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Anti Aging Moisturizers | Timeless Beauty Solutions

What Are The Best Anti Aging Moisturizers

The search for the best anti aging moisturizers is never an easy one.No matter how long and how hard you search, most people never find the perfect moisturizer, a moisturizer that meets the need of the skin.

What is a skin moisturizer anyway? How does it affect the skin that makes people continue searching for the best moisturizer?

For anyone who hasn’t found the right moisturizer for their skin type, these are probably questions they continue to seek real solutions for.

Here are some guides you might be interested knowing, in order to understand why you need moisturizer as your anti-aging treatment product to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, supple, young, and radiant as always.

Moisturizers For Aging Skin

As you get older, your skin is more prone to drying because of many damaging external factors,  sunlight, weather changes, toxins, and many other elements all affect your skin.

These elements not only damage your skin outer layer but make it dry, cracked, and develop fine lines.

The inner layer of the skin needs proper hydration for the outer layer to maintains suppleness it needs to look youthful and refreshed.

A good moisturizer will help protect the skin from the damaging elements while it lubricates the outer layer to reduce premature aging signs.


Your skin has natural lubricants, in the form of sebum and water. Sebum is the fat being produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, which are found in your pores or hair follicles.(read more)

Tiny, light hairs are found in these follicles where behind each hair is found sebaceous gland. A good moisturizer that you should be looking for should be similar to sebum’s molecular level. With this in mind, it should be easy for you to spot a good moisturizer among the bad ones.

So, what is a good skin moisturizer?

Product Details

When shopping for a moisturizer, A good skin moisturizer should contain oils similar to your skin’s sebum. When applied this should be quickly absorbed by your skin without the greasy feeling at all.

Because it is easily absorbed, it instantly protects your skin outer layers while it hydrates its inner layers. And the best part is? It leaves no clogging to your skin’s pores.

What is a bad moisturizer?

When shopping for a moisturizer, if possible you should avoid any containing petrolatum, paraffin, and petroleum based oils. These are no way similar to your skin’s sebum.

If you use this kind of moisturizer, it won’t give your skin the benefits it needs. Instead, it will clog up your pores, leave your skin feeling greasy and heavy, and can lead to blemishes.

If used for a long time, it can change your skin’s pH balance, thereby making it susceptible to infections.

Applying your moisturizer the right way

Using a good moisturizer cream or lotion is a fundamental part of anti-aging skin care treatment that you should never ignore.

It`s best to apply your moisturizer after showering. Using skin anti aging moisturizer that contains protein complexes and antioxidants will produce better results.

Scientific studies suggested that antioxidants are best agents to protect your skin from free radicals, which are provided by different damaging elements.

A moisturizer with lots of protein complexes and antioxidants should help in neutralizing these free radicals, therefore avoiding your skin’s fibers and cells from getting damaged.

So, when it comes to choosing the best anti aging treatment moisturizers, you should remember looking for one that does not only contain oils similar to sebum but one that has different antioxidants, proteins, and antibacterial agent.

Even the best anti aging moisturizers need a helping hand, treat your face with home microdermabrasion to remove grime and dead skin.Check an earlier post on Microdermabrasion machines here.

Need more info on what anti-aging moisturizer to choose? leave a message and I`ll get back to you.

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