Best Microdermabrasion Machine For Home Use[To Suit All Budgets]

best microdermabrasion machine for home use

August 13, 2017

Microdermabrasion can be an expensive procedure if done at the spa. Each session may cost anything between hundred and two hundred dollars.

For this reason, using a home microdermabrasion is the best option if you are going to keep the spa visits to a minimum but having said that, It is difficult to classify which of the machines would qualify as the best microdermabrasion machine for home use.

The extent of skin damage differs from person to person, as does the skin type and the nature of skin problem.

You would need 10 such sessions to reach an optimal level of exfoliation and skin repair, before settling for once in a fortnight or once in a three weeks routine.

The results from microdermabrasion are lasting. Luckily, there are microdermabrasion machines that can be used at home, this post will help you understand more about machines and which are the top rated home microdermabrasion machines.

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In general, diamond tip microdermabrasion machines are preferred because they offer more focused and comprehensive exfoliation. But there are cream based microdermabrasion products that offer more than exfoliation.

This flexibility is due to the combination of compounds that may offer additional features such as protection from sun’s ultra violet rays, hydrating skin cells, removing wrinkles, and in general rejuvenating skin to start the regeneration of cells.

Therefore, people could find a product that addresses their specific skin related problem, such as removal of age spots, scars, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, etc.

In addition to serving the desired purpose, look for following features in the microdermabrasion machines that are to be used at home.

  • Is it possible to adjust its suction speed?
  • Is it possible to adjust its intensity?
  • Can it be used in other parts of the body such as the neck, stretch marks, feet, hands, and chest?
  • How many filters are given with it?
  • How many diamond tips are given along with it, if it is a diamond tip microdermabrasion unit for home use?
  • How durable are these diamond tips?
  • Are there any “pore extraction” and “infusion” tips among those?
  • Does it come with warranties and guarantees?
  • If it is a micro-crystal based microdermabrasion machine for using at home, does it come with the reusable filter?
  • Does it work on 240V as well as 110V?
  • Does it come with instructions that can be easily understood?
  • Can it be used under the eyes?
  • Is it useful for every skin type and every aging symptom?

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Here are some of the microdermabrasion machines that can be used at home, and have been favored by customers so far.

  • Appolus’ “Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Machine”

best microdermabrasion machine for home use

This microdermabrasion machine for home use is easy to carry and hold. It is a waterproof device. The unique feature of this machine is that it does not use the outdated filtering technology requiring filters.

The kit includes 4 diamond tips, for using on different parts of the body as well as the face.

Benefits from this product, apart from exfoliation, include reduction in uneven skin pigmentation, wrinkles as well as fine lines, dullness, dark spots, and scars.

The machine increases production of elastin as well as collagen in the skin. These proteins make skin supple and firm giving it its youthful appearance. For strikingly obvious results this machine needs to be used at last four to six times but there should not be more than one session each week.

The only drawback apparently is that it requires being charged for almost 10 hours prior to usage but the charge lasts for almost 45 minutes. The machine costs less than $60.Click here to read full review

  • Zeny “Pro Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion Machine”

This microdermabrasion machine designed for home use is also a diamond tip machine.

Therefore, there are no crystals and chemicals. It is an exfoliation machine, and the sloughed dead cells, are sucked in.

The reason this machine made it to the list is that it is safe for all types of skin and is a reliable product.

It is also considerably easy to control. This “diamond tip microdermabrasion machine “ is more effective for removing or reducing those fine lines as well as wrinkles.

This machine is available for approximately $140 at the time of this post but this can change.Read a full review here

“Pro Diamond Microdermabrasion handheld DermaBraze MD System” best microdermabrasion machine for home useClick To View And Read More 

This is the product you might want to buy if you are looking at reversing the damage caused to your skin by sun’s rays.

It not only exfoliates, but is also effective in reducing or removing age spots, black heads, white heads, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Its portability is also one of its main advantages because this machine easily fits into the handbags and is not heavy either.

The 60 day trial period, with “full money back” guarantee cannot be ignored, and neither can the warranty of one year. Considering its usefulness, it seems to be a steal for approximately $200.

Kendal’s “Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine”

This machine offers a comprehensive list of skin treatments which includes treatment of scars, reduction of wrinkles, and removing skin pigmentation. Like other microdermabrasion machines, it also clears the skin pores and removes dirt on the epidermis.

It is one of the few microdermabrasion machines that are designed for use at home but are spa grade.(read full review)

This microdermabrasion machine kit comes with 9 “diamond tips”, which are for different skin types.  Because it is a “spa grade” machine, striking results can be noticed just after two sessions.

This is, one of the most expensive microdermabrasion machines that can be used at home, but the results and ability to use it for more than one person justify the cost.Kendal 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machine w/ Vacuum & Spray including 360 cotton filters and 2 plastic oil filters BM02

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  • “Trophy Skin MicrodermMD Microdermabrasion machine”

This exfoliating machine, though designed for use at home, can make the skin get the texture like it has been treated at any salon. It boasts of 8 variations in suction levels.

The reason this machine could qualify as the best microdermabrasion machine for home use is that it includes features like a mirror that magnifies the area 5X times so that diamond tip microdermabrasion machine can be used more easily for removing that dirt and debris.

This feature is unique to this machine.

Likewise, there is an LED monitor that is linked to auto mode, which can be extremely helpful to new microdermabrasion users.

These features as well as its efficiency in exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin with its vacuum.Read Full Review Here.

Where To Buy The  Best Microdermabrasion Machine For Home Use

Microdermabrasion machines can be bought in different online shops, I find Amazon has the best prices around so if you are interested, click here to view and compare.


As can be seen from above, almost all the best microdermabrasion machine for home use offer similar features with a few special ones here and there.

But if you have deep pockets, then “Trophy Skin Microderm MD” or Kendal’s “Professional Diamond” would be the best micro dermabrasion machines for home use to select from, considering their features.

I hope you got value from reading this post and your choice will be easier when buying top rated microdermabrasion machine for home use.