Beauty Tips For Women Over 50

Do you feel insecure regarding your appearance? Do you wish you could change the way you look? Despite what you look like, there are many different additional things you can do to make yourself stunning at any age.

If you are no longer in your 20s and miss the younger you, these beauty tips for women over 50 will make a real difference as I’m going to give you beauty tips and tricks that will make you feel and look amazing.

The Secret To Beautiful Skin Is In Your Daily Routine
Give your skin a touch of color and shimmer by blending a little bronzer and your favorite skin cream.This gives you an excellent highlight all over your body.
This is great for saving you money too if you are going to an event, or to a party, your skin will look well tanned and healthy for almost no extra cost and without needing a solarium(tanning bed)

Glossy Lips 

  • Lips do tell much so make an effort to make yours looking well taken care of.You do not always want colored lips, to keep eyes away from your lips if you don’t want any attention, I suggest using only clear lip gloss.
    Most lipsticks are completely different from your natural lips no matter how natural they look and can make lips appear unnatural.Not in a bad way but not the way they naturally look.
  • If you do not have a clear lip gloss, dab a little Vaseline on your lips then use a little tissue paper to take out excesses this will make your lips shine but remain natural.

    Sexy Eye Makeup Looks
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      Who wouldn’t want to have those large sexy eyes? You can make your eyes appear larger and additionally open just with this little makeup trick.
      Apply a light colored (ivory for example)eyeshadow on the innermost corner of your eye, then use darker shades as you move outwards.The darkest shade on the outermost part.
    • Makeup is great during the day, but it will do you absolutely no good to sleep with your makeup on.No matter how tired you might be, take out your makeup at the end of each day. Younger people can get away with this, but not if you`re older( not to mention messing your pillows)

    Taking Care Of Your Skin

    • Women over 50 skin are much drier than younger skin so be sure to get a good quality moisturizer that meets your skin needs.Younger skin tends to start out oily, but that’s not the case as you age.If your moisturizer feels heavy on your skin when applied, it`s time to change find a new best skin care line for mature skin.

    • To help increase suppleness as you get older, treat yourself to microdermabrasion once a week, check my earlier post on microdermabrasion here if you missed it and to reduce the appearance of fine lines use cocoa butter or if you can not find cocoa butter, use olive oil.Many people will think olive oil? check your present moisturizer and you will see it`s made up with some kind of oil
    • Many people will think olive oil? check your present moisturizer and you will see it`s made up with some kind of oil check here to read more.
    • I know I do not like olive oil on my skin, If you can’t stand olive oil on your skin when filling the bathtub, add olive oil in your bath water and have a good soak.

    Shave With Double Edge Razorblades

    Beauty Tips For Women Over 50 includes shaving legs
    If you are going to shave your legs using razors, it`s important that you always use a new razor, a blunt razor will harm your skin and give you razor burns. it`s advisable to use a minimum double edge razor to reduce agitation.

    Take pride in taking care of yourself. It is important to stay true to your beauty regime, taking care of your appearance should be an everyday routine but do not let it turn to obsession.

    The more you practice the easy it will get so take it easy.Everything might feel confusing and demanding but with time, you will be good at all these.

    We are not all born beautiful, some of us wish we were born with a different body or face, Wit the many beauty products in the market,you have a chance to improve what mother nature gave you, if you put a little extra time into looking your best, you will see the results and be the beautiful you.

    Do you need more tips, something you`d like to add or something missing? I keep adding new tips because there are so many of them so do come back. Are you no longer in your 30s?I`d love to hear your beauty tips for women over 50, what works for you.


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