right device boils down to how sensitive my skin is – The more sensitive the skin, the less suction power it needs, & vice-versa?

    Or is it the complete opposite?

    Also, I’m curious about the life expectancy of one of those devices. Higher quality on device is obviously one of the deciding factors but.. long would one of those devices generally last before it needs maintenance/replacing with a newer one?

    Weeks? Months? Years?

    I feel I’m not quite ready to jump in head-first & buy one yet, but I’m definitely interested as this is something that sounds like a great investment into healthcare.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Hello Henry

      Thanks for stopping by, now saying a microdermabrasion machine will last this long is very hard,like any gadget out there, I think different factors are to be considered starting with how well and carefuly you handle your microdermabrasion machine.Having said that, with good care, you will get your investment back and much more,My present home microdermabrasion machine is almost 4 years old but still going strong and no issues at all.

      On microdermabrasion parts like the tips,this are quite cheap so they will really not put a dent in your budget if you consider microdermabrasion at home cost so little compared to visiting your spa.

  7. Jeannie Brickley says:

    I wasn’t aware that they made these; but it looks like it might be a good way to tighten and tone your skin. I don’t like the price of a one term professional dermabrasion at $300. Would this remove blackheads and age spots? How does it do on wrinkles? I wasn’t able to go to your links to find out prices; because the subscribe to newsletter thing came up and since I didn’t want to subscribe; I didn’t know how to get rid of it. I will be checking into these machines. Thank you for making me aware that they were out there.


    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Thanks Jeanie,will check into the popup now.

      You`re right, $300(depending on where you live) can be really expensive.Home microdermabrasion kits are easy to use and well worth the moneyagespots,wrinkles ans blackheads can all be visibly reduced using microdermabrasion

  8. What an incredibly thorough article on microdermabrasion!

    I am from the old school, I learned this machine in my beauty therapy course many years ago, and these treatments were only done in salons!

    It’s amazing to see that you can now get any of these machines for your home use. You also lay out very clearly the differences between machines and what your skin needs.

    I am tempted, based on your post, to now get one of these machines.

    • The Beauty Doctors says:

      Thanks for stopping by, things change and as you said,having microdermabrasion machine at home is convenient and money well spent, what more home microdermabrasion machines are easy to use and saves loads of money.

      Glad you liked my article and found it usful.

  9. So i’m a bit confused, my primary need is blackhead removal but the additional features of renewing skin, evening skin tone and overall healthy looking skin would be great. Ive reached out to one of the top companies hoping to get some information the issue is they claim it’s not used for blacked removal so i’m stumped on what to do. I’m 30something and my skin looks like crap because of my job, I worked I work in burned out houses so blackheads are a big issue but i’m not sure which way to go what do you recommend?

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